Cat Grass Benefits & 5 Unique Uses for Happy Cats

Cat grass can actually be really beneficial for cats, and there are tons of creative ways you can give it to your kitty.

Published November 29, 2023
Cat eating approved grass plant

If you’ve ever considered giving your feline friend cat grass, this is your sign to try it out. Cat grass can be great for cats in moderation and has loads of benefits, like fiber and vitamins. Instead of just giving the plant to your cat (which you can absolutely do FYI!), try out these five creative and DIY ways to get your cat munching on grass.

What Is Cat Grass?

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably heard of cat grass, but what is this magical plant, anyway? Cat grass isn’t just a single type of grass. It’s actually a mix of wheat grass, rye, barley, and oat seeds. Most seed mixtures are made up of mostly wheat grass, but the other grasses add flavor and beneficial nutrients that make this a great source of enrichment for cats.

Is Cat Grass Good for Cats?

In moderation, cat grass can be great for cats for a few reasons:

Young cat eating grass in on apartment
  • Cat grass contains beneficial micronutrients, like folic acid, vitamins A, B, and D, and fiber.
  • It’s much safer for kitties to munch on than outdoor grass, which can contain pesticides.
  • This grass is an excellent alternative to chewing on dangerous indoor plants that could harm your pets.
  • Chewing and playing with it is awesome enrichment for indoor cats to keep them mentally stimulated.

Planting Seeds vs. Buying a Plant

Does it make a difference if you plant cat grass seeds or buy an already-grown plant? Maybe. Since the point of this plant is for your cat to eat it, you’ll want to make sure it’s clean and safe. That’s why planting seeds is usually the best way to go. You can control exactly what you’re planting it in, what you’re watering it with, and can rest easy knowing it’s free of pesticides.

On the other hand, not all adult plants from your local supermarket were raised this way. Make sure you do thorough research on the company before purchasing a cat grass plant to ensure it’s safe and healthy.

Creative Ways to Give Your Kitty Cat Grass

If you’re ready to incorporate cat grass into your feline friend’s routine, there are several ways you can do this. Presenting the grass in fun ways can keep your kitty engaged and provide them with some enrichment they would otherwise miss. Get creative!

1. Create a Kitty Lawn

Indoor cats can enjoy eating and laying out on their very own grass patch with a kitty lawn. A wide, shallow storage bin is the perfect size and shape for your lawn.

  • Just place a few inches of soil inside, then sprinkle your cat grass seeds on the surface and cover with another ¼ inch of soil.
  • Mist the soil every day and keep it in a safe place away from your cats until the grass starts to come up.
  • After that, let them go to town, chewing and rolling around on their kitty lawn.

2. Make it a Meal Topper

Cat grass can act as a garnish on your pet’s meal. Simply grab a few fingers-full of grass and trim off the top inch. Sprinkle it on top of their pate, and voila. Bonne appetite!

3. Craft a Floating Grass Pond

An activity that can keep your cat busy and encourage them to drink more water is making a floating cat grass pond.

  • For this, you’ll just need to germinate your cat grass seeds in a small plastic container over clean marbles.
  • Once the cat grass is grown, place the container in the center of a bowl and fill the bowl with fresh water until it reaches just below the cat grass container.
  • The challenge of eating the grass while it's bobbing around in the water will keep your cat busy all day. Plus, they'll likely drink more water than they normally would. 

4. Freeze Grassicles

Everyone loves a chilly popsicle in the summer, including cats. Make some grassicles by trimming your cat grass and placing a few blades in an ice cube tray with water. If your cat is a fan of catnip, you can even include some of that or pet-safe silver vine or valerian.

Quick Tip

Because grassicles can get messy, don’t forget to serve them in a shallow baking tray or in a bowl to keep your floors from getting drenched.

5. Treat it like a Houseplant

Finally, you can just treat your cat grass like any other house plant. This is especially great if you have a cat who likes to chomp on plants that they shouldn’t.

Tabby cat eating healthy grass

Just make sure you put it somewhere that’s easy for them to access, like on the floor, so they don’t need to jump through hoops (or onto shelves) to get to it. Having their own plant to chew on can keep them from going after others that aren’t good for them.

Creative Ways to Get Your Kitty Into Cat Grass

Not all cats love cat grass, which is totally fine. You can always try catnip, silver vine, or valerian if they prefer that instead. But if your cat just loves chewing on plants, try giving them something some cat grass to keep them away from the other stuff.

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Cat Grass Benefits & 5 Unique Uses for Happy Cats