15 Lizards Showing Off Their Tiny Hats & Big Cuteness

These fashion-forward bearded dragons, anoles, and geckos donning adorable hats are sure to make any day better.

Published November 27, 2023

Does you day skink? Want to make it better? Anole a way to cheer you up! No one can resist cute gecko photos or cute bearded dragon pictures! Better yet, we have a whole collection of these irresistible reptiles in adorable hats, along with fun facts about these peculiar little pets. So, go ahead — gecko-ing through these sensational snapshots!

Howdy Partner! Or Should I Say G'day?


Bearded dragons are a lizard that can be found in the driest parts of the Lone Star State, but they are originally from Australia. While their export is illegal, many have made their way to the states, which is why they can be commonly found at pet shops across the nation for purchase.

This is one of the many reasons why folks who are considering adding a pet lizard to their lounge should look for a rescue to find one who needs a good home! Remember, exotic pets sound exciting, but it's always best to leave them to thrive in their natural habitats.

Giddy Yap, Giddy Yap, Giddy Yap, Let's Go!


You likely won't catch any bearded dragons dashing through the snow, but they may give you a run for your money on a warm day. Turns out these leaping lizards are quite fast, reaching speeds up to 9 mph.

Fast Fact

In case you didn't know, the average human can only run between 5 to 5.9 mph.

Twist the Bones and Bend the Back!


Clearly, these little dragons are adorable in any kind of headwear, but their most magical feature is on their face. Their beard is notable not only because they puff it up when angry, threatened, or excited, but also because it changes colors in these moments of frustration. 

Geck’yo Self Ready to Smile!


We had to get you grinning with a cute gecko photo before this next fun fact — turns out that these adorable little critters eat their skin after shedding it. Cue gag face.

While gross, they do this to regain the nutrients they lose when they let go of their skin. It also helps to make sure that no one knows that they are nearby. This is a great defense against predators!

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink


That delightful little tongue is not just for eating. Geckos also use their tongues to clean and moisten their eyes! What is most interesting though is that geckos do this because they don't have eyelids.

That is, except for the cutie you see shown in this pink hat. Leopard geckos are some of the few geckos that have this facial feature. 

Don't Lie...Anole You Love My Pirate Hat


While this little green fellow may or may not be an anole, they can be another great pet. However, they can be hard to catch thanks to their all seeing third eye.

Okay, okay, the third eye can't actually see things like the other two on its face, but this eye "is intrinsically photosensitive, responding to light signals without any help from the lateral eyes." Pretty cool, right?

Dear Santa, This Christmas I Want to Become a Snake


This Christmas wish may not be granted for this gecko, but did you know that there is a type of gecko that is legless? Just like geckos with legs, Pygopodidae lick their eyelids and lay two eggs at a time. They are also not poisonous, but sadly, they are normally misidentified due to their lack of appendages. 

Top O’ the Morning to Ya!


Are you admiring the charming little hat in this cute gecko photo, or is it the pretty yellow-and-white color of its skin? It turns out that the array of color variations that you see in geckos are called morphs. This little lady is a RAPTOR morph, which stands for Red-eye Albino Patternless Tremper ORange.

Let the Races Begin!


Good luck topping this cute gecko photo! And while you may be thinking that this poor little gal might snag her tail on her scooter, there is no need to fear. Leopard geckos have the amazing ability to regrow their tail in as little as a month!

This is all thanks to the stem cells, known as radial glia cells, which allow them to regenerate the appendage. This can give them a secret weapon for escaping their predator's grasp!

Don't Eat Yellow Snow


For those who want an odd fact to go with this cute bearded dragon picture, these lizards don't pee in the traditional sense. Instead, they urate, releasing a solid form of uric acid.

This is actually their way of staying hydrated! As an animal that is used to the dry climate of Australia, this is a fantastic adaptation that may give new pet owners a bit of a scare.

Bundle Up or You Might Catch a Cold


There is a reason our mothers always told us to bundle up when it was chilly outside — it makes for a darling photo, and it keeps you healthy so that you can live a long, happy life. For those who don't know, leopard geckos live an average of 15 years in captivity, but in the wild of New Zealand, they can live for over 50 years

Gone With The Texas Wind


Don't let this showy yet cute bearded dragon picture fool you. These little lizards like solitude. This makes them good pets for busy parents. However, they can make you feel like they need attention because they are known for waving their arms and bobbing their heads to communicate, which can seem like they want more attention. 



If you want someone to hold your beer, then a gecko is your guy! They are famous for their feet, which allow them to stick to virtually any surface. This is thanks to the nanoscale hairs, called setae, that cover them, letting these little lizards more with ease!

Happy Trails, Partner


We hope you enjoyed these cute gecko photos, adorable anole snapshots, and cute bearded dragon pictures! These little guys can make great pets, but it's important to remember that certain species are best left in the wild. While the lizards shown can be wonderful choices, lizards like chameleons and iguanas should be avoided when looking for a scaley companion, and remember that all reptiles require special housing and veterinary care.

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15 Lizards Showing Off Their Tiny Hats & Big Cuteness