11 Happy Thanksgiving Dog Memes for Maximum Tail-Wags

These howlarious "Happy Thanksgiving" dog memes are guaranteed to fetch plenty of smiles.

Published October 30, 2023

Every holiday table needs a side of cornbread and a big helping of corny Thanksgiving dog memes. Why? They’re the tur-key to a doggone great celebration! Send one to long-distance loved ones as a way to wish them a yappy Thanksgiving with dogs or share them at the table to fetch some giggles. Everyone will be thankful you did.

Paws and Reflect


Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all the incredible things in your life. This sweet pup wants to remind you that dogs and pies should definitely be at the top of your list.

Oven and Chill


On Thanksgiving, dogs may be watching something else while you watch the National Dog Show. Can’t say we blame them!

Turkey Trot Like It's Hot


We think these two have really found their calling, along with the tur-key to our hearts. Too cute! 

Have a Warm and Fuzzy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without you because you’re doggone amazing! 

I’m Sweeter Than Pie


This little one will be happy to know that pumpkin can be good for dogs! But no pie for you. Sorry, buddy, it’ll give you autumn-y ache.

Have a Barking Good Holiday


Whether your loved ones are near or far, a cute Thanksgiving dog meme will undoubtedly put a smile on their faces.  

Kids and Dogs Are Peas in a Pod


Uh oh! As much as your pooch would love to load up on Thanksgiving table scraps, you’ll both regret it later. Make them their own plate with these dog-safe Thanksgiving foods instead.

Not That Stuffing…


We definitely meant turkey stuffing, not couch stuffing. Thanks for trying to help, though!

Turkey Coma


Even this cutie gobbled until they wobbled, and now they’re ready for a nap.

There’s Nothing Like a Post-Turkey Nap


This doggo understands that on Thanksgiving, eating is a sport, and a nap is the victory lap!

What a Tail-Wagging Time


May your Thanksgiving be as sweet as this corgi.

We’re Thankful for Thanksgiving Dog Memes


If you have a special dog lover in your life, there’s no doubt you’re grateful for them. Bring a wag to their tail and a giggle to their snout with a howlarious dog meme on Thanksgiving Day or anytime throughout the holidays. They’re sure to appreciate the thought and return the gesture.

11 Happy Thanksgiving Dog Memes for Maximum Tail-Wags