Meet Your Dog Breed Match, According to the Zodiac

Meet your match made in doggy heaven according to your zodiac sign.

Published January 2, 2024
With my friend on a road trip

Step aside human soulmates, we’re in the market for our destiny doggo. Thinking about adding a new furry friend to your life but aren’t sure where to look? There are lots of things to consider when picking a perfect dog for you, but what's written in the stars? Never fear! We've determined the best dog breeds for you based on your zodiac sign

Need to Know

For fun, we looked at which signs match you best, then combined them with the dog breeds that resemble those signs. Just remember, every pup is an individual, so factors beyond sun signs should definitely be considered before running out to adopt.

Aries: Basenji

Woman with curly hair looking at Basenji dog

Aries, you’re a protective fire sign that’s quick to anger, and so you need a dog breed that’s not afraid to speak its mind. Hounds like beagles and bassetts may come to mind, but we’ve got something a little more interesting up our sleeve. The basenji — an Aquarius if ever there was one — is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. And they’ve got a reputation for being ‘barkless.’ But like how thornless roses can still prick you, Basenjis make sure their voices are heard.

This petit breed is full of energy, and as one of the most vivacious zodiac signs, you’ll always have some to spare for your dog’s endless needs. But as a dog breed that’s lasted for thousands of years, the basenji is daring enough to be up for the latest adventure — just like you!

Taurus: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Portrait of beautiful young woman dancing on meadow with her dog.

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are adorable lapdogs with beautiful multi-color coats. Much like Libras, Taurus gravitates towards the beautiful things in life, and there’s a reason these pretty spaniels were bred for nobility. Like Pisces, these dogs are emotionally intuitive and will pick up on even the most minute mood shifts.

As a sign that’s not particularly emotive, a dog that’s able to pick up on your every move is a great change of pace. Your somewhat sedentary and steadfast nature means you need a dog that you can easily manage, and this pint-sized pipsqueak fits the bill.

Gemini: Doberman Pinscher

Young Man walking his dog in nature

Gemini, your sister sign might be Sagittarius, but it’s another fire sign that’s the most compatible with you. Aries and their doberman pinscher representative of the dog world are your perfect match. Despite their intimidating appearances, these powerhouse doggos are just as playful as they are vigilant, just as loving as they are wary. 

You’re not called the twin sign for nothing, and these mixed messages are the puzzle pieces that fit into your own unpredictable personality. Whether you’re ready for a night on the town or a quiet night investigating the latest Wiki wormhole, your doberman pinscher will be obediently waiting for your next command.

Cancer: Border Collie

young man sitting with his Border Collie in the living room and using his cellphone

Cancer, you make quite an interesting pair with Capricorn. Though the match may seem out of left field, your emotionally-driven nature is a perfect balance for Capricorn’s logic-driven heart. This makes your match-in-doggy-heaven a border collie. As a water sign, you’ve got to have an affectionate breed, and border collies don’t disappoint.

Border collies may be a bit too outwardly affectionate in comparison to human Capricorns, but they love having a job almost as much as playing around with you. Capricorns are known for being workaholics, and border collies never seem to stop. They’re incredible with commands and amiable around friends and family. And since you love being in your ‘shell’ aka at home, you should have enough time on your hands to devote to this energetic breed.

Leo: Poodle

Toy poodle male dog morning time with his owner asian chinese woman on sofa bonding time

Leo, you and Libra make quite a fun pair, so the Libra of the zodiac dog world is a must-consider for you. As a sign that loves the spotlight and has its pulse on the coolest fashions, you need someone who gets your sense of self. No dog understands that center-of-attention attitude better than the poodle. Groom this pup to your heart’s content. Why not grab a faux fur coat to match while you’re at it?

You’re also a social sign that loves to chat — and flirt — with people on the regular. So, you need a breed that’s going to be cool with strangers. Poodles, on the whole, usually handle new people, pets, and kids really well. And it’s this versatility that makes the breed such a good fit for you.

Virgo: Newfoundland

Senior Man Hugging his Newfoundland Dog

Virgos pride themselves on their work ethic, analytical prowess, and organizational skills. Given this left-brain heavy nature, you might instinctively gravitate towards a new furry friend with a similarly sharp mind and obedient disposition. But just like magnets, opposites attract, and your destiny dog is something a whole lot more expressive.

Newfoundlands — the Cancers of the dog world — are incredibly affectionate. They’re big lovers, not fighters, and it’s this lovey doveyness that’ll draw out your own hidden emotional side. There’s no better way to get practice being vulnerable than letting a big ‘ole furry lug cozy up to you every night.

But, as a zodiac sign with a lower social battery than some, you’ll enjoy this breed’s friendly temperament. When in doubt, you’ve always got your Newfie as a way to break the ice.

Libra: Golden Retriever

Young Woman cuddles her Golden Retriever Puppy

Libras and golden retrievers — the Leos of the dog world — could be a match made in heaven. Golden Retrievers have this boundless lovable energy that draws everyone’s eyes at the dog park or café terrace. As a sign led by Venus, you can’t help but seeking out beauty in all corners of the world, including the pet one; a goldie’s silky golden coat and sweet eyes don’t strike a chord at dog shows for nothing.

Best of all, golden retrievers are known for being one of the friendliest dogs in the pack. Libras are ever the diplomats, always able to connect with any stranger that comes across their path. So, a dog that loves people is a must for you.

Scorpio: Bloodhound

Man relaxing at home with his dog by his side

Scorpios are one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs, and because of that, you might think they’d mesh best with a breed that’s intimidating, full of both bark and bite. Yet, the best-suited dog for this mysterious zodiac sign is something more unexpected.

Bloodhounds — the Virgos of doggyland — are a bigger breed who, despite their laconic temperament, are tenacious when they’ve caught a scent. They’re adaptable, which is a must with your highly mutable nature. And just like you, their dopey downturned eyes bely a deep affection for their friends and family.

Sagittarius: Poodle

A Young Woman Plays Outside With Pet Poodle Dog

Just like your fellow fire sign, Leo, your canine match is the poodle. As a fire sign, you’ve got a bold and arresting personality, and like the poodle you can’t help but attract attention wherever you go. As a Sag, you’re probably always on the go, hunting down the next big adventure across the globe. If so, you’ve got to have a breed that’ll listen and follow directions.

Your emotional well for your family runs deep, and when you add a dog to the mix you won’t be able to leave them behind. Of course, your teacup, mini, or standard poodle has to be in tow. Thankfully, they respond quite well to training and have a strong desire to please. So, you should be able to take this breed with you wherever you go.

Capricorn: American Staffordshire Terrier

Woman petting happy american pitbull terrier

Capricorns mean business; you can credit their intimidating reputation to a stern appearance and assertive countenance. This is just one of the reasons that a Cap’s canine best friend is the most Scorpio of all dog breeds – the American Staffordshire terrier.

Staffies know what it's like to get a bad rap and are incredibly loyal — a Capricorn hallmark if ever we've seen one. But despite their reputation, they’re very loving animals and are just one excited tail wag away from falling over.

As a Capricorn, you need someone who understands that your detached, sometimes frosty personality doesn’t mean you’re not capable of deep attachment, and staffies with their wide smiles and intimidating stances can understand better than most. After all, reputations aren’t everything.

Aquarius: Jack Russell Terrier

woman hugs her dog during a forest walk. Jack Russell terrier

Aquarius, you’re a quirky zodiac sign and so you wouldn’t be caught dead being a bandwagoner with your destiny dog breed. No labrador retrievers or German shepherds for you! Instead, a pintsized powerhouse of loving proportions is your perfect pick.

Jack Russell terriers are the Geminis of the dog world and are some of the most energetic on this list. As a sign, you may have a reputation for having your head in the clouds, but that airy energy belies a beautifully creative mind. Many people underestimate you, and the same can be said for the jack russell terrier.

They’re a highly sociable, affectionate breed, but they need a lot of mental stimulation to stay happy. Of course, someone like you, whose mental wheels are constantly turning, would know exactly how to handle a breed whose brain and body don’t want to quit.

Pisces: Basset Hound

Woman 50-60 years old pets Basset Hound dog on couch at home

Pisces, your deep emotional energy jives incredibly well with the steady, rock-solid Taurus. Basset hounds — the Tauruses of the dog world — are a natural fit for you. They’re a small but mighty breed, and that easy-going nature will help pull you out of your more emotionally fraught moments. It’s hard to stew on your feelings when you’ve got a sweet pup's ears flopping over your feet.

As a water sign, you crave connection, and basset hounds are loyal companions. They’ve got a pretty affectionate demeanor, which works great for a sensitive soul like yours. Just like how you want to be positively received by others, you want to know for sure that your dog likes you. And with a basset hound, you’ll never have to wonder.

These Canine Zodiac Pairs are Pawsitively Perfect

Although the stars might be guiding you in one direction, there’s always room for something special to break the mold. Don’t let your destiny match make you narrow-minded. Take into consideration your lifestyle, temperament, and preferences before committing to any dog breed. So, either listen to the stars or make your own destiny when picking out your next perfect furball.

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Meet Your Dog Breed Match, According to the Zodiac