Dog Food Dispensers and Storage Container Options

Blue plastic dog food dispenser

Dog food dispensers and storage systems provide a convenient solution to feeding your pet. Could you use one?

Feeding Solutions

Have you ever had one of these experiences?

  • As you rip open a bag of dry kibble, you accidentally tear the bag down the side a bit. As the days go by, the tear grows larger until the kibble starts spilling out onto the floor.
  • You prefer to buy your dog food in bulk, but the bag always seems to be in the way. You trip over it, spill it or wind up with a sore back from moving it out of the way.
  • Fido loves his food so much, that after he finishes his bowl he begins gnawing a hole in the bottom of the bag. You walk into the room to find a kibble puddle on the floor, and a guilty but very full dog.

These are just a few of the common scenarios we encounter as we care for our canines day after day. It seems like there ought to be a better way to deal with something as simple as feeding the family dog and indeed there is.

Dog food dispensers and storage containers give you a convenient place to store your pet's food. Here are just a few of the advantages they offer.

  • Storage systems keep your pet's food from getting wet and molding. The food stays fresh longer.
  • A good storage unit also keeps rodents and bugs out of Fido's rations.
  • Having a designated storage unit in its own spot helps reduce the clutter and spills you might encounter when keeping the kibble in its paper bag.
  • There's no more sneak thieving from your pet when you keep the unit properly closed.
  • Automatic dispensers make refilling your dog's dish clean and easy.

Shopping for Dog Food Dispensers and Storage Containers

Dispenser and storage containers come in all shapes and sizes. Let's look at several units to better understand what they have to offer.

Bag In

The Bag In Pet Food Dispenser from Buddeez® provides an extremely simple solution for feeding small dogs. The unit looks just like a RubberMaid pitcher, complete with flip-top lid. All you need do is open your dog food bag and set it inside the container. Snap on the top of the unit and pour as needed.

Each container holds up to eight pounds of kibble, and the unit retails for $11.99.

Zevro Pet Food Dispenser
Zevro Pet Food Dispenser


The Zevro dog food dispenser is a nice solution for owners who only need to meet the needs of one or two small dogs.The unit looks a bit like a Starbuck's coffee shop grinder, with a clear storage unit on top that holds up to five pounds of kibble. A gravity valve is used to dispense the food into the bowl you set on the rest provided. The unit is dishwasher safe and retails for $139.99 at


The Pour-N-Store bulk dog food dispenser is a terrific solution to your storage dilemma. This heavy-duty, molded plastic unit holds up to 40 pounds of kibble at a time, and mounts directly to a wall, freeing up floor space for other uses. Food loads from the top, so you never have to worry about rotating the old kibble for first use. The gravity feed dispenser also allows you to easily refill your pet's bowl as needed.The Pour-N-Store retails for $29.95.

Stack and Store

What if you have several kinds of feed to store? The Stack and Store may be your solution. Made from durable, high density plastic, each unit holds up to 50 pounds of dry goods, and has a hinged, snap close door. You can stack up to three of these units on top of each other, so just think of the floor space you can save.Each Stack and Store retails for $23.99.

Cleaning Your Storage Container

It's beneficial to clean the inside of your storage container from time to time. Since dog food is coated with fat to make it more palatable to your dog, the inside of the unit may become greasy with repeated use.

To clean the bin, simply wash the inside with ordinary dish soap and warm water, then rinse well and let air dry. You will need to swab the inside of the bin with an absorbent paper towel to make sure there is no moisture before you refill the bin with kibble.

If the unit you purchase is small and dishwasher safe, cleaning is even more of a breeze. Just make sure you have thoroughly emptied the container before you run it through the wash.

Other Uses for Storage Dispensers

Once you've enjoyed the convenience of a dog food storage dispenser, you'll realize these units can be used for other items as well. Depending on the size and design of the unit you can use it to store and dispense:

  • Bird seed
  • Cat food
  • Small animal feed
  • Kitty litter
  • Rock salt in winter
  • Potting soil

These are just a few ideas, but once you begin to consider the possibilities you'll probably think of many more. When you consider the amount of money you'll save in wasted dog food, using dog food dispensers and storage unit combos just makes good sense, and each unit will pay for itself in a very short time.

Dog Food Dispensers and Storage Container Options