11 Sled Dog Movies That’ll Give You All the Feels

Put on a sled dog movie anytime you want to be inspired and motivated by these hardworking snow dogs.

Published February 20, 2024

Sled dog movies are inspiring tales of resilience, strength, and camaraderie, and they include tons of actual cute doggy tails. The only thing is that some of these stories can be real tear-jerkers. We sniffed out the 11 greatest sled dog movies to ever hit the silver screen and let you know whether a few tissues will do or if you need several boxes. Hike! All right! Let’s go!

Togo – 2019 Movie


Togo is a live-action Disney movie based on a true story. It follows a trainer and dog sled team led by Togo as they trek across 200+ miles of Alaskan tundra. Willem Dafoe is excellent in it, but the real stars are the dogs. Togo is rated PG, so it’s generally a family-friendly movie, though it does focus on drama and adventure, so don’t expect to laugh through the whole thing.

Fast Fact

Diesel, the dog who plays Togo in the movie, is actually a 14-generation descendant of the real Togo!

Snow Dogs – 2002 Movie


Snow Dogs is an awesome choice if you’re in the mood for a funny sled dog movie. It’s a story about family, courage, and finding oneself, which we can all relate to. Plus, it’s just light-hearted and sweet. Gather the whole family around because it’s rated PG and generally safe for little ones. 

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Iron Will – 1994 Movie


If you love a good adventure movie with a scrappy underdog (and lots of sled dogs), you’ll love Iron Will. It’s a Disney film based on the true story of a 17-year-old boy named Will who enters a dog sled race that tests him both mentally and physically.

Need to Know

Iron Will is rated PG, so it’s fine for mature kids and adults alike. Even though no dogs die in this movie, there is one scene with dogs fighting, so sensitive souls might not want to watch that part.

Kevin of the North – 2001 Movie


Kevin of the North, a.k.a. Chilly Dogs is a classic sled dog comedy that’ll have you howling with laughter. The funniest part about the movie is the fact that the sled team includes a bunch of misfit breeds, like a poodle, bulldog, Jack Russell terrier, and other non-cold-weather dogs. Just know that the film is PG-13, so it’s not appropriate for younger folks.

The Great Alaskan Race – 2019 Movie


This movie is another fictionalized retelling of the true story of the 1925 Nome serum run. A solo person and a pack of sled dogs, led by the one and only Togo, take off on an adventure that nearly breaks them. With a PG rating, it’s an entertaining movie for almost everyone.

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Eight Below – 2006 Movie


A lot of sled dog movies focus on the adventures of the human and pack team, but not Eight Below. This story is all about how the dogs survive a grueling storm in Antarctica while waiting for their handler to rescue them. It’s based on a true story and not for the faint of heart, meaning you will absolutely bawl your eyes out. You’ve been warned.

Need to Know

Spoiler alert: Not all the dogs make it home, but it’s still an incredibly touching movie.

The Great Alone – 2015 Movie


Are you curious about what the Iditarod is really like? The Great Alone is a documentary about Lance Mackey’s experience racing and winning the Iditarod dog sled race. Anyone who loves dogs and stories about overcoming obstacles will absolutely love this doc. The movie isn’t rated, but it’s definitely geared towards adults.

Balto – 1995 Movie


Balto is a Disney classic, and for good reason. It’s aesthetically beautiful, entertaining, and inspiring. Balto is loosely based on the real story of the 1925 serum run to Nome. If you’re looking for a movie about a brave dog, this one is perfect for a family movie night.

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The Call of the Wild – 2020 Movie


Jack London’s 1903 story, The Call of the Wild, has been made into many movies, but the 2020 remake really focuses on Buck’s story. Harrison Ford, as the lead human, does a great job, but the CGI dog is a little lacking in comparison. Still, this movie is an entertaining story of survival and a reminder of the “call of the wild.”

Snow Buddies – 2008 Movie


If you loved the Air Bud franchise, you’ll be thrilled to know that they have a dog sledding addition to the series: Snow Buddies. In this one, the little golden retriever puppies find themselves in the “vanilla ice cream,” aka. snow, and help lead a dog sled race. This flick features talking dogs (yes, their mouths actually move!), so it’s understandably rated G.

Sled Dogs – 2016 Movie


Are sled dog documentaries more of your vibe? Consider watching Sled Dogs. This film explores dog sledding from all points of view — the handlers, the breeders, and the dogs.

Along with the inspiring side of mushing, it also highlights some unsettling topics, like animal abuse, and questions whether sled dogs enjoy a good quality of life. This documentary isn’t rated, but it is graphic and not appropriate for children or deeply-feeling adults, so tread with caution.

Great Sled Dog Movies to Inspire You


It’s hard to watch a sled dog movie and not feel inspired. The grueling conditions these teams need to trek through, and the perseverance they demonstrate is so admirable. Whether you pick one of the animated sled dog films or a documentary-style flick, you’re sure to experience all the feels at your next movie night.

11 Sled Dog Movies That’ll Give You All the Feels