55+ Puppy Captions Fit for Instagram

These lovable captions will bring your posts to the next level.

Published February 26, 2023
Woman kissing Dalmatian puppy

Puppies are the best. They're cute, they're cuddly, and they're always happy to see you. If you love puppies as much as we do, then you'll love these puppy captions for Instagram! These are our favorite dog-related captions that will make your photo extra adorable.

Adorable, Eye-catching Puppy Captions

Puppies are the most adorable beings on earth. They are cute and cuddly creatures that can melt anyone's heart with their charm. If you have a cute puppy, then you must be taking tons of pictures. What better way to make a picture more adorable than a loving caption?

Longhair dachshund puppy asleep on a bed.
  • I want to cuddle you furever.
  • My favorite place to be is inside your heart.
  • I don't know who I am or where I'm going, but my puppy knows the way.
  • Puppy love is forever.
  • Dog kisses fix everything.
  • Yes, I'm still a puppy ... but I can do this!
  • No matter how much you love me, I'll always love you more.
  • The more we're together, the stronger our bond will grow.
  • The best thing about me is you.
  • Home is where my dog is.
  • Life is ruff when you're this cute.
  • Life happens. Dogs help.
  • Crazy dog lady.
  • My best friend barks.
  • Pup-tastic!
  • I was rescued by my rescue dog.
  • Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts.
  • My best friend has fur and a tail.
  • Paws-itively grateful for my best friend.
  • Sniffing, barking, and loving every day.
  • A dog's only flaw is not living forever.
  • Beware of the puppy, he/she/they will steal your heart.
  • You can't buy happiness, but you can rescue it.
  • Sometimes you need to paws and reflect.
  • It's a dog's life.
  • Walking on sunshine with four paws.
  • I'm still wondering, who rescued who?
  • In love with wet noses and waggin' tails.

Funny Puppy Captions You'll Love

You love your puppy, and these funny captions are perfect for your puppy photos! Check out our silly sayings:

Naughty border collie puppy
  • Life is short. Bark while you still can.
  • I've got 99 problems, and my puppy is one of them.
  • Life's a ball. Go fetch.
  • What do you mean I'm not allowed on the couch?
  • Wear dog fur like an accessory.
  • All dogs are good. Puppies are just better.
  • I don't always bark at night, but when I do, it's at nothing.
  • If I fits, I sits!
  • The bigger the mutt, the better.
  • I have too many dogs, said no one ever.
  • You had me at woof.
  • Dogaholic.
  • Blessed and dog obsessed.
  • First he stole my heart, then he stole my bed.
  • We have the ulti-mutt love.
  • Sun's out, tongues out.
  • Sorry, I can't go out. I made plans with the pup.
  • Can't decide if I'm more excited to see you or my food bowl.
  • Dogs are my favorite people.
  • Say hello to the Dogfather.
  • You know I'm your favorite when I don't even need treats to stay quiet while you sleep!
  • I'm a VIP: Very Important Puppy.
  • Life is ruff when you're this cute.
  • Pawsitive vibes only.
  • Home is where my puppy drools.
  • My best friend is well-trained.
  • Stop scrolling: this pup's the one.
Fast Fact

Puppies grow up so fast, and most reach adulthood by 1 year. Mark their development with these milestones.

Best Hashtags for Puppies on Instagram

Choosing the best hashtags allows you to share your adorable pup with the world. Puppies are one of the most popular animals on Instagram. They're also one of the most popular topics for hashtags. To help you find other people who love puppies as much as you do, we've put together this list of puppy hashtag ideas:

  • #puppiesofinstagram
  • #puppylove
  • #puppyselfie
  • #dogsofinstagram
  • #dogslife
  • #dogstagram
  • #puppiesofig
  • #puppylove
  • #puppygram
  • #puppygirl
  • #dogsofinsta

Choosing a Caption

When it comes to writing the perfect caption, there are a few things to consider. First, think about what your followers want to see in their feed. Is it something funny? Silly? Meaningful? Or all three? Then, consider how you want the caption to match up with the photo itself. It's important that you find a good balance between these two things if you want people to keep coming back for more!

55+ Puppy Captions Fit for Instagram