Funny Animal Videos

Funny little dwarf hamster

Pets are valued family members, whether you have a dog, hamster, parrot or guinea pig, Pets and other animals provide a great deal of joy when they do funny things. Funny animal videos show insight into the hilarious things animals do.

Funny Videos of Animals Doing Funny Things

When you search for funny animal videos, you'll find a variety of videos featuring small and large animals. Here are several to make your day a little lighter.

Mouse Wheel Challenge

Exercise wheels are designed to have only one animal running on them, but that didn't stop two daredevil mice. One mouse takes control while the other goes for quite the whirlwind ride in this 1:35 clip.

Funny Parrot Laugh

Many parrots learn how to mimic human speech with basic words like "hello" or even more complex phrases like "Polly wants a cracker." The nearly two-minute long Funny Parrot Laugh video, however, shows feathered friends can easily mimic many other sounds, including uncontrollable laughter.

Spoiled Rabbit Growls When Petting Stops

Some people say only cats and dogs can express this kind of personality, but many bunnies can be spunky. The rabbit in this 2:44 video loves to be petted. He lets his owner know it by adamantly thumping his feet and making growling noises if his owner stops.

Hedgehog Reacts to Farts

Hedgehogs are curious little creatures and their noses never stop sniffing the air. They also have a sensitive sense of hearing, as you can see from the rapid reaction to unexpected flatulence in this 38-second clip.

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

One of the more popular video memes to hit the Internet in 2014 started with this clip of a little hamster eating a delicately prepared tiny burrito. The funny video, which has over seven million views on YouTube, is just under a minute and a half long, and includes the careful preparation of the little burrito. This was later followed up with more episodes of hamsters eating miniature food items from both the original video creator and fans of the meme.

Turtle vs. Dog

One animal can be funny, but two can mean twice the fun. They say slow and steady wins the race, and this appears to be the case in this 1:07 video. In it, a turtle slowly, but steadily, chases a confused dog around the yard.

Trained Gerbil Rolls Over on Command

Many people don't realize small pets are capable of some simple tricks too. In this video, the gerbil demonstrates that he can roll over on command, even waiting patiently until that command comes. The video is only 16 seconds long, but it a perfect demonstration.

Chinchilla Takes Her Baby Shopping

What happens when you take some incredibly cute furry animals and put them in a human-like situation? This baby chinchilla has different ideas than her adult. You can almost hear her shouting, 'Let's go!' The video is just under three minutes in length.

Duckling Snoring

Ducks aren't the most conventional of small pets for most people, but this 34-second clip may change popular opinion. As the yellow duckling falls asleep on its owner's lap, it snores loud. Fans of Donald Duck will get a kick out of this clip.

Parrot Annoys Cat

The tables are turned in this 44-second video as a feisty parrot annoys a resting cat. It's not long until the cat has had enough and shows the parrot who's boss.

Monkey Amazed by Magic Trick

Think magic is only for humans? Think again. This clip is short in length, only seven seconds, but long on entertainment value. In this video, when a monkey sees a magic trick, his shocked reaction is priceless.

Pole Dancing Bear

If you've ever doubted bears have game, watch this 45-second clip. The videographers videotaped a bear scratching his back on a tree and cleverly added some music to make it seem as if this bear has serious moves. It makes you want to dance as if no one is watching!

Koala Bear Scuffle

In this video, a koala bear gets rudely booted from a tree by an adversary. After having an impressive tantrum, he re-stakes his claim. This clip is 1:49 long.

Goat Argues With Man

Goats are cute until they get mad. This goat talks back as a man argues with him. When the goat has had enough, he really lets the man have it! The clip is 1:32 long.

Funny Animal Videos

There are so many funny animal videos to view. From cats and dogs to more exotic pets, you never know when animals might do something hilarious worth sharing with the world.

Funny Animal Videos