23 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds That Make Great Companions

Published October 17, 2022
Woman with short hair hugs black cat

Black cats are stunning. With their shiny coats and striking eyes, these cats can't help but give off an air of sophistication. Whether you're looking for a black cat to add to your household or are curious to know which breed your noir kitty could be, these 23 black cat breeds will give you some insight into the unique qualities of each.

Short-haired Black Cat Breeds

The majority of black cats have short hair, but there are still many traits that can set the breeds apart from each other. Some have flat faces, whereas others have curly hair. Whatever characteristics you're interested in, this list of black cat breeds will help you determine your cat's breed or assist in finding your new best friend.


Bombay cats look like little panthers, which is exactly what this black cat breed was created to resemble. These stunning felines have satiny black coats (that's the only shade the Bombay is found in) with green or copper-colored eyes. Because they're affectionate cuddlers, you'll never have a cold lap with a Bombay in the house.

Bombay black cat snugly lying down

British Shorthair

British Shorthairs are typically found in a grey or "blue" color, but they can definitely come in solid black. These cats have round faces and stocky bodies. They're a fairly independent breed, so it's unlikely your British Shorthair will be clingy.

Black British shorthair cat sitting on sofa

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is commonly confused with the British variety, but their face is a bit narrower than their counterparts from across the pond. Some owners say they're also a little less aloof. Either way, they can be found with the same fur colors, including black.

Black American shorthair cat relaxes on chair

Exotic Shorthair

Did you know there's a breed that looks like the short-haired version of the Persian? The Exotic Shorthair has the same flat face and petite ears, yet their coat is short and dense. They can be found in many shades, including black.

Exotic shorthair cat

Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are incredibly recognizable cats thanks to their cute, folded ears. This trait results from a genetic mutation affecting their ear cartilage. They can be long- or short-haired in several colors, so it's possible you can find a black Scottish Fold!

Black Scottish fold cat

American Curl

Not a fan of the folded ears? You could consider a breed with curled ears instead, like the American Curl. These cats are born with straight ears, which curl back as they mature. The high-energy American Curl can be found in solid black, among other colors and patterns.

American curl black cat


If you have a black cat with no tail, there's a good chance it's a Manx. These easygoing cats are born without a tail due to a genetic mutation. Because of this abnormality with their spine, they can experience some medical problems down the line.

Black Manx cat lounging

Oriental Shorthair

If you enjoy the angular appearance of the Siamese breed but want a black cat, you may be interested in a black Oriental Shorthair. They're closely related to the Siamese, so they're talkative and social and become very attached to their families. Oriental Shorthairs can be any number of colors and patterns, and black is a very popular choice among owners.

Black oriental cat looking on window


Often referred to as the Dachshund of the cat world, the Munchkin is a newer breed that's increasing in popularity. Black munchkin cats can have short or long fur, but always have petite, stubby legs. Despite their small bodies, these shorties are packed with energy and make spunky, playful pets.

Munchkin black cat asking for a food


The Minuet breed, also known as Napoleon cats, is a cross between the Munchkin and Persian breeds. As a result, they have short legs and flat faces, which makes these little cats even more unusual than their parent breeds. It might take some dedicated research, but it's possible to find a Minuet in solid black or a number of other shades.

Minuet cat

Selkirk Rex

Another breed on the list of rare cats is the Selkirk Rex. They have a naturally curly coat, which almost resembles sheep's wool. However, your black Selkirk Rex will be anything but the black sheep of the family; these cats are affectionate, mellow, and will fit right in with your family.

Black selkirk rex cat

Long-haired Black Cat Breeds

Maybe you're looking specifically for a long-haired black cat breed. These six long-haired breeds all can all be found with luscious black fur.


While short-haired breeds are plentiful, there aren't as many long-haired black cat breeds. However, the Siberian is one of the few. These large cats aren't just double-coated; they have a triple-coat, which means you'll have a lot of black fur to cuddle with. Because of these numerous layers, it's possible to find a solid black Siberian, black smoke, or even black and brown.

Siberian black cat


It's impossible not to recognize the iconic Persian breed. Persians come in dozens of different shade and pattern varieties, including pure black. They make incredibly calm and good-natured pets, though their locks and shortened respiratory anatomy mean they can be rather high maintenance.

Persian Black Cat sitting an office desk

Maine Coon

If you're searching for a large black cat, the Maine Coon may be a perfect choice. They can reach up to 18 pounds as adults, which is more than some dog breeds! Both their large size and unique ear tufts make this breed very recognizable. Maine Coons are found in many colors and patterns. Even the black shade has variety, with a solid black, shaded, and black smoke.

Black cat Maine Coon running and playing in the snow

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a gorgeous long-haired breed known for their soft fur. They are believed to be the first long-haired cat breed in Europe. Angoras are most commonly found in a pure white shade, though they are available in a wide range of colors, including black. Your black Turkish Angora will likely have a black nose to match their fur and stunning gold eyes.

Black turkish angora cat is lying on a brown pillow

Norwegian Forest Cat

With long, thick hair and a generous heart, the Norwegian Forest cat makes an excellent pet with whom to cuddle. These cats adapted to the cold weather of Norway, so they're certainly not like many of the more delicate long-haired breeds. Forest cats are resilient and sturdy. You can find them in endless combinations of colors or patterns, but they're commonly seen in a beautiful black shade.

Black Norwegian forest cat in a forest


The LaPerm is a long-haired cat that is a member of the Rex family. Their wavy, perm-like hair can resemble anywhere from loose ripples to tight curls. Some members of the breed have frizzy hair that looks like they stuck their fingers in an outlet. Like the other Rex breeds, they're available in any color or pattern.

Black laperm cat eating cat grass

Hairless Black Cats

That's right; some black cats can have no hair at all. If you're looking for a truly unique breed, check out the hairless varieties.


Unlike other breeds, a black Sphynx doesn't have black fur. Instead, they're hairless with pigmented black skin. Sphynx can have many shades or patterns of their pigmentation. This breed can be hard to come by, so if you have your heart set on a solid black Sphynx, you may need to look far and wide.

Black sphynx cat


If you're looking for a rare black cat, look no further than the Peterbald. This breed is often mistaken for the Sphynx, though they have a few differences. The Peterbald has a narrower face with larger ears, and some are not entirely hairless; these cats can have a short velvet-like coat. But like the Sphynx, they can be found in a stunning solid black.

Peterbald Sphynx Cat

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is not an entirely hairless breed, but these cats don't have much hair. Their coat is made up of short, curly fur, which may be sparse in some areas of their body, including the belly and sides. Devon Rex's come in various colors and patterns, including solid black.

Devon Rex Cat

Cornish Rex

Possibly the softest black cat breed is the Cornish Rex. This breed's hair is a velvety undercoat that sits in soft waves against their body. The shades and color combinations these cats are found in are endless.

Cornish Rex Kitten


The Lykoi, better known as the "werewolf cat," is a newer breed that has a very distinctive look. The most common color for these cats is "black roan," where the black fur is accented with white hairs. However, they are hairless around the eyes, nose, and ears, which adds to their wolfy appearance.

Lykoi Cat

Black Cats Could Live Longer Than Other Cats

While black cats have been viewed as "unlucky" for centuries, these cats are actually hardier than cats of other fur colors. The genetics that give them black fur may be connected to a lower risk of viral infections, such as feline immunodeficiency virus. So, with a more robust immune system, there's a chance your black cat could live a longer, fuller life, regardless of what breed they are.

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