Home Depot's Dog Policy for Home Improvement Hounds

Whether or not dogs are allowed at Home Depot is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. Find out why — and whether they'll welcome your pup.

Published December 9, 2023
woman hugging dog while shopping

Some sites list Home Depot as being a pet-friendly store, whereas others say they have a “no pets” policy, which can definitely lead to some confusion. Plot twist: both answers are right.

Home Depot's Pet Policy Differs By Location

Home Depot’s official policy is that only service animals can come into the store. That means if your dog isn’t a trained service dog, you’re out of luck. But before you head home, know that many Home Depot locations have different rules around pets in their stores. Many will allow well-behaved dogs in and even have doggy water bowls set up to keep them well-hydrated.

Phone your local store to ask because you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was. The customer service representative who answered my call exclaimed “Oh yes, we love when our customers bring in dogs!” then reminded me to make sure they’re either on a leash or in a pet stroller. Perfect!

Fast Fact

Home Depot stores in Canada follow a strict no pets policy.

Service Dogs in Home Depot

Seeing eye dog leads a blind person

Service animals are allowed to accompany their owners into any business, including Home Depot stores. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals are “dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.” This includes physical as well as mental disabilities. These working pets are always welcome in Home Depot.

Fast Fact

What About Emotional Support Dogs?

Emotional support animals, on the other hand, aren’t allowed in all Home Depots. Even though these pets provide their owners with valuable comfort and support, they’re not trained to perform specific tasks, which means they’re not allowed everywhere service animals are. Emotional support dogs are only permitted into Home Depot locations that allow all dogs.

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Home Depot

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If you are one of the lucky ones with a pet-friendly Home Depot in your area, go for it! But take these precautions to keep your dog and other patrons safe — and stay on the store's good side!

  1. Bring treats to reward your dog for good behavior.
  2. Keep your dog on a leash at all times.
  3. Make sure your dog is potty trained and well-behaved. 
  4. Clean up after them if they do relieve themselves.
  5. Ensure they're old enough to be out and current on vaccines
  6. If they become stressed, noisy, or cause a ruckus, leave the store.

Not All Dogs Should Visit Home Depot

Keep in mind, no matter what the store policy is, not all dogs will do well in Home Depot stores. If your dog falls under any of these categories, it’s best to leave them at home.

  • Dogs that aren’t good with other dogs
  • Dogs that aren’t good with strangers or being pet
  • Dogs that don’t do well with loud noises
  • Dogs that aren’t housetrained
  • Young puppies that aren’t fully vaccinated
  • Reactive dogs or dogs who are stressed easily
  • Sick dogs

So, is Home Depot Pet-Friendly? Yes and No

Home Depot doesn’t say specifically why dogs aren’t allowed in the stores, but if we had to guess, it’s probably because of safety. With all those large carts and heavy lumber around, it makes sense. If you are able to bring your pet into your local Home Depot, make sure you’re alert and keep a watchful eye on them. That way, you can both have a good time stocking up on supplies.

Home Depot's Dog Policy for Home Improvement Hounds