14 Pics of Mini Beagles That Are Just What the “Dogtor” Ordered

If you think Beagles are cute, you'll love these photos of mini Beagles.

Updated May 17, 2023

You probably already know that Beagles come in 15- and 13-inch varieties, but are you familiar with miniature Beagles and pocket Beagle puppies?! Yes, they exist, and they are just as cute as they sound. These tiny Beagles are purposely bred to create a smaller pet that still has typical Beagle characteristics. Not only do they retain the cute "puppy" look that the breed is so famous for, but there are a lot of mind-Beaggling facts to learn about them, too.

Average Pocket Beagle Size


In most cases, mini Beagle puppies don't look much different than their larger relatives. Aside from their size, that is. Because of their genetics, they simply don't grow quite as large. There is some range in size at the present time. Some pups will grow to about 5 to 7 pounds, while others will weigh in around 12 pounds at maturity.

Miniature Beagle Puppy Popularity


Beagles, whether the standard kind or their miniature counterparts, are one of the Top 10 most popular dogs in the United States because of their friendly, outgoing nature. They're also adorable dogs, especially the puppies, and pictures of miniature Beagles show off the floppy ears and sweet faces that make these dogs so well-loved.

History of Mini Beagles


Although it may seem like miniature Beagle puppies are just another "designer dog" fad, the breed actually had a smaller variety in years past. These dogs were known as "Olde English Pocket Beagles," but they went extinct sometime in the 19th century. Selective breeding for the pet market has made this unofficial variety available once again.

Fast Fact

The mini Beagle is a breed of many names. They also go by "Toy Beagle," "Teacup Beagle," or "Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle" - Phew! Well, extra cuteness calls for more names, right?

Pocket Beagle Personality


If you've never had the pleasure of meeting a pocket Beagle, you might wonder what they're like. These pint-sized dogs are confident, fun-loving, and friendly. Just know, they can have a stubborn streak. So even though this breed will readily play ball with you, they might want to do it on their schedule.

Energy of Miniature Beagle Puppies


Don't let this little dog's size fool you. Miniature Beagles have a lot of energy and stamina, so they need plenty of exercise. They also need a decent amount of attention because these clever dogs can become destructive when bored. Plan to give your pup a lot of training and structure, and they'll reward you with great companionship.

Miniature Beagle Activities


Enrichment games are a great way to keep their mind engaged and prevent these dogs from getting bored. American Kennel Club Scent Work is a fantastic activity for a Miniature Beagle and doesn't require a lot of room or special equipment.

Agile Pocket Beagles


Another fun activity that you can do with a Miniature Beagle is dog agility. Even small dogs can participate in this sport, and Beagles of all sizes love it. There are even Teacup divisions among dog sport competitors where your pocket Beagle will feel right at home. Just make sure that your training club keeps jumps low to accommodate your dog's small size and understands exercise modifications for their more delicate bone structure.

That Famous Beagle Bay


Sure, these pups may be smaller than average, but they share characteristics in common with full-size beagles, including their sound. Pocket Beagles still produce that unbelievably loud, baying hound dog howl that serves Beagles so well in the field.

Miniature Beagle Coloring


Miniature Beagles come in all the same colors as their regular-sized cousins. The colors include tri-color, which is a combination of three colors, which can be black, white, red, bluetick, tan, and blue. Bi-color miniature Beagles come in white and one other color, which can be lemon, orange, red, tan, or they can be black and tan. Miniature Beagle patterns include ticked and spotted.

Mini Beagles Love Companionship


Miniature Beagles are known for needing companionship, and this is a breed that can develop separation anxiety. Consider getting more than one, so they have company when you're gone. They also can do well with other animals, although they may chase small furry pets and cats due to their hunting instincts.

Are Miniature Beagles Dwarfs?


While not all miniature and pocket Beagles are dwarfs, some Beagles with the gene for dwarfism are specifically bred to create smaller versions. These dogs may be at more risk of health problems and physical conditions.

Mini Beagle Health and Longevity


On average, miniature Beagle pups live about 10 years. Any breed has health issues, but down-sized versions of a breed usually produce these issues with higher frequency. Watch for health conditions like epilepsy, heart disease, hypothyroidism, and cleft palate.

Helpful Hack

Health insurance is a valuable investment for any dog, but particularly those prone to health problems.

Ready to Bring Home a Mini Beagle Puppy?


Have you fallen in love with the mini Beagle yet? These dogs are a great choice for attentive dog owners who love the independent Beagle breed but want one that's a bit smaller. And even if you're not looking for a pet, you can still enjoy the adorable photos of these dogs who practically stay puppies forever.

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14 Pics of Mini Beagles That Are Just What the “Dogtor” Ordered