220+ Wolf Names That Echo the Wilderness

Unleash your wild side and choose a wolf name that dances between mythical mystery, popular shows (like GOT), and more.

Published February 3, 2024
Eurasian wolf is standing in nature habitat in bavarian forest

If you're on the hunt for the perfect wolf name, be it for your adorable new furry companion, your child's latest cuddly stuffed animal, or even a majestic wolf you're sponsoring at the zoo, you've come to the right place.  I've collected a variety of names, from the wonderfully wacky, to Game of Thrones names, to the exceptionally elegant. So, get ready to dive into the playful pool. Who knows, the perfect one might just leap out at you.

Names That Mean Wolf and Wolf-Related Terms

Unleash your inner linguistic adventurer and pick a name that howls with culture and history.

  • Agwang: African for "wolf"
  • Amarog: "Wolf"in Inuit
  • Amoux: An "eagle-like wolf" in French
  • Bardawulf: "Ax wolf" in English
  • Bleddyn: "Wolf" in Welsh
  • Blevine: Welsh for "wolf"
  • Boris: Turkic meaning "wolf"
  • Botolphe: Old German for "wolf"
  • Connery: "Wolf farmer" in Celtic
  • Convel: A Celtic wolf warrior 
  • Faolán: Meaning "little wolf" in Irish mythology
  • Farkas: "Wolf" in Hungarian
  • Gorg: "Wolf" in Iranian
  • Gunnolf: "Fighting wolf" in Norwegian 
  • Ivaylo: Bulgarian for "wolf"
  • Lobo: "Wolf" in Spanish
  • Nashoba: Another name for "wolf"in Native American language
  • Okhmhaka: "Little wolf" in Cheyenne
  • Phelan: "Wolf" in Irish
  • Rudolph: English for "house wolf" or "protector"
  • Tala: "Wolf"in Sioux
  • Ulf: "Wolf"in Scandinavian
  • Ulrich: "Female wolf" in English 
  • Ulmer: "Fame of the wolf" in English
  • Valko: Bulgarian meaning "wolf"
  • Vilkas: "Wolf" in Lithuanian
  • Wulfgar: Wolf-like spear
  • Ze'ev: Hebrew for "wolf"

Game of Thrones Wolf Names

Game of Thrones has swept through America like wildfire, capturing the hearts and imaginations of countless viewers. It's not just a show; it's become a full-blown obsession for many. If you're among the die-hard Game of Thrones fans who eagerly awaited each episode and dissected every plot twist, why not bring a piece of the iconic show to your life by choosing one of the names below?

Huge arctic male wolf very close up
  • Daenerys: The Mother of the Dragons; one of the strongest lead characters
  • Ghost: The white-coated runt claimed by Jon Snow
  • Grey Wind: The grey direwolf given to Robb Stark
  • Lady: A grey female direwolf puppy belonging to Sansa Stark
  • Nymeria: One of the direwolves raised in Game of Thrones
  • Quigly: The wolf that plays Ghost, the direwolf 
  • Shaggy: Play on "Shaggydog" character
  • Shaggydog: The black direwolf puppy Rickon Stark has
  • Stark: The family in GOT that has a wolf sigil
  • Summer: A grey direwolf pup belonging to Bran Stark

Female Wolf Names

Whether you're leaning towards a name that exudes strength and fierceness, captures the wild and untamed essence of a wolf, or reflects the elegant aspects of these majestic creatures, the possibilities are endless.

  • Adalwulfa: "Noble she-wolf" in German
  • Adolfina: "Noble she-wolf" in German
  • Adolphine: Spin off of Adolfina
  • Alpha: Describes the dominant member of a pack of wolves
  • Asena: A she-wolf associated with Orghuz Turkic foundation myth
  • Ashina: Muslim meaning "she-wolf"
  • Bighana: "Wolf" in Central India
  • Channon: "Young wolf" in Irish
  • Daciana: "Wolf" in Romanian
  • Faoiltiama: "Wolf lady" in Irish
  • Larentia: "She wolf" in Latin
  • Louve: "Female wolf" in English, Norman, and Scottish
  • Loveta: French for "Woman who is like a young wolf"
  • Lovota: Italian for "fast wolf"
  • Lowella: "Wolf pup" in old French
  • Luna: Like the moon
  • Lupita: Spanish for "the river of the wolf"
  • Lycaconia: A biblical name meaning "she-wolf"
  • Nisha: Night in Sanskrit, evoking the nocturnal nature of wolves
  • Otsana: "She wolf" in Basque
  • Randelle: "Wolf shield" in German
  • Rieka: Old German for "Power of the wolf" 
  • Ulva: "She-wolf" in Swedish
  • Zeeba: A wolf character in Middle Eastern fables

Male Wolf Names

If your kiddo's little wolf toy or favorite animal at the zoo is a boy, these cool, masculine wolf names could fit perfectly. These names range from strong and bold, echoing the powerful nature of a wolf, to adventurous and spirited, capturing the essence of their wild and free character. 

  • Acwolf: German meaning "wolf from the Oak meadows"
  • Adewulf: German meaning "noble and honorable wolf"
  • Bardou: French name that means "wolf valley"
  • Chann: "Young wolf" in Irish
  • Conri: "Wolf King" in Irish Gaelic
  • Fridolf: "Peaceful wolf" in English
  • Fridolph: A spin-off of Fridolf
  • Gundulf: "The wolf of war" in German
  • Hunter: Reflects the instincts of the wolf
  • Rafe: "The council of the wolf" in German
  • Wolfblade: A fierce, deadly wolf with sharp claws
  • Wolfsbane: A dangerous and deadly wolf, like the plant 
Quick Tip

Use the naming process as a gateway to imaginative stories and playtime adventures for your kiddos — you may even find inspiration for a creative bedtime story! 

Cool Wolf Names

For some kids, the thrill of naming their stuffed wolf toy or the wolf they adore at the zoo is all about picking something that's undeniably cool! It doesn't have to be traditional or typical — it's all about what sounds awesome to them. The beauty of it is that it’s all up to their imagination and what they feel fits their furry friend the best.

  • Garmr: Wolf associated with Hel and Ragnarok
  • Adolphus: "Noble wolf" in German 
  • Bardawulf: "Ax wolf" in English
  • Beorhtwulf: German meaning "like a bear and wolf"
  • Cuthwulf: "Famous wolf" in English
  • Dolph: A spin-off of Adolphus
  • Duko: "Famous wolf" in Croatian
  • Eadwulf: "Wealthy wolf" in Old English
  • Eeriuffi: "Warrior wolf" in Greenlandic
  • Grimmwolf: "Grim wolf" in German
  • Heardwulf: "Hardy wolf" in English
  • Rollin: English for "wolf council"
  • Rudina: German meaning "one who is like the legendary wolf"
  • Scenwulf: German for "the act of the wolf"
  • Sigewulf: German for "a victorious wolf"
  • Tikaani: An elegant name for "wolf warrior" in Persian
  • Vrika: A "male and female wolf" in Sanskrit
  • Wolfgang: German for "path of the wolf"

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Name Ideas From Native American Culture

Native American cultures have long been celebrated for their profound connection with the land and all its elements. They have a deep-rooted respect and understanding for nature, embracing its rhythms and wisdom in a way that truly exemplifies harmony. Within this rich cultural tapestry, wolves hold a special place, often seen as symbols of strength, intelligence, and the deep bonds of community.

Closeup shot of a gray wolf with a fierce look and greenery in the background
  • Ama: Water in Cherokee
  • Catori: Means "spirit" in Hopi
  • Honiahaka: "Little wolf" in Cheyenne
  • Kiyiya: "Howling wolf" in Yakima
  • Maiyun: "Wolf" in Cheyenne
  • Nima: Means "to give"; perfect for a loving dog
  • Sassaba: "The wolf"
  • Tala: "The stalking wolf"
  • Tiva: A dance in Native American culture

More Famous Wolf Names

You might just spot some familiar wolf names that have howled their way off the silver screen and straight into your heart from movies or your favorite TV shows. Think about all those charismatic wolves strutting their stuff in cartoons and films — from the bravest pack leaders to the wisest old wolves, they've definitely left their paw prints in our memories.

  • Akela: The Jungle Book
  • Raksha: The Jungle Book
  • Rama: The Jungle Book
  • Aleu: Balto
  • Jenna: Balto
  • Embry: Twilight
  • Jacob: Twilight
  • Lahote: Twilight
  • Quil: Twilight
  • Aracanine: Pokemon
  • Gmork: The Neverending Story
  • Greyback: Harry Potter
  • Lupin: Harry Potter
  • Hollis: True Blood
  • Nighteyes: The Farseer Trilogy
  • Ralph Wolf: Looney Tunes
  • Riff Raff: Underdog
  • Ruby: Once Upon a Time
  • Two Socks: Dances with Wolves
  • White Fang

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Norse Wolf Names

Imagine naming your zoo wolf (or wolfy dog) after the mighty Fenrir, or choosing a word that embodies the strength and majesty of these mythical tales. Delving into Norse mythology not only provides you with a wide array of beautiful, strong, and mystical names but also connects your wolf to a world of ancient lore and epic adventures.

  • Audolf: "Wolf's friend" in Norse
  • Freki: The other wolf companion of Odin in Norse myths
  • Fenris: A mythical monster wolf in Norse mythology
  • Geri: One of Odin's wolves in Norse mythology
  • Grima: Means "helmet" as is associated with the wolf Fenrir
  • Hati: The mythic wolf pursuing the moon in Norse tales
  • Hroovitnir: The giant beast in Beowulf inspired by Fenrir, the fierce wolf in folklore
  • Ingolf: "Royal wolf" in Old Norse
  • Sigmund: A norse name that means "victory wolf"
  • Sköll: The wolf chasing the sun in Norse lore
  • Ylva: "She-wolf" in Old Norse.

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Mythical Wolf Names

If you find yourself captivated by the allure of Norse mythology, you'll be thrilled to explore a whole world of mythical names beyond just the Norse realm. Dive into the enchanting depths of various mythological traditions, where each culture brings its own unique set of legendary tales and characters.

  • Accalia: The foster mother of Romulus and Remus in Roman legend
  • Ammit: Egyptian diety with body of a lion and head of wolf and crocodile
  • Bardou: A legendary wolf in medieval European stories
  • Bleiz: A wolf character in Breton mythology
  • Hera: The Greek goddess of women
  • Luison: A mythical wolf creature from South American folklore
  • Lupa: The wolf that nursed Romulus and Ramus
  • Lycaon: A king turned into a wolf in Greek mythology
  • Lykaios: A symbol of power over the wolf in mythology
  • Puck: A wolf-like spirit in English mythology
  • Rakshasha: A wolf-like creature in Hindu mythology
  • Vuk: Meaning "wolf" in Slavic mythology
  • Warg: Wolf in mythology
  • Wepwawet: An ancient Egyptian wolf god
Need to Know

English mythology, with its rich narratives and ancient lore, offers a wealth of inspiration, as does the vibrant and diverse world of South American folklore.

White Wolf Names

White wolves, with their mesmerizing creamy-white coats, are a sight to behold. When it comes to naming these radiant creatures, you have a canvas of inspiration from diverse sources like mythology, the natural world, various languages, or traits that you deeply admire.

Closeup shot of a beautiful alaska tundra wolf with a blurred forest in the background
  • Avalanche: A sudden, crashing force of snow
  • Denali: The highest snow-covered mountain peak in the world
  • Diamond: A precious gem
  • Frostbite: When the cold freezes extremities
  • Glacier: A giant formation of ice
  • Hotah: "White" in Sioux tribe 
  • Icicle: Hanging ice
  • Ivory: Creamy white
  • Lightning: A powerful flash of electricity from the sky
  • Nimbus: A type of cloud

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Black or Grey Wolf Names

Grey wolves are often the most commonly encountered color variant, with their iconic and majestic grey coats blending seamlessly into many natural landscapes. On the other hand, black wolves, while not as commonly seen as their grey counterparts, possess a unique and striking beauty that is truly remarkable. The rarity of their lush, dark coats adds an air of mystery and elegance, setting them apart in the world of wolves.

  • Amaruq: "Grey wolf" in Inuit
  • Cole: "Black" in English
  • Greyson: "Grey-haired" in English
  • Griselda: "Grey battle maid" in Scottish
  • Kali: "The black one" in Hindu
  • Kanika: "Black" in Egyptian
  • Melania: "Black" or "dark" in Italian
  • Mingan: "Grey wolf" in Native American
  • Nightstalker: A wolf that is more active at night than others
  • Onyx: A black gemstone
  • Sable: "Black" in English
  • Silverblade: A wolf with a silver or grey coat
Need to Know

Grey wolves are often seen as the iconic representation of a wolf, embodying what many consider to be the true symbol of the wild and untamed wilderness.

Cute Wolf Names

Maybe your kiddo's stuffie wolf isn't all that intimidating or fierce-looking. If their wolf was meant to be a cutie-patootie, check out these names. 

  • Faylen: "Young wolf"
  • Hardulph: "Brave wolf" in Anglo-Saxon
  • Havoc: A good name for a wild dog
  • Hrolf: German for "renowned wolf"
  • Kenneally: "Wolf" in Gaelic 
  • Lovel: "Young wolf" in Old French
  • Lyka: Phillipene name that means "wolf"
  • Lyulph: "Flaming wolf" in English
  • Marrok: A knight thought to be a werewolf in Arthurian legend
  • Ovais: Arabic meaning "little wolf"
  • Ragnulf: Norman for "Advisor wolf;" often used as a Christian name

Japanese Wolf Names

The Japanese culture isn't intimately associated with wolves like the Native American culture is, but there is some belief about spirit animals and reincarnation, which leads to a list of words that are commonly associated with wolves in their culture. 

  • Inukami: Translates to "dog god," AKA the wolf as a spirit animal
  • Kiba: Fang; like the wolf's sharp teeth
  • Moro: The wolf goddess from Japanese folklore
  • Okami: The Japanese word for "wolf," often used in folklore
  • Okina: "Wolf with wisdom and age"
  • Okamikaze: Reflects the wolf as an unstoppable force
  • Ookami: "Giant wolf"
  • Ookaminomikoto: Shows respect to the wolf's spirit
  • Ookaminosuke: "A wolf with a connection"
  • Ookamiryou: This signifies the wolf as a skilled hunter
  • Ooinu: "Big dog" (referencing the wolf)
  • Tsubasa: "The wolf's freedom"

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Names Based on Wolflike Dog Breeds

Some dogs resemble wolves more than others, that's for sure! Not only will this list potentially introduce you to breeds you never knew existed, but it could also give you a one-of-a-kind dog name for your puppy.

Portrait Of Dog Relaxing On Sofa At Home
  • Alsatian: American alsatian
  • Boho: Bohemian shepherd
  • Elkie: Norwegian Elkhound
  • Eskimo: Canadian eskimo dog
  • Greens: Greenland dog
  • Husky: Siberian husky
  • Inuit: Northern Inuit dog
  • Kai: Klee kai
  • Kees: Keeshond
  • King: King shepherd
  • Kita: Akita
  • Kugsha: Amerindian malamute
  • Laika: Yakutian laika
  • Lapphund: Finnish lapphund
  • Mala: Alaskan malamute
  • Pom: Pomsky
  • Rush: Russian caucasian shepherd AKA Russian bear dog
  • Saarloos: Saarloos Wolfdog
  • Sam: Samoyed
  • Seppala: Seppala siberian sleddog
  • Shikoku: Shikoku dog
  • Shiloh: Shiloh shepherd
  • Tamaskan: Tamaskan dog
  • Tona: Utonagan
  • Vallhund: Swedish vallhund
  • Vlcak: Czechoslovakian Vlcak
  • Wolfdog: Czechoslovakian wolfdog

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Picking a Wolf Name

It's super important to me that I emphasize that wolves are not pets and are absolutely not designed for the average person to care for. Caring for a real wolf from the wild requires a background in these wild animals and likely a license, depending on your state. I didn't make a list of names for a real-life wolf in the wilderness, but rather for the wolf you're familiar with at the zoo, your son or daughter's new stuffie, or even your real-life pup who has some fun wolf-y features. These we can love and celebrate so well — while leaving the wildlife to the wilderness. 

220+ Wolf Names That Echo the Wilderness