Puppy Bowl Winners & MVPs: Champions of Cute

Get ready for a pup-arazzi flashback of the cutest, most playful Puppy Bowl winners and MVPs in recent puppy sports history!

Published January 29, 2024

This year, a special milestone is upon us as the Puppy Bowl reaches its 20th anniversary on Sunday, February 11, 2024! To commemorate this remarkable achievement, I'm excited to take you on a journey through the last five years of Puppy Bowl history. We'll explore the most valuable players (MVPs) and the teams that triumphed in each of these years.

Get ready to relive the thrilling moments and incredible plays that led each team to their championship victories. We'll delve into the highlights that crowned the MVPs, examining the skills and moments of brilliance that set them apart. 

Pickle: Puppy Bowl XIX MVP (2023)


Puppy Bowl XIX was all about Pickle, the MVP who totally stole the show! This adorable pomeranian hails from the Florida Little Dog Rescue in St. Cloud, Florida. Don't let his size fool you — Pickle may be pint-sized, but he's packed with big dog energy and playful antics that had everyone cheering!

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Kirby: Puppy Bowl XVIII MVP (2022)


Kirby, the adorable labrador from Team Fluff, totally stole the show at Puppy Bowl XVIII and nabbed the MVP title! Kirby's got quite the story — he started his journey at America’s Vetdogs in Smithtown, NY. But guess what? He's now living the dream in Houston, Texas.

And here's the coolest part — Kirby's training to be a service pup for the Houston Texans! That's right, this furry MVP is not just a star on the Puppy Bowl field; he's also gearing up to be a real-life hero. Talk about a pup with a purpose!

Fast Fact

Benny, a special-needs dog without the use of his back legs, was voted the most popular player in Puppy Bowl XVIII. 

Marshall: Puppy Bowl XVII MVP (2021)


Marshall, the Boston terrier puppy who stole hearts at Puppy Bowl XVII, was rightfully crowned the Most Valuable Puppy. At just 7 months old, this adorable pup hails from Salem, Virginia, and has an inspiring story. Marshall is deaf, but his disability hasn't slowed him down one bit on the field. He's a shining example of determination and resilience.

Sponsored by Green Dogs Unleashed Rescue, located near Charlottesville, Marshall has been given a platform to show the world just how incredible deaf dogs can be. 

Fast Fact

The nonprofit Deaf Dogs Rock has been instrumental in advocating for dogs like Marshall, promoting their adoption, and showcasing their abilities.

Gina: MVP of Puppy Bowl XVI (2020)


Gina, the charming 12-week-old lab/chow chow mix, played in the prestigious Puppy Bowl, earning the title of MVP for Puppy Bowl XVI.

This determined pup from Waldorf, Maryland, showed remarkable spirit and immense cuteness, and the audience truly showed their love for her by awarding her with the title of most valuable puppy.

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Bumble: Puppy Bowl XV (2019)


This adorable shelter dog's story is nothing short of remarkable. Bumble, the fun-loving lab and chow-chow mix, truly won America's heart in Puppy Bowl XV.

Not only was she ridiculously adorable, she was the first special-needs dog to receive MVP honors! But don't let her impairments fool you; being blind and deaf doesn't set her behind one bit.

More Puppy Bowl MVPs

Puppy Bowl XIV (2018) — Bear, a pit bull/foxhound mix

Puppy Bowl XIII (2017) — Rory, a poodle mix

Puppy Bowl XII (2016) — Star, a chow chow mix

Puppy Bowl XI (2015) — Henry, a labrador retriever mix

Puppy Bowl X (2014) — Loren, a brittany spaniel

Puppy Bowl IX (2013) — Fitz, a catahoula leopard dog mix

Puppy Bowl VIII (2012) — Fumble, a terrier mix

Puppy Bowl VII (2011) — CB, a shih tzu/terrier mix

Puppy Bowl VI (2010) — Jake, a chihuahua/pug mix

Puppy Bowl V (2009) — Matilda, a beagle

Puppy Bowl IV (2008) — Abigail, a jack russell terrier

Puppy Bowl III (2007) — Bomber, a samoyed

Puppy Bowl II (2006) — Monseigneur Jacques, a french poodle

Puppy Bowl I (2005) — Max, a jack russell terrier

Winning Puppy Bowl Teams the Past Five Years


Over the past five years, the winning teams of each Puppy Bowl event were super close in their scores, but here's who took the win:

Puppy Bowl XIX 

Team Fluff took the win with a score of 87-83. 

Puppy Bowl XVIII

Puppy Bowl XVIII came close to being a tie, but Team Fluff swooped in and took the win with a final score of 73-69. 

Puppy Bowl XVII

Puppy Bowl XVII was a jaw-clenching game with both Team Fluff and Team Ruff so close in point count, but ultimately, Team Ruff took the win with a score of 73-69. 

Puppy Bowl XVI

Team Fluff nabbed the victory with a whisker-thin lead at 63-59. Talk about a nail-biter — it was anyone's game right up to the last bark!

Puppy Bowl XV

In Puppy Bowl XV, both teams' furry players brought their A-game, showing off their competitive paws with style! In the end, Team Ruff wagged their way to victory, fetching a win with a tail-wagging score of 59-51.

Puppy Bowl XIX Winning Play by Vivian


Team Fluff clinched the title at Puppy Bowl XIX in a spectacular fashion that had everyone's tails wagging!

The winning moment was nothing short of pawsome when Vivianne, the stealthy and spirited pup, slipped under Team Ruff's radar. Then, with the grace and agility of a seasoned four-legged athlete, Vivian reversed the field, leaving her furry opponents bewildered.

Need to Know

Pickle, the team's MVP, provided the momentum this team needed in the beginning of the game. 

Puppy Bowl XVIII Winning Play


With the clock ticking and Team Fluff behind by three points, enter Chorizo, the furry hero of the hour! Snatching up the toy with just 7 seconds on the clock, Chorizo dodged a defender with a nifty move and dashed all the way to the end zone.

Chorizo's spectacular seven-point sprint earned Team Fluff the winning title. 

Puppy Bowl XVII Winning Play


Right when the clock was about to hit zero in the nail-biting, paw-tapping game, Team Ruff's Big Boss Paulie, an American staffordshire terrier and Dutch shepherd mix, zoomed his way to a touchdown!

After watching Team Fluff wag their way to victory in the past couple of years, Team Ruff finally barked up their game and triumphed with a close-cut final score of 73-69 in Puppy Bowl XVII.

Puppy Bowl XVI Winning Play


Just as the clock was about to say "game over" in Puppy Bowl XVI, in swooped Rocky Road, a determined German shepherd/samoyed mix scored a touchdown in the nick of time!

Need to Know

Thanks to Rocky Road's winning spirit and last-minute heroics, the game ended on a high paw note!

Puppy Bowl XV


Puppy Bowl XV was a real tail-wagger, with dog lovers perched on the edge of their seats, ears perked up, waiting for the announcers to bark out the winning play.

With just 2 minutes left on the clock, Moses, the clever American staffordshire terrier-chow chow mix, pulled off a pawsome distraction on the other team. Talk about a game of playful pup tactics!

Need to Know

The announcers were all wagging their tongues, saying it was his sly strategy “to run out the clock.”

Tune in to the 2024 Puppy Bowl!


Get ready to unleash the excitement on February 11, 2024! With the past five Puppy Bowl winners and MVPs fresh in your mind, it's time to see which adorable tailwagger will leap into the spotlight as the next Most Valuable Puppy.

Which pint-sized pup will lead their team to furry glory? Will Team Ruff romp to victory, or will Team Puff puff their way to the top? Circle the date, invite some cute pups over, and get ready for a Puppy Bowl party!

Puppy Bowl Winners & MVPs: Champions of Cute