14 Happy Thanksgiving Horse Memes: A Galloping Good Time!

Wish your buddies a Happy Thanksgiving with horses using these aNAYzing Thanksgiving horse memes and puns.

Published October 19, 2023

If the number one item on your gratitude list this Thanksgiving is “horses,” we get it. Horses are intelligent, empathetic, loyal, and pretty darn comical. Stirrup some laughs at the dinner table or the barn by wishing your buddies a Happy Thanksgiving with horses.

Thankful for Sugar Cubes and You


Horses absolutely love those sweet lumps of sugar. We hope your day is just as sweet.

Hay, Erm... Turkey on the Brain


It might excite the humans about the turkey, mashed potatoes, and other fixings, but it’s all about the hay for these guys.

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me


That’s a lot of blessings, and we do mean A LOT.

Who Are You Calling a Butterball?


Turkeys and horses don’t have a lot in common, but we love the idea of a gobble-galloper!

Whatever Floats Your Gravy Boat


It’s never a bad idea to take your horse out for a nice trot on Thanksgiving, but don’t forget to follow it up with a carrot.

Right Behind You!


You better hurry if you want dibs on the drumstick.

That’s How I Casser-Roll


We can’t think of anything more adorable than horses playing together. Make sure you carve out some time for joy and play this Thanksgiving!

I Use Herd and Shoulders


Maybe she’s barn with it? Maybe it’s neighbelline.

Yay or Neigh?


If a horse’s happy neigh fills your heart with gratitude, you’re definitely a horse person. Welcome to the club.

Galloping With Gratitude


Delicious food? Check. Heartwarming company? Check. Funny Thanksgiving horse memes? Double check. We’d say that’s definitely a successful turkey day!

What Are You Thankful For?


We’re thankful for horse nickers, whinnies, and the way they rest their chin on our shoulders. What’s not to be grateful for when it comes to horses?

Feast Mode: Activated


It’s easy to eat so much turkey you need to wobble around for the rest of the night.

Feeling Lucky and Grateful


Sending you herds of joy this Turkey Day!

Quit Foaling Around That Thanksgiving Table


It’s all fun and games until someone knocks over the basket of rolls….

Thanksgiving Horse Memes You'll Neigh Over


If you love haylarious Thanksgiving jokes, it’s impossible to just quit cold turkey. And why should you? Happy Thanksgiving horse memes and puns can brighten anyone’s day, so send them to the special horse lover in your life. You will sure get a whinny out of them!

14 Happy Thanksgiving Horse Memes: A Galloping Good Time!