10 Cute Pet Snakes That Prove Reptiles Are Adorable Too

Want a pet snake that's cute as a button? Pick one of these sweet species that'll give you the warm fuzzies.

Published April 8, 2023

Cutest Snakes for Pets


Some people might consider a "cute snake" an oxymoron, but we think these slithery companions are stinkin' adorable. Snakes have tons of charming qualities, from their expressive eyes to their curious personalities and the way they flick their tongues (don't even get us started on their cute tongues). We've assembled the 11 cutest snake breeds to give you a little surge of serotonin or maybe even inspire your next pet.

1. Albino Corn Snake


Baby corn snakes on their own are adorable, but an albino baby corn snake? Cuteness overload. Albino snakes aren't pure white, like many people might think. They just lack dark pigment, so they have shades of orange, pink, and yellow. All albino snakes have red eyes, just like this little cutie. We can't get enough of that precious face.

Need to Know

Albino corn snakes are suitable for: Beginners.

Albino corn snake considerations: These snakes can reach between 3 and 5 feet long, which makes them one of the smaller pet snakes out there.

2. Western Hognose Snake


Hognose snakes, sometimes referred to as "hoggies," earned their names because of their cute upturned nose. But it's not just for looks. The shape of their snout allows them to dig and burrow in the ground. Hoggies are popular pet snakes because they're docile and fairly easy to keep. Plus, they are undeniably cute.

Need to Know

Hognose snakes are suitable for: Beginners.

Hognose snake considerations: Although they rarely bite, hognose snakes do secrete a mild venom, which can kill small animals, but is harmless to people.

3. Garter Snake


Can you get any cuter than a garter snake covered in duckweed? Garter snakes make great pets because they're docile, harmless, and stay small. Even though you can find wild garter snakes all across North America, if you want one as a pet, you should purchase a tame snake that's been raised as a pet. And as this photo illustrates, garter snakes can swim!

Need to Know

Garter snakes are suitable for: Beginners.

Garter snake considerations: If your garter snake gets spooked, it can "musk" on you, which is where it discharges a smelly substance.

4. Gold Dust Ball Python


"Oh, hi there!" Peek-a-boo is definitely more fun when a cute pet snake is involved, like this gorgeous gold dust ball python. Ball pythons are one of the most popular beginner snakes for many reasons. They are gentle, calm, easy to care for, and come in thousands of different color and pattern variations, called morphs. This cutie is a gold dust morph.

Need to Know

Gold dust ball pythons are suitable for: Beginners.

Gold dust ball python considerations: Ball pythons are known for being picky eaters in captivity.

5. Rough Green Snake


We love this cute green snake because they have such expressive eyes. The species is referred to as "rough" because their scales are angled. And here's a fun fact: these cute snakes can climb trees! Even though the rough green snake is non-venomous, they do not like being handled and can become stressed easily, so they're not a good choice for beginners.

Need to Know

Rough green snakes are suitable for: Intermediate to experienced keepers.

Rough green snake considerations: This species is very shy and does not like being handled.

6. Egg-eating Snake


This sweet egg-eating snake just enjoyed a big lunch of - you guessed it - egg! In addition to being cute, they're also quirky because this snake species eat a diet that's made up entirely of eggs. Aside from their strict diet, the egg-eating snake is docile and undemanding.

Need to Know

Egg-eating snakes are suitable for: Intermediate keepers.

Egg-eating snake considerations: These snakes have a very unique diet, which can be challenging for some owners.

7. Blunthead Tree Snake


With such a slender body and big, round eyes, the blunthead tree snake is a sight to see. If that's not cute, we don't know what is. They are climbing snakes that spend most of their lives up in tropical trees. They are not often kept as pets because they need a very specific arboreal habitat and eat a special diet made up of lizards and frogs.

Need to Know

Blunthead tree snakes are suitable for: Experience keepers only.

Blunthead tree snake considerations: These snakes are mildly venomous, though they're harmless to humans.

8. Banana Ball Python


No, it's not a banana, although you're close; it's a banana ball python, which is a special morph that gives the snake that adorable pale-yellow color. And guess what: as these snakes age, they develop dark spots or freckles on their body in much the same way that bananas develop black spots with time. What a perfect name for this cute snake color variation.

Need to Know

Banana ball pythons are suited for: Beginners.

Banana ball python considerations: Ball pythons are great starter snakes for novice snake-keepers or older children.

9. Long-nosed Whip Snake


This cute snake's appearance makes it look like it's still waking up from a nap, though that's just how they look all the time. The long-nosed whip snake is native to Sri Lanka and has a slender nose and eyes with horizontal pupils. It's certainly unique and equally adorable.

Need to Know

Long-nosed whip snakes are suitable for: Experienced keepers only.

Long-nosed whip snake considerations: These snakes are known for being escape artists and can be difficult to keep as pets.

10. Scarlet Kingsnake


What's black and yellow and red all over? A scarlet kingsnake! There are several species of kingsnakes that make great pets, though we think the scarlet kingsnake is the cutest. They stay small at around 14 to 18 inches long and are generally even-tempered and gentle. Just know these colorful cutie pies like to escape their enclosures, so you'll need a very secure terrarium.

Need to Know

Scarlet kingsnakes are suitable for: Intermediate keepers.

Scarlet kingsnake considerations: Scarlet kingsnakes can live 20 to 30 years.

Consider One of These Cute Snakes as a Pet


With so many cute choices to pick from, you might have a hard time deciding which pet snake you'd like to take home. Make your decision based on your level of experience with snakes as well as the room you have available for an enclosure. Some of these cuties can grow as big as 6 feet long. Read up on what to expect, so you can set yourself and your cute pet snake up for a happy and healthy life together.

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