Meet the World’s Tallest Dogs Ever + Towering Breeds

The world's tallest dog stands at over 7 feet on his hind legs, but these other breeds are giants too!

Updated April 22, 2023
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Not surprisingly, the tallest dogs on record are Great Danes. If you have a Great Dane, you probably know how tall these dogs are, but you may be surprised at how tall the breed can be. However, they're not the only tall dogs in the canine world. There are others that are a close match.

Zeus: The Tallest Living Dog in the World

A Great Dane named Zeus currently holds the record as the tallest living dog in the world. According to the 2022 Guiness Book of World Records, this 2-year-old from Texas stands at 3 feet and 5 inches tall. This Zeus is not to be confused with the prior record holder, Zeus from Michigan, that has since passed away in 2014. This record-holder stood 3 feet and 6 inches and could reach 7 feet, 4 inches while standing on his hind legs.


Freddy the Great Dane held the record for the Tallest Dog in the World 2017 and Tallest Dog in the World 2018, according to the Guiness Book of World Records. Freddy lives in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex in the United Kingdom. His height was measured at 3 feet and 4 inches tall.

Giant George

Giant George, another Great Dane, was the record holder until he passed away in 2013. The Guinness Book of World Records sent an examiner in early 2010 to check the measurements of this dog. The examiner found George was 7 feet and 3 inches long from his head to the tip of his tail, and measured at 3 feet, 5 inches tall at the shoulder.

World's Tallest Dog Breeds: The Top 10

The Great Dane is by no means the only tall dog breed. In fact, there are several other tall breeds, although they're not as tall as the world record holder Great Danes.

10. Saint Bernard: The breed is 25 to 27 inches tall.

9. Tibetan Mastiff: A male Tibetan Mastiff typically reaches 26 inches tall.

8. Borzoi: The Borzoi measures at least 28 inches tall.

7. Anatolian Shepherd: Males stand 29 inches tall at the shoulder.

6. Leonberger: Males of this breed can reach 28 to 31½ inches.

5. Great Pyrenees: These dogs stand at about 30 inches.

4. Neapolitan Mastiff: Height in males averages 30 inches.

3. Scottish Deerhound: Male deerhounds average 30 to 32 inches in height.

2. Irish Wolfhound: Male members of the breed typically reach 32 inches tall at the shoulder.

1. Great Dane: The average Great Dane stands at 34 inches tall.

Need to Know

These measurements are guidelines and each individual breed listed could be taller or shorter depending on their genetics.

The Tallest Dogs in the World

Despite the fact that some of the tallest dogs on record stand higher than a human, you'd be surprised to know that all of them have a reputation for being extremely gentle. It's a good thing a dog as large as Zeus considers himself a lap dog at heart!

Meet the World’s Tallest Dogs Ever + Towering Breeds