10 Funny Horse Videos to Give You a Giggle

Updated March 8, 2022
Horses can be hilarious

There's no question the web is filled with silly videos of cats and dogs, but what about those featuring other species? There are plenty of clips showing horses getting into trouble and pulling humorous stunts. If you're an equine enthusiast, you'll love these funny horse videos. We're not horsing around!

1. Who Needs a Rider?

This horse lost their rider halfway through the routine, but that doesn't stop them. The smart cookie finishes the competition without any guidance -- and without knocking over any poles!

2. The Riding Instructor

Tommy Turvey and his equine partner, Pokerjoe, perform an impressively complex and intricately choreographed comedy routine at the Del Mar National Horse Show in Del Mar, California. Skip ahead to 0:40 to enjoy their hilarious stunts.

3. Minion Fino

If you're a fan of the goofy, banana-loving Minions, you'll get a kick out of this video featuring a horse stepping to the Banana Song. And no, the recording wasn't sped up! This is a natural gait unique to the Paso Fino horse breed. As the video mentions, don't choose this breed as your get-away horse.

4. Leap of Faith

It's common to make obstacles appear bigger than they are in reality. Even a small hop can feel like a massive leap, but it's all about perspective. This horse eventually takes a leap of faith in this endearing and funny video.

5. Jimmy Kimmel's Horse Pants

Have you ever wondered if horses could wear pants? Well, Jimmy Kimmel had the same question, hence his hilarious Shark Tank proposition. In this clip, the late night talk show host partners with Guillermo to pitch horse pants.

6. Stick Horse Quadrille

If you think all silly horse videos have to include live horses, think again. This funny video features champion dressage riders performing a routine on stick horses!

7. Moonwalking Pony

Shetland ponies are a funny sight to see on their own, but add in some dance moves, and you've got a viral video. Watch Socks the Shetland pony moonwalk to music whenever you need a little pep in your own step.

8. Snoring Horse

If you've ever wondered whether horses snore, the answer is a resounding (and reverberating) yes. This noisy sleeper can put any snoring human to shame. And to your follow-up question, yes, it's natural for horses to sleep while laying down!

9. Funny Ponies

Ponies aren't just adorable, they're pretty silly, too. From a Shetland pony wearing shoes to a foal tumbling over an exercise ball and one playing a keyboard with their lips, this eight-minute compilation of hilarious videos will have you neighing with laughter.

10. Horse TikTok Compilation

Sure, you can scour TikTok for funny horse videos, or you can watch this curated compilation featuring the best of the best. Get ready for clips of horses doing tricks, dancing, lip syncing, and picking fights with themselves in mirrors, among other comical stunts. The best part: they're all set to your favorite TikTok audio and songs.

Horsing Around with Horse Videos

Horses are large creatures with equally massive senses of humor. Keep the laughs going with funny videos of cats, dogs, and other small animals. You'll be consumed with unbridled giggles in no time.

10 Funny Horse Videos to Give You a Giggle