7 Fun-Filled Easter Basket Ideas for Dogs

These options will help you plan the perfect Easter basket to let your pup in on the holiday fun.

Published March 21, 2023
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Couple of dogs in costume to celebrate Easter

It's getting to be that time of year. You're prepping your family's Easter baskets ready with all kinds of goodies! Your children have extravagant baskets full of toys and candy. Now it's your dog's turn. What can you put in their Easter basket? Fortunately, there's so much to choose from ranging from treats to apparel!

Make Your Dog's Easter Basket

Stella & Chewy's Absolutely Rabbit Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food ($44.99 at Chewy)

Give your dog a dinner treat this Easter that's healthy and nutrient-dense.
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Best for Teething Puppies:
Sweet Paws Wearable Puppy Teether Stack ($14.98 at Chewy)

Teethers help relieve gum pain in your puppy.
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Best Soft Squeaky Toy :
Star Wars Easter Basket ($9.99 at Chewy)

If your dog enjoys hide-and-seek, an Easter basket full of hideable eggs could be the perfect pick.
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These adorable tennis balls are perfect for the dog that loves to play fetch. The package includes three tennis balls with fun Easter-themed hatching chicks printed on them. Whether you have space inside, or you're planning on playing some outdoor ball, these are the perfect item to add to your dog's basket.

What We Like
Squeaky for increased mental stimulation
Increases interest in exercise
What We Don't
Not for aggressive chewers
Not suitable for small breeds
Difficult to wash

This special toy is a great addition to your dog's Easter basket, as it doubles as a basket itself. The set comes with four egg-shaped Storm Trooper helmet toys with squeakers, which your dog has to find inside. This hide-and-seek toy is perfect for pups who need a little mental stimulation. You can also place the squeaky eggs around the house and watch your dog search.

What We Like
Increases mental stimulation
Provides numerous toys in one
Fun to throw around
What We Don't
Not for heavy chewers
Difficult to clean
Not recommended for dogs that remove stuffing

If you want your dog to look adorable this Easter, an Easter dress will attract the attention of all your dinner guests. The dress comes with "Little Love Bunny" printed on the back, so everyone knows who's the special pup this year. The pullover design and sizing options mean this dress will fit almost any pup.

What We Like
All different sizes
Pullover design
Comfortable material
Adorable carrot and bunny print
What We Don't
Some dogs may not tolerate clothing
Could make dog overheat

Dogs love rope toys, but they also enjoy additional sensory stimulation. This rope toy has crinkle paper and squeakers built into it, and it's the perfect gift for Easter-themed fun. This toy is recommended for dogs that enjoy hide-and-seek and chew toys.

What We Like
Multiple sensory enhancing effects
Interactive allowing for mental and physical stimulation
Fun for medium and large dogs
What We Don't
Not recommended for small dogs
Not for heavy chewers

Teethers can help relieve pain and discomfort that comes with puppy teething. The beset part is, each ring in this four-piece set doubles as braclet, so you can take the fun everywhere for your puppy. These teething rings make excellent gift item additions to your puppy's basket.

What We Like
Help with pain relief during teething
Helps remove plaque
Provide mental stimulation
What We Don't
Must be used with supervision to avoid choking

This freeze-dried dinner pattie is a great way to prepare a holiday-themed meal for your dog. These patties are made with farm-raised rabbit, and can be served as-is or rehydrated as a dinner topper or stand-alone food, resulting in a nutrient-dense dinner option for your pup on Easter.

What We Like
No added hormones or antibiotics
Organic fruits and vegetables
Includes muscle meat, organ, and bone
What We Don't
Some dogs may not like the flavor of freeze-dried foods
Can become expensive for large dogs

Instead of stuffing your dog's basket with the traditional plastic grass filler, line their basket with environmentally friendly green poop bags. Leave them rolled up, and you'll get the same great look of a green basket filler, without the risk of your dog chewing on the green plastic, which might cause stomach issues.

What We Like
Won't scatter around your house
Can be used as a replacement to plastic green grass
Use for original purposes before, during, and after Easter
What We Don't
Not as decorative

Easter Basket Stuffers Your Dog Will Love

Dogs love surprises and treats as much as anyone else, and they'll go crazy for these fun Easter basket ideas. Treat your dog for the holiday, and share the fun throughout the year with these toys and treats. Just be sure to play it safe and monitor their play, especially with chew toys, to make sure they stay happy and healthy.

7 Fun-Filled Easter Basket Ideas for Dogs