4 Places for Free Dog House Plans (Simple to Spectacular)

Updated October 27, 2021
couple building dogs house for their pet

If your dog is outdoors even for a couple of hours at a time, chances are they either already have a doghouse or you're looking into building one. Unfortunately, many pre-built dog houses are quite costly, so looking for do-it-yourself building plans is often worth the research. Check out the free dog house plans listed below, plus a few tips to help your project turn out right.

Identify the Kind of Dog House You Want

If you plan it right and you're careful with your supply purchases, building your own dog house can be a relatively inexpensive adventure resulting in a really nice shelter for your pet.

Have you ever built any kind of structure from plans before? If not, then it's a good idea to visit some of the free classes offered at many building supply warehouses. It doesn't really matter whether or not the class is specifically about building a doghouse. Even a class on building a shed will give you a working idea of the tools needed and how to work with similar construction materials. You can take some of the knowledge you've gathered and apply it when the time comes to build your canine palace.

Once you have a feel for basic construction, it's time to look for plans. If you're hoping to keep expenses low, then free dog house plans are good for the budget.

Simple Versus Elaborate Dog Houses

Keep in mind that more elaborate designs aren't always nicer than simpler ones when looking for free dog home layouts. A simple home for your dog may be more effective at keeping your dog safe from the weather. Higher ceilings and wasted space necessitate a greater loss of your dog's own body heat before the temperature within the dwelling begins to warm.

If you really want to go for a more fashionable look, build a facade above the original roof so the structure doesn't interfere with the design's functionality.

Where to Find Free Dog House Plans

There are plenty of good, free dog house floor plans available, if you know where to look.

Utilizing Seminars and Free Sources from Local Stores

Dog home ideas can be found at the same construction supply warehouse that offers free seminars or at your local hardware store. These stores have a vested interest in providing free plans since they want you to purchase your tools and supplies from them.

In reality, the strategies may be adjusted to the specific brands that the business sells. While there's nothing wrong with this, it may have an impact on the overall cost of the dog house. Even though the plan is free, you have the option to compare it to alternative construction options. However, there's something to be said about the level of customer service you'll get from an employee who knows the plan and can assist you in finding the exact supplies you require. Calculate the difference and make your purchases accordingly.

Building Plans from Lowes

Lowes provides a terrific, free dog house plan for a great-looking yet basic dog housing that will fit an average-sized dog perfectly. There's a list of tools and materials, an overview, cutting instructions, and illustrated constructing instructions at the provided link.

Build Eazy with the Metric System

Build Eazy offers a moderately easy dog house plan using the metric system, along with primers on which type of lumber to use as well as how to properly paint your finished creation. A supplies list, cutting list, building instructions, and plans are all included in the free dog home plan.

DIY Craftsy Using Pallets

DIY Craftsy Dog House Using Pallets

Most people can find pallets relatively quickly. Even better, there are many organizations that will give them away free-of-charge. DIY Craftsy offers a simple building plan utilizing pallets as building materials for your DIY dog house. They offer written instructions on their website, along with color photos, to aid you in putting it all together.

Log Cabin Dog House from DIY Network

Looking for something a little different in a dog house design? This DIY Network doghouse plan is for a log cabin doghouse. To build this doghouse, print the materials and tools list, and follow the step-by-step directions, using the images for reference.

Wooden Dog House from Dear Lillie Studio

The two small windows with shutters on this charming doghouse ensure that your dog has a magnificent, easy-to-make comfortable home. It has a modern and warm feel to it thanks to the cedar shingles on the roof. This dog house is a simple project to complete, and the free blueprint includes everything you'll need to get started.

Do it Yourself with Doggie Designer

Doggie Designer is an excellent resource for do-it-yourself types searching for a wide variety of free plans. You'll find plans for basic models such as Sparky 1 with a removable roof for cleaning, to a more detailed options suited for those with intermediate carpentry skills. The site offers no less than 23 free dog house floor plans of varying size and detail, so it's well worth your time to do some serious browsing on the website.

Turning a Diningroom Table into a Dog House

If you're big on recycling, you could use an old diningroom table that's in your garage or look for one that's low-cost or free to pick up. It's not a big deal if there are scratches, as you can fix those up fairly easily or paint the dog house after it's built. This pet parent built their own dog house out of a diningroom table. Once it's finished, it's elegant and looks like an expensive piece of furniture you would have purchased from a store. A saw, plywood sheets, jigsaw, caulking gun, nails, edges, primer, and a paintbrush are among the tools and equipment required for this project.

Building a Double Dog House for Two

Do you have two dogs that each need a dog house? Look no further. MyOutdoorPlans offers a dog house for two, saving on cost and time. Of course, this DIY project may require a bit more time than other single-occupant houses, but you can focus on one project rather than two with this option.

A Dog House with a Fenced-In Area

If your dog isn't one who roams the yard while not in the dog house, and you would feel safer if there was an enclosed area attached to the structure, this is the dog house for you. DIY Network offers instructions to create both the dog house and the outdoor expansion.

Unique Build with a Sliding Barn Door

Build a one-of-a-kind DIY dog house by including unique characteristics into the design. This is a classic hand-built dog house that is distinguished by its sliding wooden entry door. Install the door with the sliding hardware and finish the remainder of the dog home design with the wood of your choice. Instructions and materials are provided by Made with Happy.

Find What is Best for You and Your Dog

There are many dog house plans available, but finding out what is best for you and your dog is important, as this is an area they will likely spend a decent amount of their time while outside. You can begin by making a list of what you're looking for in a dog house. Then, once you have made the list, begin the search. Check to see which dog houses meet what's on your list and go from there.

4 Places for Free Dog House Plans (Simple to Spectacular)