Smallest Dog on Record

Updated February 14, 2019
Chihuahua in tea cup

If you have wondered about the smallest dog on record, you aren't alone. Many people are fascinated by seeing exceptionally tiny dogs. It's true they're quite adorable but sadly some of these dogs may have achieved this size due to serious congenital medical conditions.

The Smallest Dog Ever

There are many people that claim to have had the smallest dog ever, and it is difficult to keep up with who is right. It is important that the dog be over one-year-old to ensure that he has actually stopped growing when deciding whether a dog is the smallest or not.

Sylvia the Yorkie

According to some, the "smallest dog ever recorded" was a tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Sylvia. Sylvia was owned by Arthur Marples of England, and she died in 1945. It is said that she was two-and-a-half inches tall and measured three and a half inches from her nose to the base of her tail. She was reported to have weighed only about four ounces and is also considered the "smallest Yorkie on record."

If these statistics are true, Sylvia was certainly the smallest dog ever on record.

Guinness World Record Smallest Dogs

Nearly every year, someone claims they have a smaller dog than the current title holder. Here are some dogs that have claimed the title of the smallest dog alive in the past few years.


The Guinness Book of World records recognized Milly as the currently "smallest living dog" back in 2013. She's a Chihuahua who is 3.8 inches tall and is the smallest dog in terms of height as of 2019.


Heaven Sent Brandy is a female Chihuahua that measures six inches from her nose to the tip of her tail. Guinness considers her the smallest dog ever in terms of length. Brandy was born in 2003.


Dancer is a long-haired Chihuahua. He is reported to weigh only 18 ounces and stands five inches tall at the shoulder.


A tiny female Pug, Pip is considered the smallest Pug in England and possibly the "world's smallest Pug." Pip is under four inches tall.

Smallest Breed of Dog

Officially, the Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world. These dogs are generally less than six inches tall, and they must weigh not more than six pounds to fit the ideal American Kennel Club standard. The teacup version of the Chihuahua is also the "smallest teacup dog" breed.

Tiny Dogs and Health

While many small dogs are generally healthy, it is important to note that the tiniest dogs on record often have a variety of health problems or live very short lives due to their unique needs. Getting a vaccine or antibiotic can be life threatening if the vet miscalculates the minute amount of medication to use. Tiny dogs are interesting to read about, but most people would find them difficult to own.

Smallest Dog on Record