Jagdterrier Breed Profile: Lively, Determined & Loveable

Published March 12, 2021
Cute Jagdterrier dog

The Jagdterrier or German hunting terrier is a brave and active dog. This breed is known as a tenacious hunter and all-around terrier. The dog needs pet parents with an active lifestyle, as this little terrier needs a lot of mental and physical activity or a hunting home.

Jagdterrier Breed Overview

The Jagdterrier is a fearless hunter and used to chase wild boars, badgers, foxes, weasels, raccoons, and squirrels. This breed is also an excellent guard dog. With this in mind, the little terrier does best in a home without small pets as his strong prey drive may be dangerous around rabbits and cats. The ideal environment for this dog is a hunting home.

Origin and History

This terrier was developed in Germany in the twentieth century, and breeders crossed Wire fox terriers with black and tan hunting terriers to create a better hunting dog. Breeders spent many years perfecting the dog's hunting skills and eventually bred the Jagdterrier.

Jagdterrier Temperament

This hunting dog needs to work in the field. If pet parents keep this little terrier active, the Jagdterrier is a wonderful, loyal family pet. He is also an effective watchdog but needs socialization as a puppy and a clear leader. The terrier is happy to sleep outside and hunt all day!


This dog is a hardy, multipurpose hunting dog. There are tan markings are on his eyebrows, muzzle, chest, legs, and at the base of his tail. He may also have small white markings on his chest and toes.

  • Coat colors: The breed comes in black and tan but can be dark brown or grayish-black.
  • Height: This dog is between 13 and 16 inches tall.
  • Weight: The terrier is between 18 and 22 pounds.
German hunting terrier (jagdterrier)

Two Coat Types

There is a rough-coated and a smooth-coated type. His dense coat is available in either hard and rough or course and smooth.

Health Issues

The breed is a generally healthy dog! Work with a reputable breeder as many screen and test for any genetic diseases.


This terrier needs vigorous exercise every day. This breed is best suited to a hunting home as his high exercise requirement may make this dog challenging to live with if you aren't in the field every day.

Best Diet for Small Breeds

There are many diets specially formulated for smaller breeds. Watching your small breed's weight to make sure he does not become obese is extremely important.

German jagdterrier puppy

Caring for Your Senior Jagdterrier Dog

The dog's lifespan is between 13 and 15 years. The small senior Jagdterrier is a generally healthy breed, but all aging dogs need to see a vet at least twice a year. This energetic little terrier may need lab work, and a vet to prescribe pain medication or joint supplements.

The Jagdterrier Is the Modern Hunting Dog

This breed is still widely used for hunting in Germany. In the U.S., the dog chases birds and squirrels. The terrier may pursue vermin living underground, such as fox, weasel, and badger. The Jagdterrier flushes rabbit or wild boar out of thickets and tracks the blood trails from wounded animals such as deer.

Jagdterriers Are Fierce Little Dogs

The German hunting terrier needs to work, and ideally in a hunting field. Pet parents may consider this breed if he lives in a home with hunters or leads an active lifestyle. Animal lovers need to ensure this little dog receives rigorous exercise. The two coat types are both attractive, and this is a generally healthy dog. The American Hunting Terrier Association Jagdterrier Breed Club is an excellent resource for pet parents interested in puppies.

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Jagdterrier Breed Profile: Lively, Determined & Loveable