5 Reasons Your Dog Absolutely Loves the Rain

Dogs don’t need a reason to love the rain, but if you’re curious why yours does, these five factors might be behind it.

Published August 3, 2023
Happy labrador retriever running on trail in the rain

If your dog gets the zoomies any time it rains, you're the lucky owner of a rain-loving canine. A lot of dogs dislike going out when it's drizzling, but others absolutely live for it. Why do some dogs love rain and others don't? It really comes down to their exposure to water, their breed, and their unique personality. These are our top five reasons why your dog might want to stay out in the rain.

1. They Love to Play in the Rain

Play is usually at the top of a dog's mind, and the rain adds an extra element of fun to their usual play. They can bite at the raindrops, splash around in puddles, or whatever else their little canine hearts desire. Do you remember how much fun it was to frolic outside in the rain? Your dog gets that feeling whenever the raindrops start to fall.

Fast Fact

Some dogs think rain is exciting and new, whereas others find it really scary. If you aren't sure, don't force your dog to go out in the rain.

2. Dogs Love All the Smells

Dogs live through their noses, and when it rains, all scents are amplified. Smells for other areas might get washed toward your walking path in the rain runoff. It's basically just a Disneyland of incredible smells for your pup, which is why many dogs love going outside during and after it rains.

3. They Love Staying Cool

The temperature usually drops during a rainstorm, which can feel amazing for thick-coated dogs. Rain can soak into their fur all the way to their skin and help cool them down. Just be careful of that wet dog smell!

Fast Fact

Why do dogs smell in the rain? When any yeast or bacteria in their fur gets wet, it gives off that distinct "wet dog" smell.

4. They Just Love Being Wet

Many dogs just love the water. Most of these are breeds who were bred for this trait, including the Portuguese water dog, the Irish water spaniel, Newfoundland, and many others. But any dog who was raised with positive experiences around the water might love it, too. Whether it's a pool, sprinkler, or water falling from the sky, they're here for it.

5. Rain Makes Dogs Feel Frisky

Although it isn't clear why this is, exactly, dogs tend to become interested in mating when it rains. Whether this happens because of seasonal behavior patterns, new smells in the air, or some other evolutionary drive, no one knows for sure. But if you notice your dog acting a little more interested in other dogs during and after a rainstorm, this might be the cause.

Dry Your Dog Well After Playing in the Rain

If your dog loves rain, let them enjoy it! There's nothing wrong with letting them frolic around in the wet stuff. Just make sure you dry them thoroughly afterward, especially if they have thick fur. Moisture trapped in their hair can lead to skin infections, so get them dry with a good towel off to prevent any problems.

5 Reasons Your Dog Absolutely Loves the Rain