9 Funny Cat Videos That Are Hiss-terical

Updated June 10, 2022
Lazy cat is leaning on sofa with cellphone

With everything going on in the world, it's no wonder people enjoy taking a break from the hassle and stress of everyday life by watching funny cat videos. Laughing at these funny cats is a good way to relieve stress or boredom. Fortunately, you don't have to be a cat lover to be entertained by these hilarious feline antics.

Cat-tested Tiktok Hacks

Puff is the most watched cat on YouTube, and for good reason. He's willing to try TikTok hacks and tricks so you don't have to! While many of his clips will leave you in awe, his fail videos are downright hiss-terical.

Maru Serves a Boxful of Laughs

Maru is a well-known, popular kitty on YouTube, famous for his love of boxes. This hilarious Scottish Fold will slide into your heart as quickly as he slides through these too-small boxes. Get ready for a big dose of dopamine with this funny cat video.

Tickle, Tickle Kitten

When it comes to funny cats, videos can also focus on the sweetest type of humor. This adorable kitten is too cute for words, and their reaction to being tickled will have you laughing to tears.

Kneading Challenge Accepted

The cats of Kittisaurus are consistently put through mazes and tests of mental or physical ability. In this funny video, they're introduced to a memory foam mattress. Which kitty will "make the most biscuits"?

Chatty Cats

Cats communicate in many different ways, including chirps, purrs, and meows. The cats in this viral video appear to have a heated (and hilarious!) conversation involving all of the above. Who knew cats could make such funny noises?

Shark Kitty Chases a Duck

Some funny videos include more than just cats; ducks can also make a hilarious appearance as supporting cast members. Max-Arthur (aka Shark Kitty) loves dressing in a shark costume and riding a Roomba vacuum. Watching him chasing this duck is uproariously funny.

No Bath Kitty

In this funny cat video, a Savannah cat momma is determined to give her kitten a bath, but this little kitty is feeling rebellious. Who will prevail, mother or offspring?

Amazing Cat Talent

A couple named Betsy and Burrell rescued Nora, the famous piano playing cat, from an animal shelter. Imagine how surprised her owners were when, after watching Betsy teaching a student to play the piano, Nora jumped onto the keyboard and began playing, as well.


It's rare for a video featuring cats to have a storyline, but this funny film is a work of art. The video editing and writers' clever sense of humor will leave you doubled over in laughter.

Funny Cat Videos to Make You Laugh

According to experts, finding something to laugh about can help elevate your mood whenever you feel run down or low on energy. However, no matter whether you are feeling a little blue or fit as a fiddle, there are plenty of reasons to take a break and enjoy some funny cat videos to lift your spirits. In addition to videos about cats and their hijinks, you can also browse lots of funny feline photos to tickle your funny bone.

9 Funny Cat Videos That Are Hiss-terical