These 18 Dogs Are Slayin' Their Ugly Christmas Sweater Looks

Deck your dog out in an ugly sweater, and watch as they become the VIP (Very Important Pooch) stealing the spotlight when friends swing by.

Published November 15, 2023

Not only do we humans get a kick out of donning quirky, ugly sweaters, but our doggies also look incredibly cute when they're all decked out in their very own charmingly tacky knitwear. Seriously, this is a fashion tradition that will never go out of style.

Happy Howl-idays

If this sweater doesn't say 'happy howl-idays,' I don't know what does.

Quick Tip

Make sure your furball steers clear of the naughty list of no-nos this Christmas to keep the tail-wagging good times rolling!

Winter Wonderwear

Seriously smiling in the winter wonderwear!

Quick Tip

Sweaters can help keep your dog toasty, but be mindful of signs that your dog is cold and paw-pad protection whenever you venture outside during the winter season.

Let's Sleigh

Sleighing the ugly sweater game!

Making a Statement

From 'ruff' to riot, this sweater is a bark-out-loud statement!

Festive and Feeling It

Festive? More like fur-estive in this get-up!

Such a Cute Pose

My sweater might be ugly, but my pose is pure elegance.

Pup-preciate Everything

Pup-preciating the finer things... like this eye-sore of a sweater!

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season to be jolly — and wear ugly sweaters! 

In the Spotlight

Ready for the 'ugly sweater' spotlight!

Questionable Fashion Choice

Woofing in a wonderland of questionable fashion choices.

Who Wore it Better?

Who wore it better? You don't have to say — I already know the answer.

Perfectly Fur-shionable!

This isn't an ugly sweater — it's a fur-shion statement!

Santa Paws

Channeling his inner Santa Paws with that sweater!

Picking the Best Sweater-Wear

Picking out a sweater for your dog is super fun because they're all fabulous in their own quirky way. It's like, no matter what, your furry buddy in a sweater = instant cuteness overload.

Go wild with the wackiest, most eye-popping knitwear, or keep it chill with some classic holiday vibes—either way, your pooch is going to be the life of the Christmas party.

These 18 Dogs Are Slayin' Their Ugly Christmas Sweater Looks