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Updated May 15, 2019
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Giving a home to an English Setter rescue dog can be a very rewarding experience. While you can find an English Setter in an all-breed rescue or shelter, you'll have a better chance working with an English Setter rescue group.

English Setter Rescue Organizations

There are a number of dedicated English Setter rescue organizations that are private organizations run entirely by volunteers.

Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue

This rescue group has been placing English Setters in new homes since 2004.

  • They place dogs all over the U.S. and Canada and dogs live in foster homes nationwide.
  • The adoption process includes an application form, veterinary reference, phone interview and a home visit. This process can take up to three weeks.
  • Adopters must be at least 21 years old and provide proof of heartworm testing and preventative for their current and recent dogs. The heartworm requirement is rescinded if you live in an area where your veterinarian recommends against annual testing and medication.
  • Dog are $395 for dogs under a year, $300 for dogs one to six years old, $250 for dogs seven to 12 years old and dogs over 12 have fees set individually.

Our English Setter Rescue

OESR began in Ohio although they have a nationwide network of volunteers and foster homes.

  • Adopting includes an application form including references, a phone interview, and a home inspection. The whole process can take one to three weeks.
  • Adoption fees are $395 for puppies under 12 months, $325 for adults and $250 to $300 for senior dogs.
  • A fence is required as part of the adoption process and in some cases they will accept electric fences.
  • OESR adopts dogs nationally but currently does not adopt dogs to the New England area.
  • Puppies that have not been sterilized include a $25 rebate upon proof of sterilization.
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A Better English Setter Rescue

This non-profit is located in New Jersey but has members located across the country.

  • The adoption process includes an application, home visit, and veterinary and personal references.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to adopt from ABESR.
  • Adoption fees are $375 for puppies up to 12 months, $325 for dogs one year or older and senior dogs seven and older start at $175 on a sliding scale.
  • ABESR will help people who have an English Setter they need to rehome with courtesy postings on their website.

Southwest English Setter Rescue

Headquartered in Texas, SWESR has been placing English Setters since 2012.

  • They adopt all over the U.S. but primarily focus on Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California.
  • They can assist you with transport for dogs adopted within the southwestern United States. You are responsible for transportation if you live outside of the area.
  • Adopters must be at least 21 years old, and current pets must be sterilized and up to date on their vaccinations. They also require heartworm testing and medication if you live in an area where it is veterinarian-recommended.
  • The adoption process includes the application, a phone interview, a home visit and personal and veterinary references. A landlord's verification of your rental's pet friendly status is also required if you are renting your home.
  • SWESR will only adopt English Setters puppies under one year of age to homes with previous English Setter experience and a physical fence.
  • The adoption fee is $300 for dogs under a year and $250 for dogs one year and older. Special needs dogs may have a lower fee.

Another Chance for English Setters

ACES was founded in 1999 and is based in Maine although they have foster homes in many states and adopt nationwide.

  • The adoption process include an application form, home visit and veterinary and personal references. There is also a $10 application fee.
  • All homes must have a fence and current pets must be sterilized. Deaf dogs must go to homes with physical fences.
  • English Setters adopted through ACES are meant to be companion dogs and they will not adopt out dogs just for hunting. Dogs adopted through ACES must be inside, family dogs.
  • ACES does not place dogs in homes with children under the age of six years old.
  • ACES can assist with transportation if it's less than 12 hours from the foster home. Transportation further than a 12 hour drive or a flight must be arranged by the adopter.
  • Adoption fees are $350 for dogs under 12 months, $300 for dogs one to seven years old, and $225 for dogs eight years and up.
English Setter dog with tennis ball

Illinois Birddog Rescue

Illinois Birddog Rescue takes in both Pointers and English Setters and adopts dogs across the country and Canada.

  • The majority of their dogs are kept in foster homes in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
  • They specialize in taking dogs formerly used for hunting and adopting them into homes as pets first and hunting companions second.
  • Dogs must live indoors with the family, have fenced yards and adopters must be non-smokers.
  • The process includes an application, phone interview, and home check.
  • All dogs that pass through their foster system are vetted for Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Anaplasma. Dogs are treated for any of these diseases if found during their stay with IBR.
  • The adoption fee is $475 for dogs under a year old and $425 for dogs one year of age or older.

UK Based Rescues

Rescues can also be found in the United Kingdom.


Settusfree is a rescue located in the United Kingdom and works with other Setter rescue groups in Spain, Greece, Italy and the Balkans.

  • Settusfree takes in English Setters and English Setter mixes and places them throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Adopters are required to pay and arrange for transportation for their dog if they live far away and the fees for transportation and the adoption can range from £350 to £500. They will subsidize the cost by £100 for dogs aged 10 and older and by an additional £150 for dogs 13 and older.
  • The process involves an application and home check and fees are determined by the country of the dog's origin and distance to be traveled.

English Setter Rescue Association

The English Setter Rescue Association has been rescuing the breed and placing them in homes in the United Kingdom since 1986.

  • In addition to placing dogs they will assist you if you have a dog that you need to rehome.
  • They do not have a fixed adoption fee but ask for a donation with each adoption and the amount is up to you.
  • ESRA also pays for the first veterinary checkup once the dog is in a new home and covers the cost of any medical issues that are found.
  • ERSA only places dogs for pet homes and does not place Working and Dual Purpose Setters as they have found them to be too challenging for most adopters.
Two purebred English setters enjoy the shade

Deaf English Setter Rescues

An unfortunate genetic tendency among the breed is the chance for the dog to be born deaf in one or both ears. You can find deaf English Setters up for adoption at these rescues:

Adoption Tips for English Setters

English Setters are gun dogs and are a working breed and do best in a home that understands their temperament.

  • They can become very focused on chasing game and are likely to go after birds and squirrels, so micro-chipping your new adoptee and having tags on their collar is a must.
  • English Setters are known for having a softer temperament than many gun breeds which makes them wonderful family dogs but also can make them more dependent on their people.
  • When you bring home a Setter, you should be sure to have an area of your house "dog proofed" in case the dog becomes upset when left alone, and practice coming and going paired with positive reinforcement to help him acclimate.
  • If you already have small pets like cats and birds, you should supervise all interactions to make sure your new English Setter understands chasing them is not appropriate.
  • Because English Setters make excellent hunting dogs, you may want to involve your new pet dog in the sport to keep him active and mentally engaged. It's also a great way to bond with your new dog but make sure that his primary role is as a pet and companion.
  • Make sure you are ready for the energy needs for your new dog. You might want to consider hiring a dog walker to take him out a few times a week to help him burn off energy which will make him calmer in his new home.
  • English Setters also love water so if his new home has a pool, make sure you have a fence or other protective safety measures to him from taking an unauthorized dip.

Adopt an English Setter

Adopting any dog can be a challenging experience, however it is immensely rewarding. English Setters make wonderful pets and loving family dogs provided you have the right lifestyle to meet their needs.

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