Christmas Cat Memes & Salutations Just Purrrfect for Sharing

Got a cat lover in your life? Christmas cat memes are the purrfect way to wish fellow cat lovers a very merry Christmas — ahem, Catmas.

Published November 17, 2023

Unleash the festive feline fun! Share a giggle or spread some Meowy Catmas cheer with a collection of Christmas cat memes that are guaranteed to whisker you away into the holiday spirit. From mischievous cats plotting against the decorations to adorable furballs donning elf costumes, these memes capture the essence of the season with a paw-sitively delightful twist.

Purrfect Elf on the Shelf

In the ultimate act of begrudging holiday participation, this cat reluctantly sports an elf costume, its eyes saying, 'Do we really have to do this?' in a language only fellow pet owners can understand.

Who Needs Slippers?

May your toes stay warm and your heart remain full! Cats absolutely love sleeping on their owners' feet and legs, and fun fact: it's actually a huge honor when they do that! So embrace the furry foot warmers this holiday season and year-round. 

Cat vs. Presents

According to him, all Christmas gifts should be redirected his way because, let's be real, the world needs more of his majestic presence and less of the usual festive chaos.

Purrfectly Undecked Halls

Can you blame cats for thinking these enticing, hanging things are toys we put up just for them?

Purrs and Presents Under the Tree

Cuddling up with your feline friend next to the Christmas tree is just something extra special. Pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa to enjoy and make them a little catnip tea. Night absolutely made. 

The Great Christmas Tree Takedown

Those are definitely the faces of innocent kitties. NOT.

Making a List & Checking it Twice

Tolerating those antlers definitely puts this cutie on the top of Santa’s nice list. We can’t say the same for their parent who put them in it, though… 

Warm Wishes & Purrs

Resting grump face, but a heart full of purrs.

Holiday Cat Naps for Everyone!

After all that shopping, baking, and wrapping, we’re all ready for a cat nap after the holidays. 

Quick Tip

Cats sleep an average of 12 to 18 hours or more per day! That's an awful lot of beauty sleep. 

Mischief In the Making

When your cat's master plan involves a strategic assault on the decorations. #HolidayHeist

Cat Christmas Tree Memes You’ll Find Hissterical

Want to wish your friends a happy holiday, but cat's got your tongue? Any cat lover would appreciate a funny (or punny) salutation that incorporates both Christmas and mischievous kitties. Share the laughs to extend the joy! 

Christmas Cat Memes & Salutations Just Purrrfect for Sharing