50 Mutt-nificent Dog Valentine Puns & Memes to Share a Smile

These dog Valentine puns and memes are sure to brighten any ruff day this February!

Published January 26, 2024
Dog in love lying on a sofa Holding a red heart

Dog Valentine puns are the perfect way for our pooches to find out the pet-ential of you picking them to be the ulti-mutt Valentine! When they ask 'cairn you be mine?', make them grin from ear terrier by saying yes to the pup you hold most dear! Best of all, these waggish dog Valentine puns play on the many breeds of our furry loved ones!

"Let's Have a Date" Valentine's Dog Puns

Looking to tell someone you love that you're planning a V-Day date just for you? Why not use an adorable dog to help?

valentine dog meme: herd you were looking for a valentine's date?
  • Chihuahua go on a date to the dog park this Valentine's Day?
  • You mastiff read my mind! A Neapolitan ice cream date for Valentine's? Sounds like a doggone good time to me!
  • I'm kind of Samoyed that you haven't asked me to be your Valentine yet. 
  • Thought I would pointer you in the right direction — I should be your Valentine!

Totally Devoted to You Dog Valentine's Puns

For those dogs who follow every step, we've pulled some puns that share the obsession, ahem... love this Valentine's Day.

valentine dog meme: i never newfie that i could love somebody
  • I never newfie that I could love somepawdy so much until I met you! Every drop I drool, I drool for you!
  • Our love is destined to spaniel the years!
  • No bull — you're paws-itively the best Valentine around!
  • It's dane-gerous how much I ruff you! You're one great dad!

Punny Plans for a Special Valentine's With Your Dog

If every date must include a dog, why not include them in the invitation as well? 

valentines dog meme: let's dachshund over to the dog park for a date
  • Do you want to dachshund out for treats this Valentine's Day?
  • Irish you would setter on if you are going out for Valentine's! But if you're free, howl bout a date?
  • The most romantic collie-day is Valentine's! Want to take a re-bark-able stroll with me?

Dog Valentine Puns From Your One True Love

For the dapper dogs who want to share their love this Valentine's Day, we have just the punny captions to help. Because we all know who the real true love is.

valentine dog meme: I'm the only dobermann for you
  • Loving you is poodles of fun! 
  • Stop puli my leg! You know you're my fur-ever Valentine!
  • You mastiff fallen from heaven. I woof you!
  • You hold the corg-key to my heart!
  • Admit it — I'm the only doberMANN for you! Will you be mine this Valentine's?

So Grateful for You, Punny Valentines From Your Pooch

When all your days are filled with gratitude for this one giant love.

I pittie the fool who doesn't get to love you!
  • I pittie the fool who doesn't get to love you!
  • Loving you is poodles of fun! 
  • Stop puli my leg! You know you're my fur-ever Valentine!
  • I chow chows you this Valentine's Day and every day!
  • The secret to staying staffy is saying yes to a Valentine's date with me!

"Will You Be Mine?" Valentine's Puns From the Dog

Do you know a dog who wants to wish their owners a paw-some Valentine's Day? We have some labrador-able dog Valentine puns to help them say "Will you be mine?" in a very unique way!

meme: tibetan mastiff - you mastiff read my mind this valentine's day
  • This Valentine's Day, I'm komondor-ing your plans!
  • If you were Tibetan on a date with me, you mastiff read my mind! I will always be your fur-ever date! I drooly love you! 
  • I'll stop hounding you once you agree to give me a pup cup for Valentine's Day!
  • Don't be a mal-tease! You know you want to be my Valentine!

Mutt-nificent Dog Valentine Puns to Share

Was your puppers not mentioned in the last set of dog Valentine puns? Fur-get your fears! We have many more meaningful quips that are sure to fetch some cheers! 

I hope you havanese Valentine's Day!
  • I hope you havanese Valentine's Day!
  • Weim always here fur you! Happy Valentine's Day, human!
  • When I'm blue, you are the heeler of my heart! Happy Valentine's Day, human!
  • Herd you were looking for a Valentine's Day date? Gimme a collie if you're interested!

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More Dog-lightful Valentine Puns for Dog Dads and Moms

If you are looking for more fur-tastic howl-iday wishes for your owners and loved ones, these dog Valentine puns are doodles of fun!

meme: sending you lhasa love this valentine's day!
  • I shih tzu not, you're the only treat I need this Valentine's Day.
  • Sending you lhasa love this Valentine's Day!
  • I am saluki to have you as my mom! Will you be mine this howl-iday?
  • To the king of dog dads — cav yourself a happy Valentine's Day!
  • Just so you know, akita my heart is belly rubs! 
  • Will you beagle my valentine? I'm absolutely mutts about you, Mom!
  • To the mom/dad who makes me smile from ear terrier — will you paw-lease be my Valentine?
  • When it comes to owners, I got the golden ticket! Happy Valentine's Day!
  • I hope that you know that you have a big spot in my heart!
  • I'd be a basset case without you! You are the ulti-mutt best friend.
  • This Valentine's, it's doods before dudes! Thanks fur loving me first!

Paws-itively Perfect Dog Valentine Puns for the Fur-ever Date

They love us unconditionally, so even if you find your forever person, they will happily still be your fur-ever friend! These adorable dog Valentine puns are the perfect way to show off their love.

meme: this good borzoi wants to be your valentine!
  • Awww rats! You already invited dad on a date? I guess the more the terrier this Valentine's Day!
  • Howl you doing? Got plans for February 14th? I can make sure you have a husky Valentine's Day!
  • When a problem comes along, you must whippet! I would be very paw-leased to spend Valentine's with you since your plans were canceled!
  • Why the long face? Don't you nose that this good borzoi wants to be your Valentine? 
  • Hope that you have an unbe-shiba-ble Valentine's Day!
  • Excuse my Frenchie, but you are one classy mother pupper! Would you be mine?
  • How schapendoes it is that you want to spend Valentine's Day with me?! 

Let's Enjoy the Howl-iday With Your Adorable Dog Puns

Of course, a human date isn't always what it's chalked up to be. These pun-filled salutations are just perfect for a Valentine's with dear friends — furry and four-legged.

valentine dog meme: awww shet. You didn't land a date this Valentine's?
  • Awww shet! You didn't land a date this Valentine's? Well, this dog will always chews to celebrate our friendsheep!
  • If you are looking for a Valentine's date, consider me your fairy dogmother! Your vizs for a date is granted!
  • Sending you lots of pugs and kisses this Valentine's Day!
  • I labradore you! Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Bichon, please! You know I'm the best Valentine there will ever be!
  • I chow chows you this Valentine's Day and every day!

Dog Valentine's Puns Can Make Your Howl-iday Fun

Every-pawdy, loves somepawdy, sometimes, and that is certainly true of our furry friends! These funny and sweet dog Valentine puns can be the perfect way to show off your love this holiday. And when posting this February 14th, make sure to include snaps of you and your favorite furballs and pair the pictures with a sweet pet love quote!

50 Mutt-nificent Dog Valentine Puns & Memes to Share a Smile