Marvelous Morkie Dogs: 18 Small But Mighty Facts

Morkies are a designer dog breed that are sure to steal hearts, but it's important to know the facts before bringing these adorable pups into your home.

Updated December 8, 2023

Introducing the Morkie — a charming mix of Maltese grace and Yorkshire Terrier spunk. These adorable companions aren't just "designer dogs"; they're the perfect blend of elegance and spirited charm, crafted for lap-loving antics and genuine companionship. Forget the fancy titles — when you have a lively, fluffy dynamo by your side, bringing joy and cuddles, it's like having a walking happiness package. That said, Morkies can be prone to certain health issues and have been the focus of many unscrupulous breeders, so get the facts before you add one to your home. 

1. Morkies Are Endless Enthusiasm in a Pocket-Sized Package

Morkies may be pocket-sized, but watch out, they've got a dose of mighty in their pint-sized frames! Beneath those sweet and affectionate vibes, a dash of terrier spunk is ready to spice things up. Think of them as the compact superheroes of the dog world. Yet, beware — without an outlet for their energy and smarts, these little rascals might turn into the bark brigade, champions of mischief, and anxiety aficionados. So, grab your pup's cape, channel that boundless enthusiasm, and let the adventure begin.

2. Morkie Puppies = Mini Marvels

The Morkie pup is born on the mini side, tipping the scales at a mere four to five ounces. Once grown, these little nuggets blossom into full-grown Morkie magic, tipping the scales from a playful four pounds to a not-so-heavy seven pounds. because of their size, these dogs can be fragile, so be sure to play carefully, especially around small children.

3. Morkie Litters Are Pint-Sized Too

Morkie litters are generally small due to the size of the parent breeds, averaging two to five pups.

4. They Take After Their Parent's Health

When it comes to Morkie health, think of them like a mixtape from their folks. To prep for potential issues, it's good to know what health quirks might be in the cards. Yorkie-style, you might encounter slipping kneecaps, a collapsing trachea, liver shunt vibes, or retinal dysplasia. On the Maltese side of things, watch out for retinal atrophy, more liver shunt business, plus a dash of hydrocephalus and respiratory quirks. Talk to your rescue or breeder and make sure any Morkie you're considering has been screened.

5. Morkie Ears Are Some of the Cutest Around

Their adorable ears can be upright, drop-eared, or a delightful mix, adding to the charm of these tiny companions.

6. Morkies Go Through Colorful Transformations

Morkie puppies may undergo a natural color transformation as they grow, following the Yorkie parent's tendency to turn a shiny gunmetal gray and gold upon reaching maturity.

7. They've Got Colorful Personalities and Pups

These charming pups showcase a spectrum of colors, including white, brown, and shades of black and tan. The hues on darker puppies may lighten with maturity, a trait inherited from their Yorkie parent.

8. Morkie Hair Types Can Vary

Morkie pups usually take after their Yorkie parent in color, while white fur Morkies lean towards the Maltese side. The Maltese coat has a cotton-like texture that tends to mat, while the Yorkie has a silkier coat. 

9. But The Playful Personalities Stick Around

Morkies bring a friendly, playful vibe with their active and energetic spirit, making them ideal companions for families with older kids, adults, and seniors who can appreciate their pint-sized charm.

Beneath their cuddly exterior lies a bit of terrier spunk, so gentle, patient, positive training is the key to unlocking their well-behaved side.

10. Be Ready for the Bark

These pint-sized pals are top-notch "alert" dogs. Need a heads-up? Just listen for the Morkie bark — they've got something important to share!

Need to Know

Morkies, like many small dogs, have a vocal streak, especially when feeling anxious when left alone. Proper socialization is crucial for apartment or condo living to ensure a confident and quiet Morkie.

11. BTW — Parti Morkies Are a Real Thing

"Parti Morkies" boast a distinctive multicolored coat that incorporates white in at least one spot, adding an extra flair to their already adorable appearance.

12. They Need Human Connection

Morkies thrive on human connection, so if you're ready for a furry friend that's part playful companion and part adorable shadow, these little ones might steal your heart!

13. And They Can Be a Bit High Maintenance for Grooming

Regardless of coat type, daily brushing, bathing, and trimming are essential to keep these furballs looking their best. For that extra dash of glamour, Morkies should be bathed once or twice a month, and their eye area should be cleaned daily to prevent tear stains, ensuring they always shine bright.

14. But Morkies Have Low-Shed, Low-Dander Coats

Morkies, with their parents' low-shedding traits, are less likely to be big shedders, earning them the label "hypoallergenic" due to their silky hair and reduced allergen potential. While no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, Morkies are known to be less likely to cause issues for allergy sufferers compared to other breeds, thanks to their minimal shedding and silky hair.

15. Morkies Need to Be Handled With Care

Morkie pups may be small and delicate, so treat them like the precious little fluffballs they are. While spirited, they prefer the company of older kids who can handle their tiny awesomeness gently.

16. Watch for Scammers & Unscrupulous Breeders

Unfortunately, the popularity of this mixed breed means that many backyard breeders and puppy mills have started offering these tiny dogs for sale. Check out my favorite Guide on Finding a Responsible Breeder for a lot of great tips on identifying reputable breeders, but no matter what you do, make sure to get copies of any prospective puppy's parent's health screens. Morkies can inherit some serious, and even deadly, conditions from their parents. A reputable breeder will be sure to screen the parents for any of these conditions prior to allowing puppies to be conceived. 

Prices may range from $850 to $3,700, but don't necessarily indicate whether a breeder is reputable or not. Make sure to do your research to avoid getting an unhealthy dog from a tragic breeding facility.

17. Morkie Rescue and Adoption is a Great Option

Of course, adopting a morkie is always a great choice! If you're on the adoption train, check out sites like Petfinder and Adopt a Pet. Since Morkies are unofficial cross-breeds, search under Yorkshire Terrier or Maltese — you might find your perfect Morkie listed as a Maltese X or Yorkshire Terrier X!

18. They'll Steal A Little Piece of Your Heart

With the maltese and yorkie characteristics, it's no wonder that morkies have become such a favorite. Their portability and sweet personalities make them compatible with a variety of lifestyles, but it's important to remember that tiny can also mean fragile and popular can mean the quest to get a healthy morkie might take a while. I'm always a fan of becoming a doggy foster parent for a local shelter or breed rescue. This can help give you the most information about your prospective pup before you officially adopt — and you'd be helping a morkie in need find a home. Truly a win-win! 

Marvelous Morkie Dogs: 18 Small But Mighty Facts