Options for Luxury Cat Beds and Furniture

Updated June 14, 2019
Cat resting in pet bed

If you believe that your cat deserves so much more than the usual run-of-the mill cat furniture, opt for decking him out with a luxury cat bed or a show-stopper cat tree. After all, whether you have a Grumpy Cat or a Garfield, your cat deserves only the finest money can buy!

Upscale Cat Trees

In the wild, cats of all breeds enjoy climbing trees. Just because your kitty is an indoor-only feline, doesn't mean that his desire to climb has gone away. Bring out your cat's wild side by bringing trees inside.

Cat lying in tree with hammock

A Hidden Hollow Fantasy Forest

A Hidden Hollow Fantasy Forest makes fantasy-inspired cat trees for 'spoiled kitties' that need to be seen to be believed. Hidden Hollow Fantasy Forest trees are all custom creations so there are many options available to make the tree match not only your decor but also the exercise needs of your cat. Some whimsical options include fairy doors, windows with rustic wood shutters, additional platforms, swinging ropes, microsuede lounging areas, colorful magic lanterns, scratching posts and upgrades to ficus and weeping willow style leaves.

  • They are wider than most other cat trees and are hollow inside, with shelves layered at differing heights within the trunk. This allows your cat the freedom to climb up the inside of the trunk and rest on any one of the inside shelves while viewing the world through one of the entrance holes.
  • Your cat can continue climbing to the very top of the tree to enjoy the scenery from the tree top's lounging platform, or curl up at the bottom of the tree trunk and snooze the day away.
  • A few of the larger trees include an enchanted fairy door. For utter opulence, choose their 10' Fantasy Tree with your choice of three different trims: luxury fur, wood exterior, and fabric bark.
  • Their smallest tree is about $450 with no upgrades and the largest runs between $2,800 and $3,200 before upgrades. Shipping also begins at about $129 and up.

Spiral Cat Staircase Tree

For a modern, stylish addition to your home that your cat will love, consider the Spiral Cat Staircase Tree.

  • The tree sells for about $900 plus an additional $20 if you want the posts wrapped in jute.
  • The birch wood steps and aluminum trim gives the steps an upscale look that goes beyond the typical carpeted cat trees.
  • The stairs can be installed in your home next to a set of shelves or windows giving your cat access to other areas where he can run and climb, yet the look of the stairs will fit in nicely with your decor.

4 Tier Hardwood Cat Tower With Scratcher

Another lovely addition to your home that your cats will love but won't look like common heavily carpeted cat furniture is this cat tower.

  • The tree is custom made with your choice of finishes on the solid hardwood oak or maple posts.
  • The carpeted areas are plush for extra comfort for your cat and is available in a light beige color sure to match any room's decor.
  • Available finishes for the wood include natural, golden, provincial, acres, bing cherry, espresso and ebony for oak and mission, acres and bing for maple wood.
  • The tree sells for a little under $500 with free shipping. Orders take at least 10 to 15 business days to produce.

MiaCara Albergo Cat Tree

If you're looking for something luxurious but need something for a smaller living space, try the MiaCara Albergo by Tuft & Paw. Tuft & Paw specializes in unique, furniture-style cat trees that look elegant in your home while inspiring your cat's senses.

  • The MiaCara is modular, so you can buy multiple sections and arrange them in whatever way you see fit that works in your room's size and shape.
  • The sections are made with brushed metal and sturdy plywood with a stylish natural ash veneer to give the appearance of modern Scandinavian furniture. You can choose white or grey metal finishes.
  • The walls are lined with 100% felt to give your cats soft spaces to rest against.
  • One section sells for $549 but you'll probably want more than one to create a playful space for your cats to hide, explore and of course, nap.
MiaCara Albergo Cat Tree
MiaCara Albergo Cat Tree

Luxurious Cat Beds

Just like with people beds, the most luxurious cat beds will also likely be the most comfortable. Keep an eye out for shapes and styles that will keep your cat warm and snug.

Tuft + Paw Sphere Cat Bed

This cat bed is not only a comfortable haven for your kitty, it's also like a small work of art in your living room.

  • The bed is made with a steel and beech frame, handwoven polyester yarn for the bed "cocoon" and a cloud-soft cotton pillow inside.
  • It's available in storm grey, desert cream and lunar grey.
  • The Sphere cat bed sells for about $339.

Horizon Pet Teepee

Pet P.L.A.Y. makes a line of luxury cat teepees that are not only cozy hideouts for your cat but equally attractive additions to your home. The teepees are made from woven fabric and come in four color patterns (desert, woodland, lake, seacoast) that should match any home's interior design.

  • The sleeping cushions are made of ergonomic foam for the most comfortable resting spot for your cat.
  • The teepee poles are made with furniture-grade craftsmanship and natural pine wood.
  • It's also easy to care for despite its luxurious setting and can be machine washed if necessary.
  • The cat teepees sell for $79.
P.L.A.Y.?s Horizon Pet Teepees
P.L.A.Y.'s Horizon Pet Teepees

Enchanted Pets Luxury Modern Sleigh Pet Bed

This store creates unique cat furniture made that looks right out of the set of a high end Beverly Hills mansion.

  • The sleigh bed is handmade to order and is made with super soft Ultra Lux vegan suede with elegant grey roping details on the sides.
  • The pillows are made with plush material and the entire bed is made with all vegan and cruelty free materials.
  • The bed sells for $450.

Great Deal Furniture Samuel Mid Century Small Plush Pet Bed

If you have a more minimalist look in mind, you'll love watching your cat lounge on this bed.

  • Although it is designed originally for small dogs, it's the perfect size and comfort level for any cat.
  • Available in navy blue with a natural wood on birch finish.
  • The chic bed has plush tufted cushions that you'll envy your cat snoozing on.
  • The bed is about 30 inches long by 22 inches wide and should fit well in any size room.
  • It sells for a little under $80.
Furniture Samuel Mid Century Small Plush Pet Bed
Century Small Plush Pet Bed

Lavish Cat Furniture Options

The best place to look for unique cat furniture is specialty stores like the Refined Feline and Tuft + Paw. Their range of beds, trees and other cat furniture looks like something you will find in an art gallery instead of a pet shop.

Lotus Cat Tower

Lotus Cat Tower has a dark wood finish, which is perfect for people who prefer classic designs. It also features a number of places where your cat can scratch and climb. The cost is around $370 plus $30 shipping.

Park Place Cat Condo

Park Place Cat Condo, from Playtime Workshop, has four separate condos for cats to explore. Extra-large upper beds can easily handle two cats at a time. There are also two interconnecting single rooms for 'guests' to sleep in and the gym is specially designed with a low center of gravity so it won't topple over - and for a $600 investment that is important to know. You also have a choice of 7 different colors to match your home's decor.

Choose the Best Option

With so many lush options, it is best to take your time when selecting your cat's furniture. This purchase will be with you and your cat for many years to come, so make sure you choose the best possible option for your cat's needs.

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Options for Luxury Cat Beds and Furniture