Perrito From Puss in Boots Isn’t Just a Chihuahua, He’s This Kind

Perrito is an adorable and compassionate character in Puss in Boots, but what kind of dog is he?

Published May 11, 2023
Merle chihuahua dog holding a leaf

Choosing your next pet based on your favorite movie character can be a great idea, but only if you do your research. Sometimes, however, it can be tough to tell what breed the dog on screen is. If you're a fan of Puss in Boots, you might be curious to know what kind of dog Perrito is. We'll give you a few guesses first, then reveal the true answer. So, what do you think Perrito from Puss in Boots is? Don't worry, we'll wait ...

OK, Time's Up: What Breed is Perrito from Puss in Boots?

Perrito is a Merle apple head Chihuahua. He has all the characteristics of an apple head Chihuahua: a small body, a dome-shaped head, large eyes, and a short snout. His fur is merle with splotches of brown, white, and black.

Who Is Perrito? Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Perrito is a sweet stray dog that first appears in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. He meets Puss while disguised as one of Mama Luna's cats, and soon after joins Puss' mission to find the Wishing Star.

He shares with Puss that he wants to become a therapy dog someday, and we think he'd be a great one. Perrito is an optimistic, loving, and friendly dog who warms up to anyone he meets.

Fun Facts About Perrito

  • "Perrito" in Spanish translates to "tiny dog," which is perfect for this adorable character.
  • Perrito is bilingual and can speak Spanish fluently.
  • He helps Puss cope through a panic attack, which proves he has what it takes to be a therapy dog.
  • Perrito has an underbite and a cute little snaggle tooth.

What You Need to Know About Merle Chihuahuas

You might not be used to seeing the merle pattern on a Chihuahua, and that's because it's pretty rare. The merle gene, which is responsible for this coloration, doesn't occur naturally in the breed. Instead, breeders have recently started introducing into their genetics through crossbreeding, which means merle Chihuahuas are technically not purebreds.

Merle Chis can have some health problems involving their hearing and sight due to the Merle gene. Chihuahuas, in general, can be prone to dental problems and issues with their with their knees. It's important to keep these little guys at a healthy weight through proper diet and regular exercise to protect their knees.

Quick Tip

Chihuahuas are known for being exceptionally affectionate and empathetic dogs, just like Perrito. If you're thinking of getting a Chi, be ready to love their big hearts.

History of Puss in Boots

If you're not familiar with Puss in Boots, it's actually a spin-off of the Shrek films. In fact, it's the prequel. The original film titled "Puss in Boots" came out in 2011, then a television show based on the movie called The Adventures of Puss in Boots aired from 2015 to 2018. Finally, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, featuring the adorable Perrito, was released in 2022.

Premiere of Puss in Boots

Perrito Is a True Therapy Dog

Perrito isn't just cute and funny; many people have commended how he normalizes talking about mental health. He urges his friends to believe in themselves and even names his friend trio "Team Friendship." We can all learn a lot from Perrito.

Perrito From Puss in Boots Isn’t Just a Chihuahua, He’s This Kind