Great Dane Puppy Pictures

Updated March 1, 2019

Great Dane Puppies

Great Danes grow into one of the largest dog breeds of all, but it takes approximately two years for them to reach full size. While puppies of other breeds may seem more cute and cuddly, the pictures in this Great Dane photo gallery illustrate the special kind of awkward charm that makes these puppies very endearing to those who appreciate these gentle, amiable giants. With oversized paws, flopping ears and extra skin, baby Great Danes have a special look all their own.

Fast Growing Great Danes

Great Danes puppies grow so quickly that it's recommended that you don't feed them puppy food; feed them kibble designed for large breed dogs three times a day. Feeding them puppy food could cause them to grow so fast it stresses their bones and joints. You can expect your fully grown Great Dane to be about 28 to 32 inches high measured at their shoulders.

Socializing for Your Puppies

While puppies this young should be handled mostly by their mothers, once your Great Dane reaches about seven weeks of age, start socializing him with other dogs and people so he grows up to be outgoing and friendly.

Floppy Ears

Great Danes are born with floppy ears. If you want to crop your puppy's ears, do it around seven weeks of age, while it's easier on the puppy. If you choose not to crop, watch out for "flying ears," where your puppy's ears flop into his face.

Clumsy Puppies

While they may look sturdy, Great Danes are actually fairly fragile. Don't allow your puppy to rough house with other dogs, and take care that they don't injure themselves tripping or slipping on a slick surface.

House Pets

While your puppy may enjoy being outside and playing with you, remember that Great Danes are house pets, not outside dogs. Get your puppy out of doors frequently for exercise, then bring him back in so he can learn to behave himself in your home.

Chew Toys

Like all puppies, Great Danes like to chew. Their jaws can often be strong, so make sure they have plenty of toys made for "serious chewers" available.

Sleepy Puppies

Puppies are babies and need a lot of sleep. Great Danes in particular, because of the amount of growing they need to do, may need even more sleep. Make sure your puppy gets plenty of rest after each meal to allow them the energy to grow.

Social Puppies

If your Great Dane puppy is shy or fearful of new situations, keep introducing him to new people and places as often as you can. This can help prevent problems like "fear biting." Great Dane puppies generally have friendly temperaments although they can be protective of their families and socialization is critical!

Great Dane Puppy Colors

Great Dane puppies come in several coat colors and patterns. Solid colors include black, white, blue, chocolate, fawn, silver, and white.

Patterns include white with black spots ("Harlequin"), merle, brindle, white and blue, chocolate and white, and black and white ("mantle").

Loyal Companion

Like many large breed dogs, Great Danes grow up to be loyal, gentle companions. Treat your puppy right during those early months and years of growth, and he'll be sure to reward you in kind in the years to come.

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Great Dane Puppy Pictures