Welsh Terrier Rescue

Two Welsh Terriers by a stream

Located throughout the United States, a network of Welsh Terrier rescue services operates through the Welsh Terrier Club of America. The rescue service, WT Cares, assists dogs in distress by providing foster care while searching for their forever home. WT Cares also acts as an alert service if a Welsh Terrier becomes lost.

The Welsh Terrier

Intelligent, lively little dogs, Welsh Terriers are loyal, lovable and affectionate companions. Although they are full of energy, these feisty canines are considered on the calmer side of the Terrier family. Curious and independent by nature, Welsh Terriers are strong willed and may become stubborn at times.

Originally bred to hunt and kill vermin on British farms, Welsh Terriers ran with the hunting hounds going underground after badger, otter or fox. Since hunting small animals is a natural instinct for this dog breed, Welsh Terriers generally should not live in homes with small animals such as cats, gerbils or hamsters.

The Need for Welsh Terrier Rescue

Some Welsh Terriers find themselves in need of rescue services because of their natural hunting instincts. This usually occurs because their owners were not aware of their unique traits and discover they are unable to keep them in their homes. This is often the result of impulse buying where buyers are not educated about the personality and needs of the dog breed they are purchasing.

Many other Welsh Terriers are in need of a new home as a result of family situations including:

  • Illness or death of their caretaker
  • Divorce
  • A major change in the home life resulting in the caretaker being unable to provide the care the dog needs
  • A change in living arrangements, such as to moving some place that does not permit dogs like a nursing home or apartment complex

Some Welsh Terriers find themselves in animal shelters after they have gotten lost or been abandoned by their owners. Others have been rescued from abusive homes or puppy mills.

How to Adopt a Welsh Terrier from the WT Cares Rescue Organization

If you are thinking about adopting a Welsh Terrier that is in need of a new home, there are several steps to begin the process.

  1. Contact the WT Cares representative in your area. A list of representatives with their contact information is available by visiting the contact page of their website.
  2. Complete the online application and email it to the representative you have chosen.

The representative will contact you to discuss your application and may request a home visit.

When adopting a Welsh Terrier from WT Cares, there is a suggested adoption fee of $250.00. All or part of this fee is generally waived if the adoption is for a special needs or elderly Welsh Terrier. The adoption fee is applied against all standard expenses including:

  • Shelter fees
  • Boarding
  • Spaying/neutering
  • Inoculations
  • Normal veterinary care
  • Expenses incurred by the volunteers

If you are familiar with these dogs and would like to adopt a Welsh Terrier, you can find your nearest Welsh Terrier rescue organization through the WT Cares website. If you find yourself in the position of being unable to care for your Welsh companion, the organization can also help.

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Welsh Terrier Rescue