9 Tail-Wagging Reasons You Can't Miss the Puppy Bowl

When it's football versus Puppy Bowl, here's why the puppies will always win.

Published February 3, 2024
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Puppy Bowl is the ultimate showdown for dog aficionados nationwide, hands down. I mean, can anything top the sight of wee puppies scampering about, staging their very own Super Bowl? And just when you think it can't get any better, hold onto your leashes — there's more! I've had a chance to speak with Puppy Bowl Ref Dan Schachner (a.k.a. "the ref") about how this will be the biggest and best Puppy Bowl to come. So, just in case you have family that wants to watch the "other" game that day, share these reasons to convince them that some puppy time is another essential for the day!

1. The Puppies Will Melt Your Heart

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It's no secret that puppies are incredibly adorable, and it's almost impossible not to let out an "aww" when we see them. Their cute faces, playful antics, and innocent expressions are simply heart-melting. And when it comes to the Puppy Bowl, it's an absolute overload of this cuteness!

This event is a showcase packed with these furry little bundles of joy. Each puppy, with their unique charm and adorable personality, competes in a mock football game, making the Puppy Bowl a much-awaited event for dog lovers everywhere. To put the icing on the cake, this year will be the puppiest Puppy Bowl ever. No longer are there cheerleaders of other species. According to Dan, "Cheerleaders have been replaced by puppies; it's all puppy cheerleaders!"

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2. Entertainment for Dog People... and Those Without Dogs 

The Puppy Bowl is entertaining even if you don't have a dog of your own. Flip on the TV and enjoy watching the pups play around. It's the perfect way to add some lighthearted fun to anyone's day. "Our fourth quarter is our last quarter, dedicated to the larger dogs, and our first quarters to the smaller dogs. We kind of grow bigger throughout the game," says Dan. So tune in early if you want to see the teeniest pups, and later to see adorable giant breeds, like a great dane.

Need to Know

Dividing the pups into leagues of the tiny and moving all the way up to the mighty is the secret sauce to keeping the Puppy Bowl fun and safe for all the pups.

3. Instant Feel-Good Vibes

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Puppies have this magical ability to instantly lift our spirits and bring us "feel good" vibes. Just think about it — have you ever been in a situation where seeing a puppy didn't brighten your day? The playful behavior, happy barks, and sweet, innocent gaze of puppies have the incredible power to make our woes disappear, and our smiles magically appear, even during our hardest days. A little added happiness never hurt, did it? 

Fast Fact

The moment those furry faces pop up on screen, your body starts throwing a party with feel-good hormones. It's nature's way of saying, "Who needs a happy pill when you've got puppies?"

4. Friends Don't Have to Choose

Even if you're not a fan of the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl is a perfect excuse to plan a party with food and friends! Even better, this year the Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl are at different times — so you can watch both! Whether you're cheering for your favorite fluffy player or simply enjoying the company of friends, a Puppy Bowl/Super Bowl mash-up party is bound to be a memorable event.

5. An Awesome Half-Time Show

Just like the regular Super Bowl, there's a halftime show to keep you entertained during intermission. Instead of a music artist performing, though, there are cute little kittens. And just like little puppies, who can honestly resist the adorable faces of fluffy kitties? Definitely not me, that's for sure!

6. Enjoy Dogs Without Responsibility

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Watching the Puppy Bowl gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy watching puppies play without the responsibility of having one at home. If you're a dog lover but aren't ready to have one of your own, this show is the perfect outlet.  

Need to Know

The Puppy Bowl provides a no-strings-attached way to appreciate these adorable animals in action.

7. It's Not Like the Dog Park

The Puppy Bowl isn't just an adorable display of puppy play; it's also a well-monitored event where professional dog trainers and behaviorists are always present. They play a big part in making sure all the little pups are on their best behavior and are having a good time without any stress.

This cool setup lets you see how puppies that get along well with others play and hang out with their furry friends.  It's like a fun lesson in puppy talk! You'll see them running around, nibbling each other gently, and tapping paws — all the things that make up normal, happy puppy playtime. If you've got a dog or are thinking of getting one, watching this can be super helpful. Use it as a learning experience!

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8. Check Out Different Breeds

Dash_Florida Little Dog Rescue_Fluff

The Puppy Bowl is like the ultimate puppy party, where you get to see all sorts of dog breeds showing off their special looks and personalities. It's like a carnival of pups! You've got the tiny, fluffy ones that could almost fit in your pocket, and then there are the bigger, super-energetic ones that just love to zoom around.

As you're watching, check out the amazing mix of coats — some puppies have long, flowy fur, while others have sleek, short hair. And the colors and patterns? Totally cool! But it's not just about how they look. You'll notice that each type of puppy has their own way of having fun.

Some are all about the action, leaping and dashing everywhere, while others are chill, happy to just sniff around or play nice and easy with the other pups. It's like a sneak peek into the world of different dog breeds, all playing together in one awesome place!

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9. It Supports a Great Cause

Tornado_The Sato Project_Ruff

By watching the Puppy Bowl, you'll be supporting rescue organizations and puppy adoption around the U.S. This year, there are a shocking 131 puppies playing! This makes Puppy Bowl Ref Dan super excited, “We've never had that many rescue pups as part of our Puppy Bowl. So that immediately puts us over to the most amount of, not just rescue pups, but rescues and shelters that we've worked with. We're talking about 73 total from across the country.”

Need to Know

Not just a fur-fest of cuteness, the Puppy Bowl also shines the spotlight on some serious tail-wagging topics, throwing a bone to animal welfare causes.

The Perfect Day

It's the perfect day — family, friends, food, and furballs! It seriously couldn't get any better. Honestly, it just doesn't get better than this. Whether you're a die-hard football fan or not, this day has something special for everyone. Super Bowl Sunday takes a fun twist as you get to enjoy watching puppies in slow motion, playfully interacting with their fellow furry pals, and sometimes indulging in a bit of harmless, goofy trouble.

9 Tail-Wagging Reasons You Can't Miss the Puppy Bowl