How to Adopt a Rescued Siberian Cat (& Where to Find One)

While Siberian cats can be difficult to find at shelters, if you check frequently, you are likely to find the perfect one to add to your family.

Updated September 20, 2023
Siberian cat

If you’re considering adopting a Siberian cat, it may surprise you to learn that you can sometimes find this beautiful, rare breed from local Siberian cat rescue organizations. These shelters take on the energetic, affectionate animals if their original owners can no longer care for them, helping put these cats in touch with people who can give them new homes.

Hypoallergenic Cats for Adoption

Cat lovers with allergies are limited in their choices of breeds that could be considered hypoallergenic. Although there's no such thing as a completely allergen-free kitty, a few breeds are less likely to produce the same amount of allergens as your average cat. Siberian cats are in this group of cats that often don't bother people with allergies, despite their beautiful long fur. 

1. Siberian Cat Rescue Group

The Siberian Cat Rescue Group is a 501(c)(3) rescue based in Texas. To adopt a cat from them, you first have to fill out an adoption application and then submit it for approval. Once you have been approved by the rescue, they will alert you when a Siberian becomes available. All their cats live in foster homes before being adopted, so the foster parent should be able to provide helpful insight into the cat's personality before adoption. The adoption fee from Siberian Cat Rescue Group is $175.00, plus a $2.00 per day boarding fee beyond your adoption date.

Need to Know

If you meet this organization's criteria and are placed with a cat, they will assist with transportation if you do not live in the area.

2. RescueMe Platform

Searching for Siberians on will show you a map of which states have Siberian cats available for adoption, and how many of them are available. You can click on the state to see specific photos and information about the cat that needs a home. The information available includes personality traits of the cat and whether they get along with other pets. Contact information is available for every individual cat. People seeking homes for their pets and rescue groups post on this site.

3. is a national network of rescues where you can search for Siberian cats to see if there are any shelters or organizations that happen to have them available. Most rescues in the United States post their available pets on Petfinder. Photos and detailed information about the cat are usually available, allowing potential adopters to see if the cat is a good fit for their family.

The Siberian cats posted for adoption on this site are usually from shelters or rescue groups of all kinds that happen to stumble across the breed at a shelter. Sometimes, they come from an owner surrender. However, these groups are typically not Siberian-specific rescues. 

Quick Tip

New cats are listed on the site every day, so check often to see if a Siberian becomes available.

4. Adopt-a-Pet

Adopt-a-Pet is a site similar to Petfinder that lists pets in shelters and rescues across the country. Adopt-a-Pet claims to be the largest listing site for pets available for adoption in the U.S. You can search for Siberian cats based on your location to view photos and detailed information. A nice feature of Adopt-a-Pet is their New Pet Alert system. Since it will probably take you some time to find a Siberian cat in rescue, you can use this feature to receive notices emailed to you when the breed you're looking for is available at a rescue or shelter.

Siberian cat looking up

Verify the Rescue's Legitimacy

Any legitimate rescue group will ask you to fill out an adoption form and will request an adoption fee. This fee is much less than what a breeder charges. Siberian cat prices range from $1,100-$1,700 from a breeder, but a rescue group will probably not ask you for more than $250 unless the cat has special needs.

Forms that should be included with your cat adoption include:

  • Vaccination list: This should include the dates that vaccinations were received.
  • Surgical paperwork: Spay/neuter paperwork
  • List of medications: This may only be provided if you are adopting a cat with special needs. 
  • Microchip: If the cat has a microchip, you should have paperwork outlining how to add your contact information. 

When I adopted my cat, the shelter gave me this adorable folder to bring home that contained all these documents. They also provided a bag of cat food so my new kitty could transition to a new food or I could choose to continue feeding what they were. A reputable organization will provide you with the tools to make the transition as easy as possible. 

Quick Tip

Before you visit a shelter or rescue, see what you can find out about them online through reviews. 

Be Patient While Searching

Siberian cats are not common in rescues, but they do appear. It will just take some time to find your perfect companion. Instead of buying a cat from a breeder, you can rescue a cat for a lower price and give that cat a better life while helping to reduce the number of homeless animals. Rescuing a Siberian cat will be a meaningful experience that both you and your kitty will appreciate.

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How to Adopt a Rescued Siberian Cat (& Where to Find One)