Step Away Slowly: Hilarious Reasons Not to Get a Second Cat

If you're looking for reasons not to get a second cat, we're here to help. (Spoiler: You're probably going to get one anyway!)

Updated January 2, 2024
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You and your cat are happy together, and there are plenty of reasons you shouldn't get another cat... or are there? Adding another feline to the dynamic would be ridiculous, right? In case you're pondering this extremely important life decision, here are all the reasons that you should stick to your guns, preserving both your sanity and that of your kitty pal.

1. You Won't Get Anything Done

Anytime your cat crawls into your lap, you're absolutely immobilized. Need a refill of coffee? It'll have to wait until the cat moves. Your leg fell asleep 20 minutes ago? But the kitty is so cute and comfy. Can you imagine two cats on your lap? You'd never get anything done (or leave the house for that matter). 

2. Your Couch Just Recovered From Your First Cat's Redecorating 

Scratching is a natural cat behavior, and there’s usually a bit of a learning curve when teaching your cat where they should and shouldn’t scratch. Your first cat sunk their claws into your curtains, couch, and upholstered headboard. Can they handle cat #2? At least the shabby chic look never goes out of style.  

3. You’ve Run Out of Clever Cat Names

Two Ragdoll Cats Sitting at a Door

After a lot of deliberation, you finally chose your first cat's name, and it is a good one. How will you ever top that? You could always give your second cat the same name with "Jr." or "II," but that would just be confusing. 

4. You Prefer Solo Serenades, Not Duets

You know your cat's 6am vocal performance ("Aria Cat in G Major: Where's My Grub?") by heart. It's become part of your routine, and your day doesn't feel the same without it. The addition of a second cat could ruin the harmony. Plus, duets just aren't your thing. 

5. Your New Cat Might Become an Influencer and Outshine Your First Child

It's entirely possible a video of your second cat could go viral and launch them into kitty influencer status. This newfound fame would make your first cat understandably jealous.

6. Cats Might Actually Achieve World Domination 

Two Cute Tabby Cats Playing A Game On A Tablet.

You've seen your cat stare you down when they think you're not looking. It's no secret cats are constantly plotting world domination (haven't you seen the movie Cats & Dogs?!). Providing your cat with a second in command could be exactly what they need to put their plan into motion. For the sake of all humankind, it's best for everyone if you stick with just one cat. 

7. You'll Get Double the Feline Judgment

You know that look on your cat's face when they catch you singing in the shower? Now imagine that, times two. 

8. The Adoption Truth Might Shatter Your Cat's Delicate Feline Ego

Adopting a second cat might let your current cat in on the secret that they're adopted too — and then you'll have to do the whole thing about explaining that you love them no matter where they came from. Is your cat really ready for that? I think not.

9. It'll Breach Your "No Sibling Rivalry" Clause

Two cat enjoying the sunshine

Of course, if your cat already knows the truth, they're probably patiently expecting the 'No Sibling Rivalry' clause to materialize from the mysterious document it believes you signed. In the feline realm of diplomacy, your cat had envisioned a solo rule with no contenders for the throne. The introduction of a second cat would, in its regal perspective, be a blatant breach of the implied agreement.

10. Your Breakfast Alarms Will Be Twice as Loud

Picture this: as the sun peeks over the horizon, your first cat, acting as the unofficial ambassador of the breakfast committee, initiates a synchronized wake-up routine with the second cat. Their combined efforts might include tag-teaming pounces, coordinated meowing, and a strategic placement near your head. The result? A symphony of feline alarm clocks that you, the unwitting human, must now navigate.

You Definitely Shouldn't Get Another Cat (Wink, Wink) 

You're definitely not going to get another cat because the risks are just too high, right? The idea of world domination alone is terrifying, but the thought of naming this new little thing and having to deal with not one but two cats cuddling up on your lap is too much to bear. But if you've made up your mind about rescuing a second cat and decide to go against all our very serious and valid reasons, we just hope you're prepared for all the love and kitty biscuits you're going to get in return. Now check out these tips for bringing home your new cat, because you know you're going to get one.

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Step Away Slowly: Hilarious Reasons Not to Get a Second Cat