200+ Frog Names for Lively Little Pets

Published January 8, 2021
Red Eyed Tree Frog

Frog names can provide you with many choices for your special pet frog. You can choose from different lists of famous frog names, funny frog names, and gender specific frog names to ensure you select the best one for your buddy.

Famous Frog Names List

A few instantly recognized famous frog names come from fictional characters, such as a puppet, animated movie, comics, TV series, songs, video games, and books. You may find one of these names most suitable for your pet frog.

  1. Dan'l Webster: The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (Mark Twain)
  2. Ed Bighead: Rocko's Modern Life (Movie)
  3. Freddie the Frog: Musical animated film (UK animated)
  4. Freddy Frog: Mia's Big Adventure Collection (Video game)
  5. Froggy: The Land of Stories (Book series)
  6. Goliath (Giant Slippery Frog): Largest living frog
  7. Hypnotoad: Futurama (Animated sci-fi TV series)
  8. Jeremiah: Joy to the World (Three Dog Night song)
  9. Jeremy Fisher: The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher (Beatrix Potter book)
  10. Kermit: The Muppets (Puppet)
  11. King Harold: Shrek 2, Shrek the Third (Animated)
  12. Langston: Viva Piñata (Video game)
  13. Michigan J. Frog: Looney Tunes (Animated)
  14. Mr. Toad: The Wind in the Willows (Book)
  15. Pepe: Boy's Club turned Meme (Comic)
  16. Raleigh: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (Video game)
  17. Throg: Loki turned Thor into earthbound frog (Marvel comics)
  18. Trevor: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Book)
  19. Wart: Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic/Super Mario Bros 2 (Video game)
  20. Winky: Donkey Kong Country (Video game)
Javan tree frog on a leaf

Funny Frog Names

Not every name has a meaning behind it. Some names are simply funny and are often nicknames or derivatives of similar names. Some funny frog names reference various sounds or physical movements of frogs.

  1. Barker
  2. Bubba
  3. Bubbles
  4. Bull
  5. Budweiser
  6. Chirp
  7. Cluck
  8. Cluckie, Clucky
  9. Croak
  10. Croaker
  11. Croaky, Croakie
  12. Desert
  13. Diego
  14. Dixie
  15. Flyswatter
  16. Froggy
  17. Greeny
  18. Hip Hop
  19. Hopalong
  20. Hoppity
  21. Hopscotch
  22. Houdini
  23. Jolly
  24. Jumper
  25. Leap
  26. Legs
  27. Lily Pad
  28. Pickle
  29. Polliwog, Pollywog
  30. Ribbit
  31. Rip
  32. Ripper
  33. Slippy
  34. Speckles
  35. Swampy
  36. Tadpole, Tad
  37. Warty, Wart

Cute Nicknames of Type of Frogs

You may find the type of frog names make cute nicknames. You might want to use your pet frog's species for a cute moniker, or you may prefer to choose one from a different type of frog.

  1. Aromo: Aromobatid
  2. Brevi: Brevicps
  3. Dicro: Dicroglassid
  4. Spooky: Ghost
  5. Glassy: Glass
  6. Kal: Kaloula
  7. Lala: Lalagobatra
  8. Lepi: Lepidobatra
  9. Lepto: Leptopelis
  10. Meso: Mesobatrac
  11. Neo: Neobatrachia
  12. Pipi: Pipidae
  13. Rhaco: Rhacophorus
  14. Giddy Up: Saddleback
  15. Suri: Suriname
  16. Red: Tomato
  17. Faith: True Blue
  18. Xeno: Xenopus
Ornate horned frogs on a leaf

Frog Names of Famous People

Famous people offer great choices for your pet frog's name. You may choose a name based on your frog's gender.

Female Frog Names of Famous People

Your female frog might be a good fit with a famous woman. If you have a favorite female celebrity, you can pay tribute to her by naming your beloved pet frog after her.

  1. Amelia Earhart: Pilot (First solo flight Hawaii to US mainland)
  2. Anne Frank: Author
  3. Aretha Franklin: American singer
  4. Billie Holliday: American jazz singer
  5. Billie Jean King: Tennis pro
  6. Candace Cameron Bure: Actress
  7. Cleopatra: Last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt
  8. Emily Dickinson: Author
  9. Florence Nightingale: Founder modern nursing
  10. Jane Austen: Author
  11. Joan of Arc: Inspired French Revolt
  12. Kristy Swanson: Actress
  13. Lindsey Vonn: World Cup skier
  14. Lucy Lawless: Actress
  15. Nina Simone: Jazz Singer
  16. Princess Diana: Humanitarian
  17. Rosa Parks: Civil rights activist
  18. Serena Williams: Tennis pro
  19. Susan B Anthony: Women's rights activist
  20. Wilma Rudolph: Olympic sprinter

Male Frog Names of Famous People

You might decide that a famous man's name is an excellent choice for your frog's name. You can choose to use a first, last, or full name.

  1. Andy Garcia: Actor
  2. Anthony Hopkins: Actor
  3. Arnold Palmer: Professional golfing champion
  4. Bob Knight (The General): Basketball coach
  5. Brad Pitt: Actor
  6. Brett Favre: NFL Green Bay Packers quarterback
  7. Bruce Willis: Actor
  8. Chris Pine: Actor
  9. Chris Pratt: Actor
  10. Clint Eastwood: Actor
  11. Conor McGregor: UFC Champion
  12. Dale Earnhardt, Jr: NASCAR driver
  13. Dean Cain: Actor
  14. Denzel Washington: Actor
  15. Frank Sinatra, Singer/Actor
  16. Gary Sinise: Actor
  17. James Woods: Actor
  18. Joe Montana (Joe Cool): NFL quarterback
  19. John Ratzenberger: Actor
  20. Jon Voight: Actor
  21. Kid Rock: Actor
  22. Leonardo DiCaprio: Actor
  23. Mark Wahlberg: Actor
  24. Matthew McConaughey: Actor
  25. Mel Gibson: Actor
  26. Peyton Manning: NFL Indianapolis Colts quarterback
  27. Richard Petty: NASCAR driver
  28. Tim Tebow: Baseball and football player
  29. Tom Brady: NFL New England Patriots quarterback
  30. Troy Aikman: NFL Dallas Cowboys quarterback
Camera filming a frog

Star Wars Character Names

If you're a Star Wars fan, then you might consider one of your favorite characters for your pet frog's name. A few possible names are taken from all of the Star Wars movies.

  1. Babu Frik
  2. Briggs
  3. C-3PO
  4. Chewbacca
  5. Ewok
  6. Finn
  7. Greedo
  8. Jabba
  9. Jango Fett
  10. Jar Jar Binks
  11. Kylo
  12. Lando
  13. Leia
  14. Luke
  15. Mandalorian
  16. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  17. Padmé Amidala
  18. Poe
  19. Qui-Gon Jinn
  20. R2-D2
  21. Rey
  22. Solo
  23. Takeel
  24. Vader
  25. Yoda

Famous Scientists for Frog Names

You can brag about how smart your frog by giving it the name of a famous scientist. You may discover a scientist you didn't know and decide to explore their work further. You may choose the commonly used first or last name that best fits your pet frog's intelligence.

Famous Female Scientists

Female scientists have been overlooked and, in some cases,, their work used by their male colleagues without credit. You may decide that your female frog deserves the powerful name of one of these brave and brilliant women.

  1. Anning (Mary): Paleontologist
  2. Ball (Alice): Chemist
  3. Burnell (Jocelyn Bell): Discovered pulsars
  4. Carson (Rachel): Environmental pollution
  5. Cori (Gerti): Biochemist, Nobel Prize
  6. Elion (Gertrude B): Biochemist, Nobel Prize
  7. Franklin (Rosalind): Researcher, DNA, RNA, and double-helix discovery
  8. Hodgkin (Dorothy): Chemist, Nobel Prize
  9. Hopper (Grace): Computer scientist/US Navy rear admiral
  10. Johnson (Katherine), NASA mathematician
  11. Lederberg (Esther): Microbiologist
  12. Lovelace (Ada): First computer programmer
  13. Madame Curie (Marie): Co-discovered radium/polonium
  14. McClintock (Barbara): Geneticist, Nobel Prize
  15. Meitner (Lise): Nuclear physics
  16. Noether (Emmy): Noether's theorem
  17. Ride (Sally): Astronaut, first American woman in space
  18. Rubin (Vera): Astronomer, pioneer
  19. Stevens (Nettie): Discovered chromosomes dictate sex of organisms
  20. Wu (Chien-Shiung): Nuclear physicist
Scientist handles a red-eyed tree frog

Famous Male Scientists

From Ancient Greece to the current era, the names of male scientists are readily recognized. The contributions of famous male scientists might inspire you in choosing a strong energetic name for your pet frog.

  1. Archimedes: Mathematician/engineer (Ancient Greece)
  2. Bell (Alexander Graham): Engineer, invented telephone
  3. Copernicus (Nicolaus): Mathematician
  4. Crick (Francis): Co-discovered DNA, RNA, and double helix
  5. Curie (Pierre): Co-discovered radium and polonium
  6. Einstein (Albert): One of three fathers of physics
  7. Faraday (Michael): Inventor of Faraday cage
  8. Franklin (Benjamin): Polymath, a founding father of USA
  9. Galileo: One of three fathers of physics
  10. Hawking (Stephen): Black hole physics
  11. Hubble (Edwin): Astronomer, extragalactic astronomy
  12. Linnaeus (Carl): Father of taxonomy
  13. Newton: One of three fathers of physics
  14. Nobel (Alfred): Inventor, created Nobel Prize
  15. Pasteur: Invented pasteurization process
  16. Sagan (Carl): Astronomer
  17. Schrödinger (Erwin): Schrödinger's cat theory
  18. Tesla (Nikola): Inventor (A/C current)
  19. Watson (James): Co-discovered DNA, RNA, and double helix
  20. Wilkins (Maurice): Co-discovered DNA, RNA, and double helix

Famous Philosophers

If you admire famous philosophers, then you'll appreciate a list of names of both men and women philosophers. You may decide to use the philosopher's full name or choose to create a nickname.

Female Philosophers in History

If your female frog needs a strong name, a female philosopher is a good choice. You may decide to use the philosopher's full name, or you might use one name.

  1. Diotima of Mantinea: circa 440 BC
  2. Émilie du Châtelet: 1706-1749
  3. Hipparchia of Maroneia: 350- 280 BC
  4. Hypatia: 360-415 AD
  5. Lady Anne Conway: 1631-1679
  6. Mary Astell: 1666-1731
  7. Mary Astell: 1666-1732
  8. Taylor Mill: 1807-1858
  9. Theano: circa 546 BC
  10. Themistoclea of Delphi: circa 6th century BCE
Big frog leaning over a book

Male Philosophers of Ancient Greece

You can show just how philosophical your pet frog is when you bestow him with an Ancient Greek male philosopher's name. You may decide an abbreviated version of a longer name is in order to keep your frog's name short. The list of philosophers of Ancient Greece appears in a descending order of birth.

  1. Thales of Miletus: 620-546 BC
  2. Anaximander: 610-546 BC
  3. Pythagoras: 570-495 BC
  4. Parmenides: 560-510 BC
  5. Anaxagoras: 500-428 BC
  6. Zeno: 490-430 BC
  7. Empedocles: 490-430 BC
  8. Socrates: 469-399 BC
  9. Plato: 427-347 BC
  10. Aristotle: 384-322 BC

Frog Names for Your Favorite Pet

With over 200+ frog names, you're sure to find one to fit your favorite pet frog. Depending on your frog's personality, you may find a specific list the easiest way to browse possible names.

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