21 Clever Ferret Toys (Including Easy DIYs)

Published August 18, 2020
ferret playing with toys

One of the best qualities of ferrets is their playful nature. Watching them play with toys can provide hours of amusement, whether you're simply observing or participating with them. Finding the right toys for your ferret can help keep them mentally and physically stimulated, happy pets.

Best Ferret Toys

The best ferret toys are ones that engage them in natural behaviors such as tunneling, climbing, and exploring.

Ware Fun Tunnel

Ferrets love tunnels and this tunnel toy stretches out to a full two-and-a-half feet. You can buy more than one and combine them to make a large tunnel adventure for your ferret. One tunnel sells for around $8.

Pop-N-Play Ferret Ball Pit

This fun toy consists of a fabric "pit" with multi-colored plastic balls inside. You place your pet ferret inside, and he can have a blast rolling around and underneath the balls. The sides of the pit have a hole if you want to add in a tunnel for even more ferret fun. The toy sells for about $25.

Pop-N-Play Ball Pit
Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Ball Pit Ferret Toy

Super Thru-Way Tunnel

This ferret tunnel is completely clear so you can watch your ferrets frolicking inside of it. One section runs for 15 feet, and you can combine more than one for an extra-long course throughout your house. It's also compatible with the Pop N Play Ball Pit. It sells for around $18.

Super Thru-Way Toy for Ferrets
Marshall Pet Products Super Thru-Way Toy for Ferrets

Ferret Sport Balls

Ferrets love chasing things, and balls are a perfect toy for this. If you're feeling ambitious, you can even clicker train your ferret to fetch! The Marshall Ferret Sport Balls are made of fleece and come in packs of two. They sell for about $10.

Cat Ball Toys

Another wonderful option for ferrets who love chasing and fetching balls are hard plastic balls made for cats. They're the perfect size for ferrets, and if they're hard plastic, they should be safe from chewing attempts. They also will enjoy crinkly and puffy cat toy balls, but these should only be used in supervised play and not left with the ferret when they're alone, as they're a chance they can shred them and ingest pieces.

Bizzy Balls Cat Toys
Hartz Just For Cats Bizzy Balls Cat Toys

Ferret Swimming Pool

Not every ferret loves water, but for those who do, this foldable pool is the perfect size for a ferret who wants to take a dip on a hot day. It can also be used as a play pit with the addition of some balls, and as a bathing tub during bath time. It sells for about $35.

Ferret Chew Toys

Chewing is a natural behavior for ferrets, and they need appropriate items to chew on. This will prevent them from chewing on your furniture and belongings and improve their mental and dental health.

Himalayan Salt Chews

A chunk of Himalayan salt on a rope is a great chew toy for a ferret. The salt piece can be hung from the cage so your ferret can climb around to get to it. The toy provides not only a chewing outlet but beneficial minerals. It sells for a little under $2.

Apple Stick Bundle

Made by Oxbow, this chew toy consists of a bundle of natural-looking "sticks" that are safe for your ferret to chew on. You can put them in a pile on your ferret's bedding or tie them to the cage wires so more effort needs to be expended to get at the sticks. A bundle sells for about $5.

Apple Stick Bundle
Oxbow Enriched Life Apple Stick Bundle for Small Animals

Chew Sticks

These chew sticks come in a variety of fruit flavors and bright colors. You can simply toss them to your ferret, or bury them, or hang them around the cage for more physical activity. They sell for about $3.

Cholla Wood

This type of wood derived from the dried cholla cactus is excellent for small animals like ferrets because it's soft and edible. In addition to fulfilling their chewing needs, you can arrange them around the cage so the ferret can climb on and around them for additional fun. A pack of 6 pieces is about $7.

Ferret Toys for Cages

Some toys work best in a ferret's cage and are great for times when you need your ferret to amuse himself while you're at work.

Bungee Ferret Toy

This cute ferret toy is designed to hang from the top of your cage. Your ferret can have a blast trying to jump up and catch the dangling duck and watching it bounce with the cord's bungee action. It sells for about $8.

You & Me Crinkle Sack

This small animal hideaway serves the dual purpose of a cozy spot for your ferret to sleep in, as well as a crinkly environment to roll around in. Your ferret will enjoy snuggling in here when he's tired and darting in and out to enjoy the noises it makes when he's looking for fun. The sack sells for about $10.

Ware Hang-N-Tunnel

The Ware Bad to the Bone Hang-N-Tunnel doubles as a sleeping spot and a playful obstacle for your ferret. The tunnel can be clipped to the sides of the cage so your ferret can enjoy jumping in and out of it, as well as lounging when he's tired himself out. It sells for around $12.

Ware Hang-N-Tunnel
Ware Hang-N-Tunnel LRG Assorted 36

Cotton Rope Net

The Niteangel Small Animal Activity Cotton Rope Net is a durable toy that attaches to the sides of the cage with metal clips. They provide the perfect surface for ferrets to enjoy stretching their legs and climbing, and you can attach multiple ones in the cage to create a "jungle gym" for your ferret. They can also double as a hammock when your first is ready for a nap. They come in purple and green and sell for about $12.

DIY Ferret Toys

Ferret toys are quite easy to make on your own and for a minimal budget. Considering their intelligent and inquisitive nature, almost anything can be made into a ferret toy.

Cardboard Boxes

Much like cats, ferrets love cardboard boxes. They're fun for climbing in and out of, hiding in, and chewing. Grab a bunch of cardboard boxes and stack them to make a ferret obstacle course, and you can even cut some holes in them with scissors and add some plastic tunnel toys for a very fun adventure for your ferret.

Paper Bags

Another cheap but fun item is paper grocery bags or lawn clipping bags. These are tons of fun for ferrets to run in and out of and once they're ripped up, you can simply toss them in your recycling bin and give them a new one. Throw some treats into the bags or some small ball toys and watch your ferret go nuts chasing them in and out.

PVC Pipe Tunnels

If you want to make your own tunnels for your ferret, you can do so with PVC pipes that are large enough for your ferret to fit in. You can buy a few elbow brackets to make tunnels that change direction and a pair of PVC pipe cutters to size them to your liking. Another similar option is using cardboard mailing tubes.

Fishing Wand Toys

Ferrets love jumping and landing on objects, which is a form of natural hunting behavior. You can buy cat wand and fishing pole toys at a pet store, but it's easy to make your own. You can get a long dowel or stick, some leather cord, and some decorative items at your local craft store. Some decorations you can add to stimulate your ferret's interest are feathers, crinkly paper, bells, or multiple strips of leather cord or heavy-duty string. You can even attach a small animal toy like a mouse made for cats.

Digging Box

Another natural ferret behavior is digging and having a dedicated safe space where they can dig will be lots of fun for your ferret. Use a cardboard box or build a simple one with some wood. You can fill it with items that are safe for your ferret to dig in, such as strips of paper, fleece or other fabrics, ping pong balls, beans, rice, or even oatmeal. Hide some treats and toys in and encourage your ferret to dig around and find them.

Fabric Pile

Another behavior related to digging is burrowing and tunneling, which ferrets love. You can make a pile using old clothing, pillow cases, unused small blankets or throws, or any other type of soft material. Bunch them up together and hide some treats in them. Your ferret will have a great time playing in the pile.

Sock Dangling Toy

This is an inexpensive toy that's fun for cage entertainment. Take an old sock and put a bean bag or a small ball inside, such as a golf, ping pong, tennis, or cat-toy ball. Tie the end of the sock in a knot and then attach the sock to the top of the cage with some leather cord or wire. Your ferret will enjoy jumping on the sock and trying to bat around the ball and pull it down. You can increase the fun by adding decorations to the outside of the stock to spark your ferret's interest, such as feathers sewn on with string.

Choosing and Making Toys for Your Ferret

When choosing to buy ferret toys or make your own, always work with materials that are safe for your ferret. Avoid using anything they can break off and accidentally swallow when they're chewing. Look for toys that will work to stimulate the ferret's natural behavior, including pouncing, jumping, climbing, and burrowing.

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21 Clever Ferret Toys (Including Easy DIYs)