50 Cat Trivia Q&As: Purrplexing Puzzles for Curious Cats

Do you have a purrr-fect knowledge of cat breeds? This cat trivia will put your meow-how to the test!

Published January 11, 2024
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Are you the crackerjack of cat facts? Do you think you have what it takes to conquer some real cat trivia? Cat lovers may think they have their feline facts in the bag, but this cat trivia is more challenging than you would think. We aren't kitten! So go ahead, you have nine lives — let's see what you've got!

Captivating Cat Breed Questions & Answers

There are a lot of cat breeds in this world, all with their very own unique and magnificent attributes. The question remains — are you a savant of the species or just a specific breed? This cat trivia can help you to find out!

According to TICA, The International Cat Association, how many cat breeds are officially recognized in the world?


How many color variations do Siamese cats come in?


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What cat breed is a mix of Burmese, Siamese, and Russian Blue cats?


What breed is known as the poodle cat?

Selkirk rex

In the Harry Potter films, what cat breed was Hermoine’s cat Crookshanks?

Red persian

What cat breed played Sassy in the Homeward Bound movies?


Which cat breed inspired the iconic cartoon cat Garfield?

A tabby persian cat

Which cat breed's name means 'white gem'?

Khao manee

If an American curl competes in a cat show, what is the degree threshold that its ear curl must stay in between?

90 to 180 degrees

What breed of cat was Duchess in The Aristocats?

A Turkish angora

What are the most cold-resistant domesticated felines?

Siberian cats

What is the newest recognized breed of domestic cat?

Selkirk rex

Which of these breeds don't have a tail?

  1. Manx
  2. American bobtail
  3. Cymric
  4. All of the above

All of the above

Which cat breed is known as the sausage cat?

The munchkin cat

Which cat breed appears to have no ears?

The Scottish fold

Which breed is the national cat of France?

The chartreux

The Cornish Rex is compared to what two dog breeds?

The whippet and the greyhound

Which Thai cat breed is known as the diamond eye cat?

Khao manee

What cat breed is referred to as temperature-sensitive albinos?


True or False: Sphynx cats are hairless.


kitten trivia challenging you

Amazing Cat Trivia — Can You Believe It?

Some cats are just a cut above the rest. That is why they have ranked as the biggest, smallest, fastest, and most popular. This cat trivia leaps into the leaderboard of the cat world. Do you know these impressive cat stats?

What is considered the most popular cat breed as of 2022?

The ragdoll

What domestic cat breed holds the title for the longest lifespan?


How long did this cat live?

35 years

What is the fastest domestic cat breed?

Egyptian maus

How fast can they run?

~30 mph

The tallest living domestic cat is an impressive 19.1 inches. What breed of cat holds this title?

A savannah cat

The longest tail on a living domestic cat measures 17.58 inches. What breed is the cat?

Silver maine coon 

What is the smallest cat breed in the world?

The singapura

Guinness World Records notes that the most prolific cat in history was a tabby. How many kittens did she produce in her lifetime?


How much did the fattest cat in history weigh?

46 pounds 15 ½ ounces

Need to Know

Himmy, history's fattest cat, lived for 10 years and 4 months, which is impressive for his size, but it is important to remember that you should always prioritize your pet's health above gaining titles. 

Black Cat Trivia That is Anything But Bad Luck

Black cat chilling on a gray sofa at home

Black cats get a bad rap, but they're a pretty impressive breed. Can you pass this round of cat trivia, or does the black cat have your tongue? 

How many cat breeds can have a solid black coat?


What is the only true black cat breed?

Bombay cats

True or false: Black cats can change color.


In which month do we celebrate National Black Cat Appreciation Day?


Which country used to worship black cats?


What causes a black cat's coat to change colors?


Why do black cats almost always have yellow, gold, or amber eyes?

The large amount of melanin in their bodies (which is also why they have black hair)

What is the only black cat breed with blue eyes?

 Ojos azules

What is the name of the black cat in the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus?

Thackery Binx

Why are black cats luckier than any other color of cat?

They have better immune systems

Fast Fact

It turns out that the genes that give black cats their signature color, also give them an immune boost and resistance to certain feline diseases! 

Funny Cat Trivia That Will Surprise and Delight You

Cat taking a selfie

Cats are curious creatures with some interesting traits. This cat trivia may seem hard to believe, but it is true, so let's see if you can guess the right answers!

What makes a cat a true tabby?

The M-shaped marking on their face

What percentage of the day do cats spend sleeping?


What is your cat doing when they suddenly get a look of disbelief?


What can cats eat as a kitten that they can't enjoy as an adult?

Milk (but only cat milk). Cats of all ages are lactose intolerant to cow milk.

If a cat's tail is in the shape of a question mark, what does he probably want to do?


Which state used to have a city with a cat for their honorary mayor?


What is the most common name for a group of cats?

A clowder

Other than a litter, what are the two names for a group of kittens?

A kindle or an intrigue

True or false: Cats have tiny barbs on their tongues made of keratin.


If your cat is male, which front paw will he favor more?

The left

Fast Fact

A study found that male cats tend to favor their left front paw, while females favor their right.

Cat Trivia Can Help You Narrow Down Your Next Furry Friend

Cat trivia isn't just fun, it's also a great way to find out about new cat breeds that might be well-suited for your family! If you are on the fence about getting a feline friend, think about the traits that you love most about cats and then research different breeds to find a furry friend that best fits in with your family!

50 Cat Trivia Q&As: Purrplexing Puzzles for Curious Cats