Leopard Gecko Facts: A Little Lizard With a Big Personality

Published April 1, 2021
Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are fun and beautiful reptiles. They are fast becoming popular pets among families because they are relatively easy to maintain and so much fun to watch grow. These interesting leopard gecko facts highlight exactly why the world can not get enough of these little guys with big-time personalities.

Fascinating Leopard Gecko Facts About Their Anatomy

Leopard geckos are unusual lizards, and it starts with the way they are built. They are different from other geckos in more than one way. Check out these leopard gecko fun facts about their anatomy.

They Have Something Other Geckos Don't

Many geckos do not have eyelids, but the leopard gecko does. Its eyelids are translucent and can do something pretty special. The leopard gecko can move its eyelids, allowing it to blink and even close its eyes when it sleeps.

They Can Regrow Their Tails

The leopard gecko can regrow its tail should it lose one to a predator or the environment. The removable tail allows animals like the gecko to escape quickly should it ever find itself in the claws of a hungry animal. Unfortunately, the leopard gecko stores fat reserves in its tail, meaning that when the tail goes missing, so does a wealth of stored nutrients.

They Lack Sticky Toes

Many geckos have sticky toes, which allow them to move up objects in a vertical direction. The leopard gecko doesn't have sticky toes, so it can't scurry up a wall. So they got the eyelids but missed out on the sticky feet. You can't have it all, leopard gecko!

Leopard Geckos Have Super Vision

The leopard gecko has better eyesight than many other gecko breeds. This little guy has vision that is so good it has been compared to that of a cat's vision.

They've Got Pearly Whites Galore

Leopard geckos have a whopping 100 teeth! Their teeny, tiny teeth grow in and push the old teeth out. This process continuously occurs throughout their lifespan.

Young boy looking at pet leopard gecko resting on shoulder

More Leopard Gecko Fun Facts

Of course, their unique anatomy isn't the only thing going for the leopard gecko. These fun facts tell you about their behavior, diet, and more.

Leopard Geckos Are Nocturnal

Geckos are completely nocturnal, meaning they forage for food and move during the nighttime hours and sleep when the sun is out. Anyone who owns one of these creatures will tell you that keeping them in a bedroom is not the best choice for a good night's sleep.

They Eat a Strange Meal

Leopard geckos will feast on the skin that they shed. This is a way of removing any lingering scent from predators who may be tracking them. When they get rid of the removed skin, they get rid of the animal's scent. Pretty smart creature there!

Leopard Geckos Are Shakers and Movers

Those who have seen a leopard gecko in action may have noticed that it occasionally shakes its tail back and forth. This little creature will wave its tail around when it is hunting, in the mating mood, or when they are trying to defend what is theirs.

Temperature Determines Gender

The leopard gecko lacks sex chromosomes. Whether a girl or boy gecko is born depends on the temperature at which the egg incubates. 80-degree temperatures will result in female geckos. Temperatures around 87 degrees can result in a male or female and eggs that incubate in 90-degree heat will result in males being born.

They Have Wonderful Dispositions

Leopard geckos have a lot of wonderful traits and qualities, including their beautiful coatings and their easy-to-maintain lifestyle. Many people argue that their very best trait is their gentle, docile disposition. Not all lizards emit a warm and cuddly demeanor, but the leopard gecko does!

Leopard Geckos Bark

Almost all geckos make some sort of vocalization. The leopard gecko makes a small barking noise when he feels threatened by something. Can you think of anything cuter than a little barking lizard?

It's First of It's Kind

The leopard gecko is a cool pet and is considered quite common. It is estimated that some 3 million leopard geckos have been bred in captivity for use of pet ownership. The leopard gecko is recognized as the very first domesticated lizard.

They Have Specific Active Periods

Leopard geckos have specific periods during the daytime where they are most active. They tend to go into the world, explore and hunt during dusk hours and during dawn hours. These are the most common times for geckos to be seen roaming about in the wild.

They're Solitary Animals

You won't find a family of geckos hanging out and dining together or hunting in packs. Leopard geckos are solitary animals. They roam alone in the wild, and it is discouraged to keep several leopard geckos in a single cage should they live in captivity.

Leopard gecko

Leopard Geckos Have a Specific Diet

Leopard geckos are pretty specific in their dietary needs. They feast on crickets and only eat 4-5 times per week. People have tried to feed fruits and veggies to their geckos, but this won't take.

Lovable Lizards

There is truly so much to love about the leopard geckos. They are fascinating animals to observe in the wild, and they make great starter pets for those trying to get into the lizard game.

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Leopard Gecko Facts: A Little Lizard With a Big Personality