Complete List of Bearded Dragon Colors (Including Morphs)

Published January 27, 2021

Bearded Dragon Colors

Captive bearded dragon colors are beautiful. The reptiles display significant red, orange, yellow, white, or purple with the base color. In the wild, bearded dragons are mostly brown with gray tones. Small areas of light color are typically yellow or orange and may adorn the spikes on the body's side.

Standard Bearded Dragon

The standard color for beardies is brown, tan, and gray. One cool fact about beardies is regardless of the color, it can take some degree of color change.

Red Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are available in a variety of different shades of red. For example, there are ruby red bearded dragons that are much darker and deeper red.

White Bearded Dragon

White bearded dragons are rare. This beardie's color varies with temperature and in cooler climates, the reptile may look gray. Snow beardies are completely white with no markings. White beardies may have patches of color.

Yellow Bearded Dragon

This beardie may be yellow, but the shade and pattern vary greatly. Other possible variations of yellow are sandfire, gold, and lemon.

Albino Bearded Dragon

The albino beardie is known for red eyes and completely white skin. They do not live for more than a few weeks!

Orange Bearded Dragon

Orange beardies are solid orange, yet there is more than one variation. Orange bearded dragons are also available in tangerine, sandfire, and sunburst.

Black Bearded Dragon

Black beardies are rare. If your beardie is angry or needs a change in the environment, it may turn black. Also, a bearded dragon with dark pigmentation may look dark and almost black.

Bearded Dragon Morphs

A morph or phase is the physical characteristics of the beardie. When talking about morphs, reptile hobbyists often refer to the various patterns of the bearded dragon. A pattern is the design or arrangement of the spots on the back. There are scaling and visual morphs.

Hypo Bearded Dragon

The hypo beardie is a reptile with less melanin than normal bearded dragons. The skin is a lighter color, and there is no brown stripe down the back.

Translucent Bearded Dragon

This beardie is known for its transparent spikes and scales. The dark black eyes are a unique trait.

Leatherback Bearded Dragon

The leatherback's scales do not grow to full size, and this unique gene makes this one of the most popular bearded dragons. The scales are smooth, and this beardie comes in a wide variety of colors.

Dunner Bearded Dragon

The dunner is unique, as the spots on the back are designed in a stunning pattern. The scales point to the side versus running from head to toe. This beardie is both a scaling and visual morph.

Silkback Bearded Dragon

Silkies are a scaling morph. This beardie is smooth with small scales and needs a special bath due to its smooth skin!

Witblit Bearded Dragon

The meaning of Witblit is white lightning. This rare beardie is typically sandy to a light orange with no pattern.

Regardless of the color of your bearded dragon, proper care and diet are essential for its overall growth and health.

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Complete List of Bearded Dragon Colors (Including Morphs)