10 Bark-Worthy Happy New Year Dog Memes & Well-Wishes

Send your pooch-loving friends a Happy New Year dog meme to help them ring in the year with maximum cuteness and tail-wagging wishes.

Published December 7, 2023

Ringing in the new year wouldn't be the same without our canine friends. And there's a lot we can learn from our dogs as we zoom on into another year. For example, take more naps, play whenever you can, and savor every last treat. Wish your friends and fellow pup-lovers a very happy New Year with dog memes and heartfelt salutations.

New Year, Same Adorable Dog


We'd like to imagine your dog knows exactly how cute, sweet, and kind they are. So why would they want to change that in the upcoming year? New year, same awesome me!

My Bed Is Calling…


We all understand the struggle: it's only 9 pm on New Year's Eve, but your eyelids start to feel heavy, and you could fall asleep at any moment. Follow this cutie's lead and take a quick nap in your party outfit, then wake up in time for the countdown. No one will ever know.

Yappy New Year!


Send this fetching New Year's dog meme to someone who loves puppy belly rubs and tail wags as much as you do. It's guaranteed to put a smile on their face and help them usher in a pawsitive year.

New Year's Prediction: More Naps


Dogs sleep an average of 12 to 14 hours a day. That's a lot! We can imagine it takes a lot of beauty sleep to look that cute.

Got the New Year's Eve Zoomies


Many people are eager to zoom into the new year with resolutions and intentions. If that's you, we're cheering you on! If you're not into all that, it's perfectly OK to paws and reflect instead. Do what feels best for you!

NYE Doggy Kisses Are the Best Kisses


It's a longstanding tradition to kiss your love at midnight. For us, that means giving our canine companion a big smooch, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Midnight Puppy Smooches


Life can definitely be ruff at times, but we're so grateful to be starting the new year with you and these adorable puppies.

Start the Year With More Fun


Dogs are always eager to run as fast as their legs will take them and leap into a big pile of crispy leaves. Take a page from your dog's book and resolve to add more fun to your life this coming year. Try out hiking with your dog, partake in some water sports, or just make more time every day to roll around with them in the backyard.  

Cheers to a Pawsitive Year Ahead!


We hope you're ringing in the new year with the special people and pets in your life. Send this sweet Happy New Year dog meme to those you can't be with in person to let them know you're thinking of them.

Happy New Year Dog Memes You'll Love to Share


Whether you choose to look at the new year as a new beginning or just another day, it's still worth celebrating. Share these warm and howlarious happy new year dog memes with your loved ones to let them know they're on your mind. They're sure to help them ring in the new year with the warm fuzzies, and we can all agree there's no better way!

10 Bark-Worthy Happy New Year Dog Memes & Well-Wishes