27 Hilarious Bird Pictures & Memes To Make The Day Fly By

These side-splitting bird memes and photos will wing their way into your heart and make your day take off in a riot of fun!

Published November 30, 2023

Funny bird pictures are the perfect way to brighten your day. From ogling owls to proud pigeons and personality-filled penguins, we have a wild collection of comical bird pics and funny bird memes to help you soar through your day with a smile!

Bird Jokes? Eye Only Know One


Before you jump over to Google to find out about this funny bird, it is called an Andean Cock-of-the-rock. Native to South America, it is the national bird of Peru and as the name implies, it frequents rocky terrain.

Never Mess With Attila the Hen.


This gal's look just screams, "you should see the other guy."

Okay, okay, there wasn't actually a fight. These frightenly de-feathered birds are called Transylvanian Chickens. They are famous for their naked necks, which are caused by a genetic mutation. Interestingly, the skin turns red when exposed to the sun, similar to that of a turkey. 

Have You Met Jerry? He’s a Real Hoot!


Owls are simply awesome, but did you know that they can turn their heads up to 270 degrees? Better yet, they can do this because their eyes are fixed forward. This can lead to an array of funny bird pictures, so don't be surprised if you find more amusing owl pics on this list.

This Better Be a Free Range Worm, Alfred.


We did say that there would be more owls on this list! It shouldn't really a surprise—there are about 250 owl species in the owrld and these nocturnal animals live everywhere, but Antarctica. This give us lots of specimens to work with!

Sonic the Hedgehog Can Swallow My Dust!


Tree swallows are fast little fellows! They can reach speeds up to 43 MPH. They spend most of their time in the sky chasing bugs and enjoying the view along the way. In other words, Sonic can watch out!

Stealing Food Doesn’t Fly Around Here!


Penguins are protective, but not aggressive creatures, despite what this funny bird picture may imply. These birds are typically friendly towards their peers and normally travel in groups of five to 20

Fast Fact

When a group of penguins is traveling on land, they are called a waddle, but when they travel by water, they are called a raft!

How Many Days is Too Many Days for Dry Shampoo? (Asking for a Friend)


Ostriches are interesting creatures — their feathers "are loose, soft, and smooth, giving them a 'shaggy' look." They also hold the record for the fastest runners of their species, and their stride can cover up to 10 feet!

Talk About a Photo Fowl…


Paying for a good photographer is important, otherwise you might end up like this guy. Thankfully for the owl, his binocular perception boosts his depth perception, so despite a few bad photo moments, he can easily hunt down the guy who took the picture and delete the photo!

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard!


The Greater sage-grouse is a bird that is proud to put on a show. Each spring, these birds "puff their chests and fan their starburst tails like avant-garde turkeys. They inflate bulbous yellow air sacs and thrust with their heads to produce weird pops and whistles." This is all in hopes of claiming a lady. Talk about the perfect moment to take funny bird pictures!

Fast Fact

Only the best males are picked for mating — "Scientists have recorded a single male copulating 37 times with 37 different females — and coincidentally, the whole thing took 37 minutes."

For the Last Time, I’m Not Crying!


Turns out, those aren't tears, they are a moustache! Inca Terns are famous for their fantastic facial feathers. In fact, the longer the plume, the healthier the bird.

Who You Callin’ Butterball? You Baste Be Talkin’ to Someone Else!


Ever wonder what that thing is called that hangs over a turkey's beak? It is called a snood! And, in case you were wondering, the red, warty stuff is called caruncles and the red thing on their neck is a wattle.

Aw Phooey! My Butt Quack Is Showing Again.


Did you know that ducks who present their butts at the water's surface are called dabbling ducks? These fowl filter their food instead of diving for it. 

How You Doin’?


Somebody needs to call the Rockhopper Penguins of this world and tell them the 90s want their frosted tips back! Seriously though, these are some pretty cool little dudes. They spend a lot of time away from land and actually sleep while floating on the water.

Also, their scientific name is Eudyptes chrysocome, which when translated, means "good diver" and "yellow hair." Pretty fitting, don't you think?

I Think Martin Cracked Under the Pressure of Working Around the Cluck…


The Snowy Egret is actually a Heron. These birds have light and lacy plumes, which give them their distinct, Albert Einstein-like appearance. We love that both the males and the females of this class of birds take turns incubating their eggs and even raising them once they hatch.

And let's be honest, any new parent has a bad hair day or two, so let's give these birds a bit of slack when it comes to their egret-ful "hairstyles."

I’m Just Sayin’, It Takes Some Talent To Do This…


Just like owls, eagles do not have eyeballs, but rather, eye tubes. This gives them binocular-like vision, but keeps their eyes fixed forward. Thankfully, they also have the ability to turn their heads much farther than the rest of us — 210 degrees

Perms Are Back, Right? Just Chicken for a Friend.


Who knew there were so many fluffy chicken breeds? These fine feathered fowl not only have fabulous plumage, but they can also remember faces! Yes, that's right. Chickens can recognize up to 100 faces, so watch it with the chicken jokes! If they don't find them funny, they might commit a feather-al offense.

Come At Me, Bro!


Some people see pigeons as pests, but these birds are actually quite cool! Not only can they come in a rainbow of colors, but they also puff out their chests in order to make an eye-catching display in the hopes of finding a mate.

I Spotted a Baby Owl and Then Owl of a Sudden, I Spotted Two.


While these aren't Spotted Owls, just like them, the Great Horned Owl is great at comoflauging with its surroundings. They also have an amazing sense of hearing, being able to detect prey up to 75 feet away. They can become quite large, reaching up to two feet in length, with a wingspan of up to five feet!

Someone Said An Emu is the Fastest Bird, But We Think That Sounds Like a Bit O-strich.


A group of ostriches is called a flock, a herd, or a troop. These can have as many as 100 birds in them. Another interesting fact — these birds don't have teeth. Instead, "they swallow sand and pebbles to help grind down food in their stomachs."

Can You Believe He Didn't Make the Swim Team?


Sometimes the struggle is real. Ducks are famous fixtures in ponds and lakes, but you may not have noticed that they dance and bob in the water. This is actually how they find their mates! Females pick the best display, so clearly this guy is going home alone this season, but it sure made for a funny bird picture!

Well, This Is Hawkward…You Weren't Supposed to See Me Looking


Ever wonder where the idiom 'eyes like a hawk' came from? This way of saying that someone has keen vision is drawn from that fact that there is "evidence that hawks can distinguish their prey at something like two or three times the distance that a human being can detect the same creature."

Now Watch Me Whip, and Watch Me Nae Nae! #NoEgrets


Clearly, this bird has no egrets as it dances on the water! Reddish Egrets actually "create shadows with their wings both to startle and to attract [fish.]" They are also larger than their snowy cousins. 

Don't Want to RUFFle Any Feathers, but Bridgerton's Queen Charlotte Can Step Aside


In case you didn't know, a Ruff is actually a large sandpiper. It is aptly named for the large display of feathers around its neck, which unsurprisingly is important for attracting a mate. They typically live in marshes and other wetland areas. During mating season, you can snag some solid bird pics of the males thanks to their feather displays!

Waddle Baby, Waddle Baby!


It turns out that a penguin's goofy waddle is more efficient than a human stride. In fact, their energy recovery rate is "among the highest of any land animal." They also tend to walk in single file lines which is wonderfully amusing. 

Hot to Trot


This guy's got the turkey trot down.

Owl Be Sad to See You Go!


Funny bird pictures are always fun to look at, but if they really peak your interest, then you might have just found a new hobby to try! Birdwatching is a great way to get back to nature and you can even start in your backyard. Grab your camera and take some fun bird pics and see if its something fun that you want to pursue. 

27 Hilarious Bird Pictures & Memes To Make The Day Fly By