30 Popular Poodle Mixes: Choosing the One for You

Updated October 16, 2022
Goldendoodle dog sitting for portrait

Many people have heard of labradoodles, and other popular crossbreeds have a Poodle as a parent. In fact, Poodle mixes are some of the most popular crossbreeds. The second parent is typically a recognized purebred. Poodles are available in three sizes; toy, miniature, and standard, so there is a perfect crossbreed match for all pet parents. The size of the resulting crossbreed depends on the size of the poodle.

Popular Poodle Mixes

Whenever pet parents talk about the top family dog breeds, Poodles always make the shortlist. These canines are a perennial favorite with dog lovers. They are intelligent, incredibly loyal, affectionate, and get along well with other breeds. These dogs also come in a wide variety of solid colors.


Cockapoo dog sitting in a path

This crossbreed is perhaps the king of all the Poodle crossbreeds. How can you lose with a combination of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle? They are medium shedders and weigh between 10 and 30 pounds. They are known for being good with kids, which makes them a good choice as family pets. The Cockapoo has a lifespan of 12-15 years, but can live longer if they are well taken care of.


Adult goldendoodle and juvenile standing in front of a white picket fence

Goldendoodles are a mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle. They are easy to groom and do not shed much. They weigh around 50 to 90 pounds. It's important to note that Goldendoodles do not come in just one color; they can be gold, brown, red, or black. They are often fluffy like Poodles but have more energy than other breeds of dogs. They need to be taken for daily walks and given lots of exercise. A fenced yard is recommended for this breed.


Brown Labradoodle sitting for photo

This mix is a combination of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. Labradoodles do not shed much. Depending on the Poodle type, the hybrid weighs between 25 to 75 pounds. Labradoodles are smart dogs who love to be around people. They're usually not aggressive or shy, though, like all dogs, they need to socialize in order to develop proper manners around strangers.


Schnoodle sitting in field of bluebell flowers

Cross a Schnauzer with a Poodle, and you have a schnoodle. Both parent breeds come in three sizes, and you can choose a small (six to 14 pounds), medium (14 to 20 pounds), or large schnoodle (20 to 75 pounds). This mix does not shed a lot, but pet parents need to manage skin problems.


Maltipoo Dogs Running On Field

These cute little dogs are a cross between the Toy Poodle and a Maltese. Maltipoos are low shedders and weigh up to 20 pounds. Maltipoos are a great choice for families with children. They are energetic, playful, and affectionate dogs who love to be around people. They are also very adaptable and can adjust quickly to new situations and environments, making them ideal for living in an apartment or other small space.


Cute face of a Pekapoo dog

The peekapoo is a cross of a Pekingese with a Toy Poodle. This breed does not shed much, but a fair amount of grooming may be necessary. The Peekapoo is a really good choice for someone who wants a dog but doesn't have a lot of time to devote to one. They can be trained fairly quickly, and they are eager learners who love to please their owners.


Pomapoo is pomeranian and poodle mix

This mix is a combination of the Poodle and the Pomeranian. These hybrid dogs are five to 15 pounds and are generally low to medium shedders. Pomapoos are generally good with other dogs and cats, but they're prone to barking at strangers. They don't make good guard dogs because they are too friendly with people.


Shihpoo sitting in grass

Mix a Poodle and a Shih Tzu, and you have the shih-poo. This breed weighs between seven and 20 pounds. The shih-poo is a low shedder. This breed is very playful, friendly, and affectionate. They love being around people and will follow you around the house if you let them! They are also very smart and easy to train as long as you stay consistent with training methods throughout their life.


Westipoo standing on rocky shoreline

This dog is a mix of the West Highland white terrier and the Poodle. Westipoos are 20 to 30 pounds full grown and require a fair amount of brushing, although they are not high shedders. This breed is great for families with kids and other pets, but can also be left alone for long periods of time without getting bored or lonely.


Yorkie-Poo puppy

The Yorkie-poo is a mix of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Toy Poodle. They are about three to four pounds when they reach full size. They do not shed much, but do require regular grooming. Yorkie-Poos are often described as being loyal, affectionate, and intelligent dogs that love to be around people. They tend to be very playful, but they are also happy to spend time alone with their owners if they have something fun to do like playing with toys or going for walks.


Woodle dog posing for camera

This hybrid is a cross between a Wheaten Terrier and a Standard Poodle. Whoodles are between 20 and 45 pounds and are not heavy shedders. The Whoodle is a very intelligent dog that loves to play and be around people. They are very affectionate and make great family pets.

Aussie Doodle

Aussie Doodle is Australian Shepherd Poodle

This doodle is a mix of an Australian shepherd and a standard or miniature Poodle. They are about 25 to 70 pounds and require more than average grooming. Aussiedoodles are intelligent, energetic and playful. They are generally good with children, but can be protective of their owners and may not respond well to strangers or unfamiliar dogs.

Saint Berdoodle

Saint Berdoodle dog

This cross is between a Saint Bernard and a standard Poodle. They reach about 110 to 200 pounds and are not high shedders. Saint Berdoodles are known for their thick, soft coats and their "charming" personalities. They are very social and love being around people, especially children. Saint Berdoodles have a gentle temperament and enjoy playing with other dogs, but they can also be reserved around strangers.


Bordoodle dog

Bordoodles come from breeding a Border Collie to a Poodle. They are 30 to 60 pounds and are low shedders. Bordoodles are intelligent and quick-learning dogs who love to be busy. They're also very social and affectionate. They make great family dogs because they're good with children and other pets.



Boxers and all types of Poodles make up the boxerdoodle. They weigh from 12 to 70 pounds and are low shedders. These dogs are known for being gentle, loving companions that are great with children. They're also known for being very intelligent and easy to train, making them perfect for families who want to bring their pup along on adventures like camping trips!



Sheepadoodles are a mix of standard Poodles and Old English Sheepdogs. They are about 60 to 80 pounds and need a groomer. These dogs are very smart, active, and extremely loyal. They are great with children, but can be protective of their family if they feel threatened.

Irish Doodle

Irish doodles come from Irish Setters and Poodles. They weigh between 40 and 70 pounds and are not heavy shedders. The Irish Doodle loves people and gets along well with other dogs. They are energetic and intelligent animals that need lots of exercise but can be good house pets as well-they just require frequent walks or play time outside to keep them happy!


This crossbreed is a mix of a Basset Hound and Poodle. This hybrid dog weighs about 20 to 30 pounds and sheds a lot. The bassetdoodle tends to have a calm temperament that makes it suitable for families with children or other pets in the home. They will get along well with other dogs as long as they are introduced at an early age so that there aren't any issues later on down the road.


Mini Bernedoodle

The bernedoodle is a crossbreed of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a miniature or standard Poodle. This hybrid weighs between 10 and 90 pounds and is generally low shedding. They are known for their intelligence and loyalty, as well as their eagerness to please their owners. Bernedoodles are easy to train, but they do require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation in order to be happy.

New Designer Poodle Mixes

There are many new and popular designer crossbreeds. The names for these hybrids are whimsical, and the mixes are adorable.


Bichpoo dog

This mix is a crossbreed between the Bichon Frise and miniature or standard Poodle. The bichpoo is a low-shedder and known for being healthier than either of its parents. The hybrid weighs between 20 and 80 pounds. The bichpoo is a great dog for families with children and other pets because of their gentle, loving, and playful nature. They are also an ideal dog for those who live in apartments because they don't need much exercise to stay happy.


Cute doxiepoo puppy looking behind the fence

The doxiepoo is a mix between the Dachshund and Poodle. The average weight is between 10 and 80 pounds. This popular crossbreed is a low-shedder.



This fairly new hybrid is a crossbreed between the Jack Russell Terrier and the Poodle. This crossbreed is known for its hypoallergenic qualities and is a good candidate for allergy sufferers. The weight is between 10 and 80 pounds.


This mix is a combination of a toy or miniature Poodle and a Scottish Terrier. The weight is between 10 and 20 pounds. Typically, this poodle crossbreed does not shed. Scoodles are energetic dogs who love to play outside-you'll rarely find them sitting still! They're also intelligent and easy to train, so if you're looking for a smart, athletic dog whose personality is as fun as it is sweet, look no further than a scoodle!



This crossbreed is a mix between the Bichon Frise and toy Poodle. The poochon is different from the bichpoo as this is the toy hybrid version. This crossbreed weighs between six and 17 pounds. The coats do not shed much. Poochon puppies tend to be very playful and energetic. They need frequent exercise every day to keep up their energy levels throughout the day. Poochons are also very smart dogs which means they will learn new tricks or commands quickly if they are trained properly from an early age!


This hybrid is a mix of the Great Pyrenees and standard Poodle. The breed is known as a low shedder and weighs between 85 and 100 pounds. These dogs love to play outside, but they also enjoy cuddling up inside with their family members. They are great at keeping an eye on things around the house because they are natural watchdogs who will alert you if someone comes knocking at your door or if there's any suspicious activity happening nearby.


The rottle is a mix between the Rottweiler and the Poodle. The adorable hybrid weighs between 60 and 90 pounds. These dogs are low shedders. Rottles are affectionate and fun-loving. They enjoy snuggling up to their people and playing with kids. They're also incredibly intelligent, although their intelligence can result in a stubborn streak.


Pugapoo puppy

This hybrid is a mix between a Pug and a Poodle. The mix does not shed much and weighs between 10 and 30 pounds. This dog makes an excellent companion for families with children because it is playful and loving. The Pugapoo is also one of the best dogs for first-time dog owners because they are easy to care for and don't require much exercise or grooming.


The Weimaraner and Poodle together create the weimardoodle. This hybrid weighs between 45 and 70 pounds. The wavy coat is low shedding. The weimardoodle needs lots of attention and exercise every day, so it's not a good idea to get one if you work long hours or if you live alone most of the time. These dogs need someone who will take them out for walks every day so they can get enough exercise.


Papipoo dog

The papipoo is a mix between the Papillon and Poodle. The papipoos with curly hair are appropriate for allergy sufferers. The hybrid weighs between six and 14 pounds. They are known to be very affectionate and loyal dogs that love to play with children. They are also very easy to train, which makes them a great option for families with kids who want to include their furry friend in their daily activities.


This hybrid is a cross between the Beagle and Poodle. A poogle's weight is between 11 and 25 pounds. The short, wavy coat is low shedding. The poogle was originally bred in China before being brought to America by Chinese immigrants. These days, they're most commonly found in North America, where they've become a popular pet because of their easy-going nature and low maintenance requirements.

Many Poodle Mixes Don't Shed

Most Poodle mixes do not shed fur in the traditional sense, and many people consider all of these mixes to be hypoallergenic. There are no truly hypoallergenic dog breeds, but people with allergies more easily tolerate the poodle's hair.

Many dog owners enjoy the poodle's signature poofs and the top knot, but there are numerous fashionable trims.

Miniature Versus Toy Poodle Mixes

Toy and miniature poodles are both smaller varieties of the standard poodle. The breed standard says a miniature poodle is 15 inches tall or under the shoulder. The toy poodle is no more than 10 inches tall at the shoulder.

Best Poodle Mixes

Pet parents of poodle mixes consider the personality and size of the breed.

  • Many poodle mixes do well with children like cockapoos, Maltipoos, schnoodles, boxerdoodles, labradoodles, and goldendoodles. Saint berdoodles are also good with children but best with older kids.
  • Some good choices for active pet parents are Aussie doodles, bordoodles, goldendoodles, labradoodles, schnoodles, and woodles.
  • Poodles make excellent therapy dogs. Goldendoodles, labradoodles, and cockapoos are known as excellent therapy dog choices.
  • The most popular toy poodle mixes are cockapoos, Maltipoos, peekapoos, pomapoos, schnoodles, Yorki-poos, shi-poos, and chipoos.

Poodle Mixes Are Excellent Family Pets

Some people prefer purebred dogs, while other pet parents feel that crossbreeding helps decrease the risk of hereditary illnesses and conditions appearing in offspring. Just remember, mixed breeds do not display uniform characteristics, and can have traits from either or both parents. This means your mixed dog may be larger, look different, or behave differently than either of its parents. These crossbreeds are all known as affectionate family pets. With so many positive traits, it is no surprise poodle mixes are popular crossbreeds.

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30 Popular Poodle Mixes: Choosing the One for You