Are You Like Your Pup? What Your Dog's Breed Says About You

There’s truth to the statement that dogs and their owners are alike. Celebrate your connection to your furry best friend.

Published May 10, 2023

Sometimes, it seems like you and your dog have a lot in common. It's not just your perception; studies suggest that dogs and their owners share several personality traits. We definitely see it. A lot of German Shepherd owners are fiercely loyal, just like their GSDs, and Border Collie parents are usually bursting with energy. So what does your dog breed say about you?

French Bulldog: You Like Your Space

We're not saying you're stubborn, but you probably have some pretty strong opinions. Are we right, Frenchie owner? Independence is your middle name, which is why you often find yourself doing your own thing. It's certainly not a bad thing, but don't forget to lean on the people (and pups!) within your inner circle.

Italian Greyhound: You’re Naturally Nurturing

If you have an Italian Greyhound, you're most likely empathetic. You feel allllll the feels and absorb other people's energy like a sponge. Even though you can be shy at times, you're not afraid to open up to those you feel really comfortable with. Just don't forget to fill your own cup before you help those around you.

German Shepherd Dog: You Are Fiercely Loyal

German Shepherd Dog owners might come off as being ... on the serious side (you have that "resting grouch face" down), but deep down, you're a big softie. You're fiercely loyal to your friends and family and always keep your word. And if anyone threatens your loved ones, all bets are off.

Border Collie: You’re Always on the Go

Border Collie owners have oodles of energy. I mean, you have to in order to keep up with this breed. If something needs to get done, you're on it. Because you're such a smart cookie, you get bored when you're not challenged. Pick up a hobby like knitting or puzzles to give your mind a different kind of workout.

Labrador Retriever: You’re a Big Goofball

As a Labrador Retriever owner, you're kind of a big goofball, and we mean that in the best way possible. You're the ultimate extrovert; at a party, you're the one introducing people to each other and making sure everyone is having a good time. And with you around, there's no question they are.

Golden Retriever: You Work Hard and Play Hard

Golden Retriever owners know how to have fun, but you also know when it's time to get serious. If you had a motto, it would be "work hard, play hard." Sound about right? You get along with just about everyone, and your buddies can trust you to keep their deepest secrets.

Poodle: You Are Creative

Has anyone ever told you that you're an artist? Yeah, we thought so. Poodle owners are creative people who have an eye for style. You'd rather redecorate your kitchen or attend a poetry reading over taking time for a game of fetch. But you also have a mischievous side and love indulging in guilty pleasures like reality TV.

Rottweiler: You’re a Homebody

If you're a Rottweiler owner, you're a bit of a homebody. You'd rather cuddle up on the couch with Netflix, a bowl of Cap'n Crunch, and your Rottie over a get-together any day. When people meet you, they often get the first impression that you're shy or aloof. But you prove them wrong fairly quickly with your silly antics.

What Your Dog Breed Says About You

It can be fun to see just how many personality traits you share with your dog (and studies back these relationships up). Are you both trailblazers? Both loyal and trustworthy? Or do you both share a love of cheese? Embrace all your similarities and differences equally, because they're what make you such a fantastic pair.

Are You Like Your Pup? What Your Dog's Breed Says About You