10 Unusual Gifts for Dog Lovers

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People who spend a lot of time with dogs know they are fun, loving, and loyal creatures. Dog lovers have a special sense of appreciation for man's best friend, and getting them a unique present that reflects their interests is sure to be a hit.

10 Unique Gifts for Dog Lovers

Enjoy this list of ten unusual gifts for dog lovers.

1. Custom Nose Print Necklace

Everyone loves a puppy dog nose, and you can make a dog's snout last forever with a nose print necklace. Once you place your order, the artist will send you a mold kit to use on the dog's nose. When you send the mold back to her, she will construct a unique sterling silver necklace with an imprint of your dog's nose, and she'll even engrave the dog's name on the back. The dog nose necklace makes a sentimental and unique gift for those who treat their dogs like their children. Prices are based on size and range from about $200 to $300.

Custom Nose Print Necklaces
Custom Nose Print Necklaces

2. Dog Terrarium

Terrariums are one of the hottest household items right now, and you can combine this trend with a love of dogs with a terrarium's very own Akita inu! Choose the dog breed you'd like that will sit among living moss and rocks. The terrarium comes assembled in the jar, so there's no work involved, and the dog is packaged separately so you can decide where he sits. The entire set is available for around $40.

3. Boston Terrier Earrings

For dog-loving hipsters, these Boston terrier earrings are a trendy way to express their passion. Realistic pictures of an adorable pup are on display in the front with gold backs and a metal stem. For just under $13, this makes a fashionable gift that won't put a dent in your wallet.

4. Dog Breed Door Knocker

What better way to announce to the world the home behind this door knocker loves dogs? This piece is made of bronze and can be ordered in several dog breeds, all of them fancy and regal. Prices begin around $130, and you can add a patina finish for $15 more. This custom made knocker is a bold gift suited for a bold dog owner.

5. Dachshund Letter Organizer

Who says a love for dogs has to stop during work hours? This ceramic Dachshund letter organizer is fun and practical, helping to organize your desk with gold slots for papers in its long torso. There's even a slot for your pen on its bottom, giving the wiener dog a tail! This is a funny yet helpful gift for under $18.

6. Dog Blueprints

These 1950s inspired "dog blueprints" provide entertainment while serving as an informative display piece of the makeup of a specific breed of dog. There are an array of breeds available, with each blueprint explaining the origins, history, size, and temperament of the breed. This gift sells for around $185, regardless of the dog breed you choose.

Dog Blueprints
Dog Blueprints

7. Pug Blind Box Figurines for Glasses

Thesetiny pug figurines are perfect for the quirky dog lover. Each plastic pug is resting in a different, funny position, and they all fit on the edge of a glass. The figures can be used to differentiate drinks at a party, much like a wine charm. Each figure is sold separately for under $10 per piece, and it's a mystery which one you'll receive!

8. Underwater Dogs Book

Photographer Seth Casteel created a new, fun way to catch dogs in their glory - while they're swimming underwater! This hardcover book is full of funny photos that will make any dog lover's heart smile. Give your dog-loving friend a new way to appreciate dogs from a unique perspective. This book is available at Barnes and Noble for about $20.

Underwater Dogs Book
Underwater Dogs Book

9. Dog Doormat

Sometimes it's better to give a fair warning before letting someone into a house full of excited dogs. This handmade doormat is a great gift for someone who owns multiple dogs or always has a house full of rescue dogs they're fostering. The doormat is available on Etsy for around $50.

Dog Doormat
Dog Doormat

10. Pet Glo Portrait

Make someone's dog into pop art with a Pet Glo Portrait. All that's required is a photo of the dog submitted on the Pet Glo Portrait website. A real artist based in Florida will create the dog's portrait in electrifying colors using digital and mixed media that mimics real brush strokes. You can choose between art quality paper (included in the price) or canvas for an additional $19. Hanging hardware is included to make it a hassle-free present. For around $225 you can give a unique and personal gift, and a portrait that any proud dog owner would love to display.

Celebrate Man's Best Friend

This year, don't revert to any old gift for your canine-loving pals. Choose a gift they'd never think of buying themselves. If you know someone who truly loves dogs, any of these unusual presents would make a great gift this holiday season.

10 Unusual Gifts for Dog Lovers