Choices in Feline Pet Carriers

Cat carrier

A feline pet carrier is an essential piece of equipment for a cat owner, ensuring that your cat arrives at his destination happily and safely. Whether you need to go to the vet or across the country, make sure your kitty is safe and secure in the right cat carrier. There are a wide variety of pet carriers available, including hard, soft-sided, wicker and bed-style carriers. Each of these carriers has several advantages for pets and owners alike.

Nature's Miracle Advanced Double-Door Pet Suite

Nature's Miracle Advanced Double Door Pet Suite is a hard plastic carrier with a wire grate across the front. While most hard-plastic carriers have only the door on one end, the Double Door Pet Suite offers a second door at the top of the crate. The carrier holds pets up to 25 pounds, and offers protection against microbes and odors with an optional charcoal filter. This gives your cat a safe, cozy environment.


  • Nature's Miracle Advanced Double Door Pet Suite from PetSmart
    Nature's Miracle Advanced Double Door Pet Suite from PetSmart
    The carrier is closed, which offers a safe, cozy environment for your cat. Most experts agree that animals of all types travel better in dark and enclosed environments as this gives them a sense of security.
  • The additional door helps owners get nervous or crate-opposed animals safely into the crate.
  • The secure lock front door cannot be opened by your cat or by force from an animal pressing on it from the inside.


  • The top door of the crate does not stay open on its own, so if you choose to load your cat this way, you will need a second pair of hands.
  • The sliding locks that secure the carrier once it is shut can be extremely difficult to operate and put together the first time.

APetProject Sojourn Pet Bed

APetProject Sojourn Pet Bed is an old fashioned cat carrier made of wicker with a metal gate across the front. This small, enclosed carrier includes a soft cloth interior and padded bed for cat comfort. It can hold cats up to 16 pounds.


  • This enclosed carrier may help make cats feel more secure.
  • The padded interior makes the carrier feel more comfortable for the cat.
  • The interior is removable and machine washable.


  • Many cats enjoy sharpening their claws on wicker, which may damage the carrier.
  • The carrier has only one door and no additional storage for carrying food or other items.

Bergan Comfort Carrier

The Bergan Comfort Carrier is a soft-sided carrier designed to look like sports bag. The carrier has a mesh top and unzips on both sides for easier loading. It holds cats up to 22 pounds.


  • Bergan Comfort Carrier from
    Bergan Comfort Carrier
    The carrier includes a removable fleece bed for comfort. The bed is machine washable.
  • The carrier includes multiple exterior pockets for toting along medications, cat toys or food.
  • A padded shoulder strap for comfort is included.
  • The carrier is airline compliant.
  • The carrier can be used with a seat belt in cars.


  • While the carrier can hold a cat up to 22 pounds in weight, it may not hold a longer or big-boned cat. The interior dimensions of the carrier are 19 x 10 x 13 inches.
  • The carrier's mesh can be easily chewed or ripped by an anxious cat, which may allow the cat to escape.
  • Mesh carriers allow the cat to see more of what's going on around him, which can make an anxiety-prone cat feel ill at ease.

Roll Around Wheeled Pet Carrier

The Roll Around Wheeled Pet Carrier is a soft-sided carrier with a retractable handle that allow the carrier to be tipped and pulled for moving over long distances. It comes in three sizes, the largest of which can hold a cat up to 21 pounds. The carrier can also convert to a backpack, and can become a safety seat in a car.


  • Roll Around Wheeled Pet Carrier from PetFrenzy
    Roll Around Wheeled Pet Carrier from PetFrenzy
    The retractable handle makes transporting your cat through an airport or with other pieces of luggage fast and easy.
  • The entire carrier is collapsible for easy storage once you reach your destination.
  • The carrier boasts several side pockets for additional storage.
  • The carrier has mesh on three sides for good ventilation.


  • The mesh on three sides may make the cat feel less secure.
  • The carrier is not airline approved.
  • The mesh on the carrier can easily be shredded by an active or nervous cat, allowing the cat to escape.

Sleepypod Bed & Carrier

The Sleepypod Bed & Carrier is a small, circular carrier that has a top that unzips completely from the bottom, allowing your cat to use the bottom as a bed when away from home. It can hold cats up to 15 pounds.


  • The shape and design for the carrier can help make your cat feel more secure, as they can tuck themselves down out of site of the mesh top.
  • The carrier doubles as a car seat for longer trips.
  • The carrier includes a long strap for easier handling.
  • The top can be unzipped completely allowing the cat to use it as a bed at any time.


  • The carrier cannot hold larger cats, or more than one cat at a time. If you need to transport multiple cats, you will require several carriers.
  • The cost of the carrier can be prohibitive, at nearly $170.

Introducing a Cat to His Carrier

Whenever possible, it is useful to get your cat used to his cat carrier before using it for the first time. To introduce your cat to his carrier,

  • Put one of your cat's favorite blankets in the carrier so he is familiar with the smell and feel.
  • Place a couple of interesting toys in the carrier to divert your cat's attention, and perhaps hang a toy from the door.
  • After disinfecting the carrier, ensure that it is rinsed well to remove some of the smell of disinfectant that can remind your cat of the vet.

Remember to purchase a carrier that will accommodate the size of your cat. Most carriers have a recommended size range; purchasing a carrier that is too big may harm your cat if there was an accident, while a too small carrier may make it difficult for your cat to turn around or get comfortable.

Find the Right Carrier

A cat carrier ensures that you and your cat can travel in safety at any time and that both short and long journeys become a pleasure for all concerned. Take the time to find the model that works for you both, so you can both travel in peace and comfort.

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Choices in Feline Pet Carriers