8 Tips to Throw the Ultimutt Dog Pool Party for Fun in the Sun

Host a safe and fun dog pool party for your pup and their friends to keep cool and have a barkin' good time.

Published May 6, 2023
Guy with Pug in pool

Nothing sounds better than splashing around in your pool on a warm summer afternoon, except maybe enjoying the water with your pup. Why not throw an epic dog pool party? From dog-safe water toys to chilly snacks and pool safety measures, we've got you covered. Hot diggity dog, this is going to be the best pawty ever.

Throw a Summertime Pool Party for Your Dogs

Want to throw a pool party your friends will talk about for the rest of the year? Keep everyone safe and happy with these eight easy, breezy tips.

1. Serve Cool Treats

It's not a party without treats! Put out some refreshing munchies like sliced watermelon, green beans, and cucumber, or whip up some frozen pupsicles. It can be helpful to portion snacks out into single servings and always cut treats into bite-sized pieces to avoid choking.

2. Have Dog-Safe Pool Toys

It's a huge bummer to toss a new toy into the pool and watch it sink to the bottom. Stock up on fun, dog-safe, and water-friendly toys that everyone can enjoy. A lot of balls and chew toys indicate whether they float in water or test your existing toys out in the pool before the big day. Just avoid toys that absorb water, such as plushies, because that can lead to your dog ingesting the pool water, which isn't safe.

3. Grab a Kiddie Pool for Small Guests

Not all dogs will feel comfortable jumping into the pool, and that's OK. You can set up a kiddie pool for those who are a little hesitant, including tiny or young dogs. A sprinkler can be fun too!

Quick Tip

No in-ground pool? No problem! You can still throw a great dog pool party with a kiddie pool. Depending on how many canine guests you plan to have, you might need a few plastic pools or designate one for large dogs and one for small dogs.

4. Designate a Lifeguard

With so much going on, it can be easy for owners to take their eyes away from the pool for a moment or two. And that's all it takes for a dog to become injured or worse. Designate someone as the lifeguard for the day. You can even take short shifts, so everyone can enjoy the party while you also feel assured that everyone is safe. Better yet, hire a veterinary technician or pet sitter to serve as a lifeguard.

5. Set Up Plenty of Shade

No dog enjoys being too hot. Even if it's not excessively hot outside, all the running around and excitement can quickly raise a dog's internal temperature. Have plenty of umbrellas or sunshades set up for dogs to escape the sun.

6. Keep the Drinks Flowing

No, we're not talking about beverages for the humans. We mean water for the dogs. With so much running around and fun in the sun, dogs can easily become dehydrated or overheated. Set up several bowls of fresh water to quench their thirst and top them off throughout the party. This will also prevent any thirsty pups from drinking the pool water.

7. Take Tons of Photos

You're going to want to remember this event forever, so document it! Take photos of everyone and their dogs as they arrive and throughout the day. If you're feeling extra creative, you can even set up a photo booth with props like oversized glasses or beach balls.

Quick Tip

Why not cruise around the pool with a waterproof camera? You're sure to capture some incredible (and probably hilarious) underwater photos of your canine guests.

8. Don't Forget Pool Safety

Welsh corgi swimming in the swimming pool,High Angle View Of Dog Swimming In Pool

In order for everyone to have fun, everyone needs to be safe, too. Keep these pool safety tips at top-of-mind during your dog pool bash.

  • Have a human in the water to help dogs out of the pool if they get overwhelmed or tired.
  • Encourage attendees to bring a life jacket for their dog, even if they're skilled swimmers.
  • Place towels around the pool to keep any rambunctious dogs from unintentionally slipping into the water.
  • Too much pool water can make a dog sick, so keep an eye out for any dogs drinking pool water and promptly remove them from the water.
  • Provide dog-safe sunscreen for owners to put on their dog's noses and ears.

The Dog Days of Summer

Having a party centered around the pool can be a great way to keep your canine guests nice and cool. Just make sure you implement the necessary safety measures to keep everyone safe while you all have a pawsome time.

8 Tips to Throw the Ultimutt Dog Pool Party for Fun in the Sun