Canine Pregnancy Calendar

Updated October 20, 2018
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A dog pregnancy calendar is an indispensable tool to help you figure out approximately when your bitch is due to deliver her litter. Just use the handy dog due date calculator below to figure out an approximate delivery date based on the date she was bred. This dog pregnancy calculator also includes the dates for a leap year.

A Handy Canine Pregnancy Calendar

"I just bred my bitch, so when is my dog due?" That's a question often asked after a breeding has taken place, and while the answer is a simple one, it can take a few moments to calculate if you're simply using a standard calendar. The average dog pregnancy will result in the litter being due approximately 63 days from the date of ovulation, as that is the average gestation period for dogs. Many people mistakenly calculate from the date of the breeding, which can lead to problems with the due date accuracy.

Calculating Your Dog's Due Date

Input the date either as the full month and day (for example, September 14) or in month/date format (for example, 09/14).

Simple Calculation

Now you know how to easily figure out your bitch's due date for any breeding date using this helpful calculator. Keep in mind that your bitch will have several approximate due dates if you breed her on consecutive days during her heat cycle.

Calculating Days Pregnant

If you have no idea when your dog's ovulation or breeding dates were, there is no calculator to tell how many days pregnant your dog is. However, your veterinarian can do an ultrasound of your dog as well as check her belly and nipples to estimate her due date. Checking for vaginal discharge can also help narrow the date down as this happens around 21 to 31 days into the pregnancy period.

Using Hormones to Determine Canine Gestation

Breeders use several ways to tell when their dog will give birth. The best method is using hormone testing, which can be done with blood draws and vaginal smears. The hormone tests can help a breeder develop a dog ovulation calculator which then can determine when a dog will give birth from measuring progesterone levels. For more information, continue reading about canine gestation.

Labor Indications

You will know when a dog is about to go into labor by watching for some obvious signs. Dogs will start to appear uncomfortable and restless which usually lasts about 24 hours up until she gives birth. She may refuse to eat or eat very little. You should also see signs of her vulva swelling up and her water will break. Her body temperature will also change from about 101 to 102.5 to 98 degrees. Once her labor contractions begin, she will clearly look uncomfortable and will make straining, heaving motions and this may include panting, whining, shaking and even vomiting.

How Many Puppies Will She Have?

There's no way to determine exactly how many puppies a dog will have without an ultrasound or radiograph done by your vet. This can be done after about 45 days into the gestation period. It's not a 100% exact method but your veterinarian should be able to give you a very close, if not exact, number. There is a belief among some dog breeders that you can tell the number of puppies by the number of nipples your dog has but this is not true.

Caring for Your Breeding Dog

Breeding a dog is a huge responsibility and you should research canine gestation heavily before taking this on. In addition to understanding the breeding cycle, you should be aware of what a dog pregnancy week by week looks like to be aware of signs your dog needs veterinary care immediately. Knowing a breakdown of the most common dog pregnancy timeline symptoms will also make the process less stressful for you.

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Canine Pregnancy Calendar