Frosty Polar Bear Jokes & Puns for the Snowy Season Ahead

Dive into a 'bear-rel' of laughs with these playful polar bear jokes and puns, perfect for adding some 'cool' fun to the frosty winter season!

Published December 19, 2023
Two polar bears play fight

Polar bears, with their majestic presence and fluffy charm, are more than just adorable animals; they're vital symbols in conservation efforts, highlighting the urgent need to protect their shrinking habitats. While it's crucial to understand these serious environmental challenges, let's also embrace the lighter side of these magnificent creatures. Dive into the world of polar bear humor with jokes and puns that celebrate their special traits. It's a way to appreciate their splendor while spreading awareness and joy about these amazing Arctic ambassadors.

Funny Polar Bear Jokes 

What do polar bears like to eat? Brrrr-itos.

Spice up your gatherings with some 'cool' humor from our collection of polar bear jokes. These jokes are sure to break the ice and turn any party from unbearable to un'bear'ably fun!

  • How much do polar bears weigh? Enough to break the ice.
  • What do you call a polar bear that likes to lie in the sun? A solar bear. 
  • Why do polar bears have thick skin? Fur protection.
  • What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear. 
  • What kind of hats do polar bears wear? Ice caps.
  • Why don't polar bears wear shoes? They like to be bear foot. 
  • How do polar bears catch their food? With their bear hands.
  • What kind of lettuce is a polar bear's favorite? Iceberg.
  • Why didn't the polar bears show up at the wedding? They got cold feet.
  • What do polar bears like to eat? Brrrr-itos. 
  • Why don't polar bears like fast food? Because they can't catch it. 
  • What do you call a polar bear on thin ice? An icebreaker.
  • What kind of hugs do polar bears give? Bear hugs. 
  • Where do polar bears go dancing? The snow ball. 
  • Why didn't the polar bear and his girlfriend get along? They were polar opposites. 
  • What's a polar bear's favorite drink? Ice water.

Silly Polar Bear Puns

Next time you're hanging out with your pals, throw in a polar bear pun or two and watch the room fill with roars of laughter. It's a 'paw-some' way to lighten the mood and share some giggles with your 'fur-ocious' friends!

  • Polar bears are totally polar-izing. 
  • I hate to be the bear-er of bad news, but I ate your fish. 
  • Just let me get my bear-rings and I'll slide with you.
  • That polar bear went a step too fur. 
  • The polar bear was asked why she was sitting around. She said she was 'just chilling.'
  • The polar bear that got his coat wet was un-bear-able. 
  • Polar bears don't shave because they prefer a bear face.
  • Polar bears prefer icebergs because they're cooler.
  • Polar bears are just too cute to bear. 
  • That's 'snow' joke!

Cub Jokes and Puns

What's a polar bear cub's favorite cereal? Ice Crispies.

Polar bear cubs are not just cute, they're 'ice-capade' worthy! And what better way to spotlight these adorable fluff balls than by sharing some chuckle-worthy jokes and puns? Let's 'paws' to appreciate their cuteness with humor that's as 'cool' as they are.

  • What did the cub say when he found his mom? Icy you!
  • What do you call a polar bear cub's favorite food? Blue-beary muffins. 
  • Why'd the cub get lost? He couldn't get his bear-ings.
  • What do polar bear cubs like to eat when it's super cold? Brr-grrs!
  • What did the bear cub say to the stranger? I bear-ly know you. 
  • What's a cub's favorite cereal? Ice Crispies. 
  • What did one cub say to another when they slipped on the ice? How em-bear-assing. 
  • What did one cub say to the other? Ice to meet you. 
  • What do you call a cold polar bear cub? A cub-sicle.
  • What's a polar bear cub's favorite song? Ice, ice baby.

Polar Bear vs Grizzy Bear Jokes and Puns

Whether it's a playful pun or a giggly joke, these little bear-y funny quips are perfect for bringing attention to our charming, frosty friends from the Arctic. It's a 'snow-brainer' – humor is a great way to warm hearts to these cold-weather cuties!

  • When is a polar bear not a polar bear? When it's in a grizzy mood. 
  • Polar bears aren't like grizzly bears- they're polar-ific. 
  • Why did the grizzly bear dissolve in water? Because it was polar. 
  • Why didn't the grizzly bear meet the polar bear? He couldn't bear it. 
  • What do you call polar bears and grizzly bears without ears? E's. 
  • Why'd the bears get fired from their jobs? They only did the bear minimum. 
  • What do you call polar bears and grizzly bears when they're cold? Brrrrrrrs. 
  • What do you call polar bears and grizzly bears that jump but don't land? Peter Pandas. 
  • What do the polar bear and the grizzly bear have in common? They both use their bear hands.
  • How'd the grizzly bear walk in the polar bear's cave? Bear-footed.

Jokes and Puns About The Polar Bear's Habitat

Where do polar bears vote? The ice poll.

Polar bears are the coolest creatures around, literally! They've got the chill life down, floating on ice and diving into icy waters. Their adaptations to living in such frosty conditions are super impressive. What better way to teach kids about these arctic adventurers than with some fun jokes and puns? It's a great way to 'break the ice' when learning about their icy habitats.

  • Where do polar bears vote? The ice poll.
  • Why do polar bears get lonely? They're ice-solated.
  • Why'd the polar bear go to the arctic circle? To chill.
  • What did the polar bear say to its prey? Seal you later.
  • Where do polar bears keep their money? The snow bank. 
  • Why don't polar bears live at the south pole? Because if they lived at the north pole and the south pole, they'd be bi-polar.
  • Why'd the polar bears talk to insects? They were looking for the ark-tick.
  • What happens to polar bears that sit on the ice too long? They get polaroids.
  • What are polar bears called when they get wet? Drizzly bears.
  • Why didn't the polar bear work at the north pole? He didn't like the altitude.
  • What's a polar bears favorite part about the arctic? They don't know. There's just something cool about it. 

Tell Your Friends

If you have friends who are absolute polar bear nerds, these jokes can be a hit at the next get-together. Jot a few down or log them into your memory and save them for the next time you see each other. And, if you're feeling super motivated, you can even look up some fun polar bear facts to share along with the newest jokes in your fun collection. 

Frosty Polar Bear Jokes & Puns for the Snowy Season Ahead