Hair-larious: 14 Dogs Having Bad Hair Days

The struggle is real when it comes to dog bad hair days, but it's also absolutely adorable.

Published November 2, 2023

We all have bad hair days, but unlike us, dogs don't have the option to wear a cap. The best part about pets is they don't care about their appearance, even when their fur looks absolutely hilarious. Scroll through funny dog photos on a bad hair day — you'll have a good laugh, and maybe even want to share some with your fur-riends.

We Vote Rockstar

Is this pup channeling their inner rockstar or just having a bad hair day? You decide!

Got Grass?

What’s worse than messy hair? Grassy hair! This bad hair day calls for a bath. After you finish playing, though. Don’t worry.

Dog Vs. Bad Hair Day

In the battle of hair versus dog, the hair clearly won here.

Shockingly Bad

You know you’re really having a bad hair day when you discover the sock (or balloon in this case) half-way through the day.

Splish Splash

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the funniest hair of them all?”

Woke Up Like This

Sometimes the accessories just make it worse.

Making a Statement

This dog is painting the town rainbow tonight! We’re dye-ing to know what the shower looked like after they gave a good shake during this dye job.

Need to Know

Dyeing a dog’s hair is actually illegal in several states, even if you use dog-safe hair dye (which is the only type you should ever use).  Consider it from your dog's point of view — would this be fun together, or would they rather get a doggy massage?

Living the Tousled Hair Life

This bad hair day is brought to you by morning zoomies on the beach. Gotta love that natural sea salt spray!

New ‘Do

POV: that look you make in the mirror when you’re trying to decide if you like your new haircut. Shades make everything look more intentional.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

“My hair woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”

Hair’s on Strike

The forecast today is 100% chance of bad hair.

Dear Hair: We Need to Talk

When life gives you a bad hair day, you embrace it with style! Just like this little dude.

All Dogs Have Bad Hair Days

Dogs always look adorable, no matter their hairstyle. What matters most is their comfort. We adore dogs in all forms, whether they have messy hair or not.

Hair-larious: 14 Dogs Having Bad Hair Days